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Super easy. The people at the visitor center are very helpful and have lots of maps. We did 3 miles. You could add the old golf course and turn it into 5.

I agree with the prior review. I think about 70% of the trail is normal sidewalk through EGR. The other 30% is beautiful lakeside with nature. I personally like to use nature trails and it definitely feels weird to just walk through rich neighborhoods, then on to the east beltline, then back to suburban houses and businesses.

A 5 star hiking path it is not. There is as much path or sidewalk through winding subdivisions and along loud busy highways as along or in sight of the lake. There are no markings to know where the path is except for one posted map that find. There is always the sound of cars and trucks on the roads present.

1 month ago

A decent, paved alternative for when other trails are too muddy to utilize. Wasn’t too highly trafficked and it’s plenty wide for bikes and walkers.

trail running
2 months ago

Great 4.5 mile route around a beautiful part of Grand Rapids. It is around a lake but not right on lake. Follow maps people have made, as you have to run through some residential neighborhoods. Neat little downtown area right by high school.

It's paved

Nice trail for running. It’s a great workout, especially the Hall Street hill.

trail running
3 months ago

Love this trail. Nice balance of nature and neighborhoods. Not too crowded although if you happen upon it while the high school cross country team is practicing, all bets are off. Will be back for sure

We went out of season which was our own fault but besides that it was short and didn't seem used much. There were a lot of spider webs crossed over the trial.

I love this place. Quiet but some people around. Good hiking trails. Sand dunes. Bring a hammock and stay a while.

Much longer than .8 miles. The trailhead itself shows 9 miles with multiple ski trail loops you can walk with additional unmapped trails as you go. Very pretty views with the trees and the sand.

Great shorter hike through the woods. The hills make it more of a challenge for a beginner like myself. Well kept up and close to home.

Light traffic (Sunday afternoon), many hammocks off the trail, few bugs, a couple of hills to make you work a little more. Nice, well maintained trail - just wish the main “loop” was a little longer. I did the trail 3+ times to make up for the length. I didn’t notice the homes people mentioned but there are parts where I could hear cars zipping by.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Very nice trail easy all around the reeds lake beautiful views very friendly people

5 months ago

A great, paved spot around the lake that’s perfect for a walk or run. There’s a cute detour to overlook the lake. Very popular, definitely not rough terrain for a hike.

5 months ago

went for a run there today was awesome perfect weather at 60 kind of wet became because it rained really bad the night before it was sweet going to the golf course that was all overgrown and turned into trails there was lots of really cool trees and it was neat to see old sand traps and stuff

Trails wind all over the place I tried to check out as much as I could there was some livestock they had some big cats owls and Eagles I probably started three or four deer running off trails down sub Trails into nice Lookout areas where they were resting

Lots of people putting in effort to make this place nice from their little farm and Co-op Garden to all the different trails well worth $3 to check it out

6 months ago

My go to trail. It's close and has some decent views/terrain. It is pretty heavily trafficked. People love to bring their dogs here. Doesn't bother me but something to keep in mind.

6 months ago

Very nice place to bring the dog for a nature walk. Besides the small parking this is maybe my favorite park

7 months ago

As far as a paved trails go this is pretty nice many more miles of trails connected to this as well. Very little shade, and lots of insects in the summer. Nice place for an outing though as there are many other activities available here.

For what it is, it’s a cool little spot. Definitely short, but if you’re nearby and looking for a quick, pretty walk.... it’s pretty solid :) The only other downside is that it IS super close to neighborhoods, at times you’re just past people’s backyards

7 months ago

Super short. Finished the long route in 20 minutes. Took it around again. However, gorgeous trails. Different terrain and trees. Really good for dogs and if you just want a quick hike.
Close to some roads so you can see houses and cars on parts of the outer trails.
Pro: right next to Robinettes!!

7 months ago

If you want a quick easy paved walk around the lake, this is your spot! There's a quick nature trail on the side. I saw a turtle and some fish in the pond. Was a beautiful day. Decently trafficked. Probably really busy in the summer time.

cool area and much larger than it seemed

Not a lot of shade. Doesn’t really feel like a hiking or jogging area. A lot of natural oil rigs, and cars and dust from the dumps surrounding the place. Water is nice but it doesn’t really give you the outdoors experience. Not really secluded. Seems like it used to be a yard waste site and the Devos just filled it with water and some paved roads.

I had a good walk but there has to be better places.

Nice hills, views, wide paths, but could use more trail markers.

Love the trails! Very beautiful/peaceful. Also great trails for a dog

Great trails, very rustic. Great for taking dogs

Very nice, short secluded hike in the city.

9 months ago

Nice for a quick hike.

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