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Very challenging and fun day hike! Beautiful views from multiple dune peaks.

5 days ago

Great challenging hike. The icy water of Lake Michigan is a wonderful mid-hike treat.

on Dune Climb Trail

6 days ago

We went at sunrise for our Dune Climb. I highly recommend it as this place gets crowded fast & early! Only drawback, a few of the restrooms were not yet open and/or clean. It took us just under 2 hours to complete the hike all the way to the Lake Michigan shoreline and back. There was a good variety of dunes, native grasses and trees. If you are able, we recommend running down the dunes as it's just plain fun!!

The trail and dune run/walk are the same until the trail veers to the left at post 4, there are 27 in all very straight forward to follow. Must bring a bottle of water and sandals or shoes if the sand is hot. Best to do the trail in the morning, we did it in 2 hours, allow for 3 to be on the safe side. beautiful trail.

11 days ago

Beautiful, a wonderful challenge, a lot of fun, and rewarding. Wonderful views!

trail running
13 days ago

Great way to start the day, awesome views, good ascent/descent (approx 670ft of ascent from trailhead following the advanced loop, minus the 0.8 mile “scenic overlook” of Big Glen). Thought the island view was lights-out.

14 days ago

When the sun is blazing it gets hot! The climb is strenuous and there is very little shade. Water, a snack, and footwear is a must. The views are beautiful and water is gorgeous once you arrive to the lakeshore. There is little beach and it’s quite rocky.

Great dune CLIMB! Strenuous, water is a must. Also can do in varied footwear. The lake is a little rocky when you get there. NO shady areas to rest.

The best views

26 days ago

It is a no joke good time but it is not easy. If you think you will take your family to the lake for a quick swim this is not the route. It is the best view in Michigan hands down. Warning bring sandals, the sand was very hot. Everyone in our group got blisters on their feet. We only made it two thirds of the way to the lake but it was worth it. The run down is always fun for the kids(and adults). Picnic tables and bathrooms are available at the bottom. Parking is plentiful.

1 month ago

I took a Unplanned Day trip Adventure with two of my boys ages 11 and 9. We pulled over to climb what we thought to be One big dune. Out of curiosity we kept on going and Our adventure ended up being Over three miles of 9 up hill dune climbs to Lake Michigan. 27 Trail marks one way. Bring Water and A Snack!

very challenging. Highly recommend starting very early in the a.m. especially during the summer. Bring lots of water. My 7 y.o. walked in and out, however my 3 y.o. walked in and I shoulder carried him out. Easy for him but very challenging for Daddy.

Extremely difficult, please bring plenty of water. Beautiful water views at the end, but Dune Climb makes you work for it. Many quit after the first few inclines, so the water view was more secluded. Prepare to sweat!

Gets me every time! As I get older it just gets tougher!! Bring lots of water and start early. Views are totally worth the tough climbs!

1 month ago

Actually didn’t get to hike the trail. Got here to find a sign(looked to be pretty new) saying no dogs. We had just drivin 45 minutes with dogs in tote.

45 minutes drive to this “dog friendly” trail to find a “no pets” sign posted. Might be a great trail but not happy after driving 45 minutes to get here.

Some great views from the top.

1 month ago

My husband and I did this trail on our honeymoon 25yrs ago. It was a disaster! We got lost and ended up at the huge dune overlook area and begging a stranger for water. This time we were prepared! We wore hiking boots, hats, sunscreen, and wore hydration packs with ice cold water. We also stayed on the trail (that was way better marked).
We were in a full body sweat but jumping into Lake Michigan made the 115 heat index much more tolerable! So glad we redid this trail and it was a much better experience! Be prepared! Saw many in flip flops and no water (huge mistakes)!
We did this in just a little over 2 hours. The rangers warned it would take 3-4hours.

1 month ago

So much fun! And the view is worth the effort!!❤️❤️❤️

Nice trail, took my dog, not too strenuous but still a good workout. Good views, flora and fauna. Turkey popped out of the bushes and scared me half to death but it was funny. Saw a couple deer too which was a bonus.

1 month ago

Did this trail a week ago with two kiddos (ages 8 and 5). It’s a strenuous hike, but the reward at the end was gorgeous. The kids were troopers; it was much harder on their mama. Bring plenty of water and energy-dense snacks. There’s no place to change into your swimsuit at the end, so wear it under clothes ahead of time. Kids ended up having an easier time walking it in socks. Parents eventually went barefoot.
Did I mention bringing plenty of water? There’s sparse shade along the way, so pace yourself and enjoy the views along the way.

Marker 27 is the final marker before the beach. With two little ones, frequent stops, and 30 minutes by the lakeshore, the whole trip took us about 4 hours.

1 month ago

Did the hike with our kids and took just over two hours. Bring lots of water and snacks for kids.

nature trips
1 month ago

Very interesting trail due to all the downed trees. A nice variety of birds including a Bald Eagle from the islands overlook. A black squirrel, a mole and several chipmunks were also spotted. Easy enough for kids 8 and up or even a little younger if they are used to hikes. Not the best trail in the area but in the top 10.

2 months ago

Beautiful! Great hike and a nice distance. Brought both of my dogs and they did well, but I brought some water for them. I heard it gets busy during the summer time, but there was barely anyone there this past week. Incredible views at the top that show what Northern Michigan is made of.

I HATED this trail!

Many reviews of this hike were really positive and said that it had a variety of terrain. 85% of the trail is sand dunes, with the remaining 15% is forest. The forest part IS quite nice, but also quite short. Had I known so much of it would be really monotonous looking sand dune, I would not have gone. Before I had even reached the midway point, I was cursing the sand and just thinking about how much I hated this trail.

Clearly some people really like this trail, but I was not a fan.

Great variety of terrain- great views!

3 months ago

Great hike! Lake Michigan just beyond post 27. About 4 miles round trip.

Agree with review below, a favorite for the lower peninsula. Recommend heading out clockwise...reaching the water last. That way you can look for Petoskey stones as long as you want. Otherwise, you have the remaining hike looming. Terrain changes are amazing. A favorite for sure


Great hike and great views. Be sure to take plenty of water.

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