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Massachusetts Map
road biking
22 hours ago

Parking in Marlborough is on Jefferson Street across the street from Kelleher Field. Walk down a small hill to trail. There are at least 8 parking spots.

trail running
1 day ago

Start at the gate, sprint up to the fire tower, touch the fire tower fence, sprint back down to the gate. See if you can beat my new PB of 10:49. Catch me if you can!

The views of easthampton are spectacular!

Fun hike with my 7yr old. Bring bug spray!

Great trails, I'm there all the time, but I started my run today and someone outside yelled at me to stop because it's disruptive. So because this is a walking only trail, the trail running tag should probably be removed. It's a shame, I enjoy running that loop but rules is rules.

Nice, not very secluded. I like feeling like I’m really in the woods when I hike. Last stretch of the trail was walking through neighborhoods which I really didn’t enjoy.

I hiked this trail with my two dogs today. It's one of my favorites on the mountain. Every time I come here, I am amazed at the amount of work and care shown by the DCR staff and volunteers who maintain these trails. Today the trails were a little muddy in spots, but not too bad. You can plainly see where staff has cut little runoff channels to drain those spots. The bugs are out in force right now, so bring repellent for yourselves (and dogs, if you bring them). All in all, this mountain has some of the nicest trails in the state. There are a multitude of options to reach the summit, ranging from moderate for the experienced hiker, to easy for first-timers or those with young children (or old dogs!). Whether you are looking for a good workout, or just want to spend some time with the family, this is the place to go!

Great location to see Lady Slippers. Streams run throughout trails so you might see the occasional a turtle, frog or snake, which we saw all three today. Not recommended after a rain storm.

Where is it??

It was pretty overgrown in places, but I really enjoyed how secluded it was. I went on Monday morning and I saw no one except for a couple with their dogs at the spot where I parked and a couple of bikers as I was finishing my hike. It also had a good amount of gradients, so I felt like I accomplished something at the end. Bugs were out in droves, so thank goodness for bug spray. I could’ve used a machete to clear a path on several parts of the trail, though...

Pretty good
No people don;t leash their dogs, I have never met an aggressive dog though, or any aggressive type breeds. Just a lot of guys that want to run up and say hello, that might bother some people though.

Some paths are very rocky and tough on the feet, others nice and soft.
The side trails can be confusing, a map helps some along with a compass if the sun is not out.

Hunters and motorcycles are allowed sometimes.....

Mosquitoes are bad right now....

the road to the center park lot is a mess

One of the longest loops hikes you can do on the south side of Callahan. The trails are well marked and maintained but some of them get very close to roads and neighborhoods, which kinda ruined the nature experience for me at times. You can easily avoid these by taking little short cuts.

Nice easy but diverse trails

Loved this trail! It’s great for dogs, has bodies of water and bridges, wooden paths, picnic tables, rocks to climb! Love it and would go again! The app does not take you to the right address you wanna go to the end of Linwood Road to get to the parking lot!

Lots of fun to hike! Great view from top of Noanet Peak. Be sure to bring bug spray though.

Was nice should be considered moderate though

3 days ago

Awesome property. Just do it!

trail running
3 days ago

Start at the gate, sprint up to the fire tower, touch the fire tower fence, sprint back down to the gate. See if you can beat my time (11:22). My goal is sub 10min., not sure I can get there, we shall see.

Commenting on the entire park: As an avid hiker, both solo and with dogs, I can say that this is one of the nicest parks of its type I've ever explored. I've now been twice, and walked every trail in the system. You won't find challenging climbs here, or 360 degree views into the distance. What you will find are a variety of well maintained trails that are varied enough in length and difficulty (some may be classed as moderate, but that's just for the length, not the difficulty). My more recent visit was last week, and I noticed that the parks proximity to the ocean helps to keep the bug population down. There are some lower areas, so do bring repellent for your family and pups. Dogs are allowed off leash, except in a few small, clearly marked areas. I would add that the coyote population in Eastern Massachusetts has grown significantly in the past few years. Although coyote/human incidents are very rare, they have been known to go after small pets. If your puppy has a tendency to run off, I'd keep him leashed. (Not just here, but anywhere!) All in all, the entire park merits 5 stars!

The swamp at 0.9 mi on this trail was probably an outdated section. They changed the trail, so follow the marking on trees instead of the trail on this map, otherwise you might end up crossing the swamp and get all wet, just like me!

(Or maybe it was because it was raining heavily…)

I have a walking group and this is one of my favorite places to walk. The views are beautiful, but I think the serene feeling that you get when you are there makes it even more beautiful. My first visit I saw 16 deer, a blue gray heron, a family of turtles and of course the chickidies that ate from my hands topped it off. Then there is the cave and the climbing tower. All seasons are great walks there but late October the trails are filled with autumn colors. I am thrilled that we found this place.

Been going here since I was a kid. Now I bring my kids. Fantastic educational programming as well. Being a small bag of bird seed. The chickadees are super friendly. The restrooms are much appreciated for families and don't forget to bring cash or a check book to pay admission.

trail running
5 days ago

My short intense workout series starts here. I wasted a minute or 2 for sure on this run so I'm thinking I should be able to get this down to 14 minutes. Stay tuned ( like anyone is reading this... ).

Great hiking trail but is definitely NOT 6.6 miles! It's 8 miles give or take and 3 hours around. The view of the lake is beautiful! Wear hiking boots because you go thru muddy wet terrain.

Nice walk. Well planned park.

Haven’t been here in years - made my way back today. It’s excellent, my dog loved it!

Beautiful area, kid friendly, sounds of nature, well-groomed, highly recommend.

Amazing Place...great hike. but bring mosquito spray.....alot of them. lol

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