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Fennville, Michigan Map

I am so excited!

Sunday, I met three female millennials, with backpacks on, walking south on 48th Street. I stopped to chat with them and they said that they were heading to Swan Creek. They said that they were walking the Wakazoo Trail and camped at Ely Lake overnight. One was from Chicago.

I asked them to give a review, but in case they don't, they said the Wakazoo was a great trail!

Although I had a great time in the Pine Plains, there is no trail. At least not what's mapped here. It was a really unique hike, it's one of the few places I've been in the lower peninsula that feels like you're in the wilderness. And the oak savanna ecosystem is something I've never experienced before but I'll definitely be there again soon!

I parked my car on 48th Street, just south of 120th Avenue in Fennville today. I added yellow splash paint on the trail westward crossing 120th, continuing west passing the connecting trail on 51st Street almost all the way to 120th Avenue. I never used a map, but did add more yellow trail markers so trail is now well marked. Looked like heavy winds or tornado took some trees down a little east of 52nd Street, so I spent a bit of time clearing the trail. Someone else had already chainsawed the big trees (thank you!). I never looked at a map and was able to follow with the yellow splashes, even though I added a lot more yellow. I was glad I brought my head net (ordered online at TrueValue for $4), since it is deer fly season in July. Worked great! 78 degrees was warm but ok for a day of hiking in the shade of the trees. Round trip, maybe 7 miles, less than 3 hours.

I have skied this trail before, but decided to hike it today. Flat trail, easy to follow and 95% in the shade, so it's a great trail for sunny and warm weather.

Easy flat trail if you want something new. Good birding area, will see wild flowers, birds and butterflies. I cleared a bit of the trail down to the Big Daily Bayou, which is off the Kalamazoo River. It's an uneven trail and a bit strenuous. Was fun to explore. Lots of growth has filled in the Big Daily Bayou, so it's not possible to paddle through anymore.

I hiked this trail this weekend. follow the yellow painted painted on the trees, the northern part is less a trail and more of follow the yellow markers. I shouldve downloaded the map, as it is easy to lose the trail. It is fun in a different type of way.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trail is maintained by volunteers. As a volunteer, I have market the trail through the campground and all the way to 118th Ave. When you leave the campground, turn left on 116th Ave. In about 300 feet, you will see a marked trail to the right. If you run into Do Not Trespass signs on 116th Ave, you have gone too far and need to turn around. If anyone wants to help with loppers or chain saws, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

I am giving it a 4-star because it is the only trail in Southwest Michigan that is of considerable length for trail running or back packing.

trail running
Monday, July 24, 2017

It was hard to locate the trail around the maze of campsites at Ely Lake. Then no more than a half mile on the trail I come to a road crossing and can't find where it picks up on the other side despite having the map and GPS. There are no clear trail markings but plenty of no trespassing signs. I ended up just running along the county roads praying all the while that no dogs came chasing after me... Not a recommended trail unless you know the area.