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3 days ago

Great trail but make sure you bring a map - there are a lot of smaller loops and in & outs located within the major loop.

7 days ago

Used to live a block away from this park. It was a really nice place to go walking. There were a lot of paths their so you could make the walk longer or shorter as desired.

As nice as it is, I considered this a nice local park. I don't see it as a destination I would drive far to in order to go for a walk through it.

Not a fan of paved trails and wouldn’t really consider this a trail.

Nice wooded Hike !

Nice secluded trail. Trails aren’t marked well, but it’s not hard to figure it out. We had to backtrack twice but it just added to the experience.

Quite, alone except for two cyclists, lots of spiders and one snake. Couple of places bit more challenging than “moderate”. Wonderful hike, felt like I was in a wilderness. One disturbing thing, someone used spray paint on trees to mark trail.

Fun trail!

Great trail but it doesn’t have designated parking.

2 months ago

Beautiful walk or run with lots of bird noises and perfect temperatures under the shade near the water.

on Bird Hills Trail

2 months ago

We hiked a few weeks ago and were fortunate to see an indigo bunting! The trails were a little muddy, but overall we really enjoyed our hike.

2 months ago

Very immersive and beautiful but a little confusing to navigate.

great way to escape into nature when in the great city of Ann Arbor. There's always a decent number of people in there. Always better to leave the Arb before it gets completely dark, but otherwise VERY safe.

2 months ago

Scio Forest is a very pretty little woods. The trails are generally nicely maintained, although brush is encroaching the trail several places. It is a relatively wet woods and has lots of mosquitoes, bring your bug spray. Much of the trail is reasonably quiet, with very little noise from Scio Church road; the frogs can kick up quite a racket in the evening. My most recent pics are geo-tagged on my 6/1/18 track.

It was great! Beautiful sites, and alot of yelling at the people in kayak’s. As you walk there’s different fields and a lot of trails that’ll have you lost. I was trying to find the way to my car for like 30 minutes with 3 people. But we were taking every turn we saw. You should go!

Well kept and scenic with some moderately challenging hills and only faint noise from nearby traffic. Be prepared for mud!

Beautiful trail. A little noisy at the start as you are so close to the freeway, but it quiets down about 15 min in.

Great variety. Beautiful scenery and informational signage. Lots of people depending on the time of day and year. In the middle of the city so not very isolated feeling.

Johnson Preserve is a beautiful little woods. It tends to be a bit wet well into the summer, but has boardwalks over the wettest parts. The trail connects to the Lillie Park South Loop trail system, which is how I get to Johnson Preserve. The Preserve and Lillie Park South are a beautiful combination.

on Scio Forest Loop

4 months ago

Nice trail will like to come back in spring

5 months ago

Scio Forest is a very nice little woods. While the red loop passes fairly close to houses for much of the trail, they will probably become unnoticeable as the woods greens in the spring. I saw a group of 5-6 deer two different times, although it might have been two distinct groups. There are a few short bridges/boardwalks over small streams. The trails are much younger than many parks and, given the number of places they had puddles or ice patches, I suspect they will be somewhat muddy as the spring thaw comes. I look forward to returning regularly to this short walk in the woods.

5 months ago

Very nice hike around the area. Lots of little trails to discover. A little muddy for this time of the year, but what is a fun hike without any?

5 months ago

Great trail to do with the family and dogs

8 months ago

Nice trail with a bit of elevation change - hard to come by in this part of the state. You can hear the freeway from parts of the trail so minus one for that. The extended path across the river is beautiful.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens has over 5 miles of trails to enjoy. This is not so much a hike in the woods as it is wondering along Fleming Creek and some stands of trees. The trails follow the creek closely on both sides along with offering paths farther afield. The trails are generally very wide and grassy, with a few muddy spots. There are several bridges. There are a few boardwalks through swampy areas. The trails are open only to foot traffic. There are many, or very many, benches throughout to stop to enjoy a nice view. It is far enough from major roads that it can be quiet. I saw only two other hikers, each on the path on the opposite side of the creek from me, but I went on a Friday morning with a high temp of 28 degrees F. Judging from the amount of deer fencing they have around young trees and the 4 deer I saw, there are plenty of deer to be seen.

9 months ago

There are very nice views of the fall color of Bird Hills from the Barton Nature area trails. The Barton Nature part of my track also includes an out-and-back along the river - it offers occasional, very nice, views right on the water, but it is about 500" each way of very narrow trail, almost just a deer track. Along the way there is a party clearing around a large tree with some stella. I'll probably stick to the primary paths next time.
Kuebler is very pretty and warrants more than just the cruise through I gave it - would be worth it to loop back on other paths and wind through the whole area.
Bird Hills is beautiful. It was fairly busy. The trails are nice, although there are lots of intersections with no guidance on where each path goes (but it would be hard to actually get lost here). Has a nice amount of up and down as well, with occasional glimpses of the river from some paths.

This is a walk along mostly paved/packed gravel paths, with some board walks thrown in. It is not really a hIke - it is walk through some trees and scrub growth by a river. At the west end there are places where you can take dirt paths rather than the paved/gravel path. As long as you stay on the main path, this is probably wheel chair accessible and does offer some view of the river. Not my cup of tea.

10 months ago

Not so much "trail" as hard gravel path through some trees. The main path is crushed limestone; there are some small dirt tracks off the path at a few places, but none are particularly interesting. If you live in the neighborhood, it is probably a better place to jog than your local sidewalk, but if you're getting in a car, the only reason to come here (instead of Lillie Park, the Arb, or Bird Hills) is if you don't want to be alone or in a woods. Britton Woods is much nicer than the Fitness Loop, but is tiny.

The low rating is primarily due to the short distance and constant traffic noise from M-14. The trail is well maintained in both the Washtenaw County and UM parts. Hopefully UM will someday allow the Horner-McLaughlin loop to be extended farther into the woods, ideally around to the southwest corner of the woods and linked to the Freeman Preserve/Marshall Nature area trail.

Very nice walk in the woods on a Wednesday morning. I met one couple with their dog, saw nobody else. I surprised deer a couple times, but only saw glimpses as they ran off in the woods. Some parts have lots of undergrowth, some parts have been burned clear within the last few years, not sure if the distinction is the Ann Arbor portion (Marshall) vs. county portion (Freeman Preserve). I didn't find any obvious way to get from the Freeman pedestrian entry on Ford Rd. to the Horner-McLaughlin/Goodrich trails.

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