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Started counter clockwise at north loop trailhead. For the most part the trail is easily discernible and adequate. However, ran into some areas skirting the lake where the trail is very narrow, on an ankle turning slanted slope and either obstructed or not easily discernible. Mosquitoes were brutal even after two applications of repellent. Was not my type of trail (weak ankles due to previous injuries) and with the bug swarms couldn’t wait to arrive back at my car.

This trail is a real ankle twister, you are walking on a slanted slope nearly the whole way, one wrong step and you’re in the river. There are treacherous trees to limbo under and swarms of insects everywhere you look. The trail seems never ending and is not well marked. I would rank this trail as hard due to the unforeseen turmoil on the trail.

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2 months ago

Great run, despite some moments where you need to stop and crawl over logs. Found a few ticks on me afterwards as well, FYI.

We walked the south loop trail on Earth Day. This was our first time on the south loop, but we hiked the north loop recently. We parked by the dam because we didn’t realize there was parking on the other side of the road. About 3/4 of the trail is a basic walk in the woods, on the ridge over the river. The north half of the west bank trail was greatly varied and fun...definitely the best, with varied terrain.

2 months ago

Great scenery. There's a fork at about 3 miles. Take the upper trail to the right, don't go left down to the water as you lose the trail and end up in pricker bushes.

Great quick trail. I would rate it as easy-moderate.
After first half you must walk out on a road to the left and re-enter to the left about 1/4 mike down.
Towards the end you finish it on the asphalt road.
Worth it!

The east bank trail is close to the river edge, nearly all the way to the turn around. Footing is rarely flat and there are several fallen trees to climb over or under. This makes for a great hike! Really enjoyable! We saw several people fishing for steelhead and a section where a beaver really went to town on small trees. On the way down the west bank, we met Lynn, who was maintains the trail. The west bank trail is pretty much a walk in the woods, along the ridge over the river. It’s part two-track and part trail. We covered the trail in about two hours.

My kind of trail, quite primitive. I did loose the trail a couple times but got back on without to much trouble. I would rate it as moderate to difficult with a few quite difficult areas on the east side. Using trekking poles was mandatory for me. I liked the solitude, variety of terrain and nature. Will do this one again.

Estimate of length is pretty accurate, I’d say around 5 miles. Didn’t see another person the entire trail, which is perfect! Overall well marked. I’d recommend it!

What a beautiful hike in the snow. Well marked, and yes after the one mile I did today it seems a little shy on the estimate. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

Very beautiful trail along the winding swan creek. Lots of biodiversity with unique setting. Only downside is the trail is very narrow or undeveloped in areas.

Nice hiking trail but definitely not 4.8 miles. My gps map put me at 6 miles. At the half way mark I came out at 44th st and had a hard time finding the return trail but did find it eventually. I had to walk on the actual road for a bit until I seen a trail heading back into the woods. Very beautiful trail.

The "lake" is rapidly filling in, with over nitrogenation, lots of algae and duckweed. The trail is well over 10 miles for the loop, not 4.6. Very difficult to find the trail head from the parking lot north of 118 -- park at the south lot. Warning, the part of the trail between parking lots forces you onto 118 with no shoulders and 50 mph traffic.

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