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2 months ago

I've been both biking and walking on Falling Waters Trail, and I can confirm that this is a really nice trail. It's well-maintained and usually not too crowded, although there is a section that runs by Lime Lake that attracts a lot of people during nice weather. This is southern Michigan, so don't expect breathtaking scenery, but the trail is pleasant with a good variety of woods, meadows, and fields, plus a couple small lakes. The section by Lime Lake follows a narrow strip of land between the north and south portions of the lake, so you are surrounded by water, which is kind of cool. There are areas where you can walk right down to the water if you want to dabble in the water. Just don't wade too far out into the lake unless you can swim; Lime Lake is an old quarry, and although I haven't swam in it, I'm told it is quite deep with a sharp and sudden drop-off.

There is a parking lot at the trail start in Concord, and also a lot where the trail crosses Teft Road south of Spring Arbor.