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Did this loop with my wife this last weekend. As per the trail description, we found one of the dispersed camping sites along Money Brook and set up there. We met some folks with a AMC trail book that was 3 years old and it mentioned these same sites. However nowadays, it seems they have signs against it. I guess they just recently changed this. We are both pretty good "leave no trace" campers so we went ahead anyway and it was fine.

We hiked the loop backwards, hitting Greylock first by 6:30am and were the first ones up. I highly recommend you do this so you can enjoy the summit without hoards of people. On the way back, we took the trail over to add on Mt. Prospect which had a decent view. The steep descent from Prospect to Money Brook Trail was probably the hardest part of the hike, but still not bad.

Compared to other treks I've done in the northeast this paled in comparison, which is why I gave it only 3 stars. The trails were easy to follow but overall somewhat "boring." I hate to speak bad of a trail but I want everyone to have a great experience and this one just wasn't very exciting. Mt. Frissell in CT was half the distance and double the fun. Or, if you can make it to the ADKs, White mountains or Green Mountains, do a trail there instead. That said, this was a nice easy hike (I would call it moderate, not hard) and we averaged 2mph, so you can knock it out pretty quick.

Been here love it. Thanks for the app.

A great trail, absolutely worth it. Be careful on the ascent about 1.5 miles in. It is absolutely treacherous in wet conditions due to copious green moss.

Great hike, with one minor (?) problem when I followed this trail map this past Saturday. At the 1968 elevation (Money Brook Trail) the map appears to show a sharp turn to the left proceeding upward. At first, I searched for this non-existent V turn. I actually started climbing up the steep incline thinking I'd run into it. In reality, I had to backtrack on the -same- trail section (after viewing the magnificent waterfall) by about 30 or so feet, where a trail marker (not previously noticed) indicated a left turn to proceed. All in all I really loved this hike! I went back on Sunday and did the Mt. Prospect to Greylock hike, also a winner..

Decent, easy hike. Good for pets. While the main trail marked here is well maintained some of the side trails seem less so. The birch brook trail was pretty poorly marked when I hiked back in August. I never tried it in winter. Still, it's not a bad place to go for something simple.

One other thing, there is limited parking. You could probably get away with parking on the road.

The views from Mt. Williams, Mt. Greylock, and Stony Ledge were amazing! The hike took us longer to complete than I expected which led us hiking the last bit after Stony Ledge in the dark. I would normally be miffed at this, but thankfully there is very little light pollution in the area letting us have an amazing view of the stars once we left the woods all the way to the parking lot.

Bring plenty of water, and the lodge at the top of Greylock has a tap for hikers if you're needing to refill. We didn't really come across other hikers until Mt. Fitch and Greylock. Can't wait to do it again!

Overall this is a good hike. The trails are easy to follow starting from Money Brook and working your way to the AT then to Greylock. Not much traffic but I also started early. The view from the top is incredible, but saturated with tourists which I do not care for. Also, the restaurant in the lodge at the top of Mt. Greylock is overpriced and the food was terrible, also don't serve beer until 4 pm on Sundays(?). Anyway, hiked hopper back to the parking lot which was easy to follow and all downhill. Definitely bring plenty of water and snacks as this will be a long hike. Trails could be better maintained but overall pretty good!

Large parking area at the end of Hopper Rd. Go past the gate and continue onto the Money Brook Trail. You can take the trail all the way until it hooks up with the Appalachian Trail and then take the AT over Greylock, but we cut it just a bit short and took the Old Summit Trail towards the end of the Money Brook Trail to where it connects with the AT to shave off the climb of an additional mountain. Connect back up with the Hopper Trail on the way down Greylock to complete the loop. About 10 miles if you take the Old Summit shortcut. Very physical trail and very challenging for most of it, but a great hike with a gorgeous view at the top (if you can dodge everyone that simply drove up :) )

I parked at the Money Brook trailhead on Notch Rd., about three road miles down the mountain from the summit turnoff to Mt. Greylock. I passed on the falls and continued on Money Brook to Hopper then Sperry Rd. and back on Hopper to Mt. Greylock. It's probably about 5 - 6 miles. From the top of Greylock I looped back to where I was parked using the AT north, about 3 - 3.5 miles. I started at 8 am and got back to where I was parked at 2:45 pm, stops for lunch and two rest breaks totaled about 45 - 60 minutes. This is a challenging hike, due mostly to Money Brook. My time was about 45 - 50 minutes per mile, much higher than the day before when I hiked the Jones Nose, CCC Dynamite loop plus extra, at about 35 - 40 minutes per mile. The Money Brook trail is a long incline, gradual and sometimes pretty steep. In places I'd go 50 - 70 paces and stop, stand to rest ten seconds and then continue. Real pretty though. Nice flowers in bloom, and beautiful weather. Coming back from Mt. Greylock the AT north is downhill to level and rocky. Two thoughts: I like to bring and use my compass with the trail map. Also, tree roots, rocks and whatnot are part of the deal, be careful, start in the am, and take your time chuggling along. Have fun!

Really nice hike! Phelps is a fairly steep trail but not very Rocky, still hikeable rather than climbable. Mills Hollow going down is a lot more gradual. The Taconic Crest trail at the summit is really beautiful and scenic, like a sunny orchard. The entire loop took us about 2 hours and 9 minutes, that's including water breaks, and stopping for a photo or several! Greats of Mt Greylock from the farm opposite the parking area. And some very friendly and vocal cows!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pleasant and easy 4.2 miles

The trail marked on here is COMPLETELY different than in real life. NEVER TRUST THIS APP!

Absolutely TERRIBLE. I would have been better off without this stupid app. Never been so lost in the woods before. NEVER TRUST THIS APP!

Love this hike. Challenging but fun and the views at the summit are worth every drop of sweat

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The trails are well maintained, there are quite a few informational placards scattered about (both historical and ecological in nature), and the skill-level was exactly what I wanted for a "quick hike" with my kids (ages 10 and 15). My only (teeny tiny) complaint is that the trails aren't marked at the junction; thankfully it is easy enough to select the correct trail based on the map.

Incredible hike! The views are spectacular! If you are going to summit, taking the Money Brook trail up was the way to go. On the way back down, the hopper trail is less steep and seems like the better route down. For first timers to the Berkshires, my wife and I couldn't get over the views from the summit of Mount Greylock. Sitting at the top (facing east) over looking the town of Adams was a phenomenal lunch stop. Guess what??? They have Popsicles at the top!!!!! What better way to enjoy a summer day atop a mountain. Enjoy and hike safe!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

great walk! 5 women ages 50+ and a wonderful yellow lab thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful hike.

I was in the area for work, so I took advantage of the Saturday off and made it an all-day hike. I ended up doing some extra side trails, my Fitbit showed 21 miles and 5500 feet of elevation gain. There were some vehicles already in the parking lot when I arrived, but I didn't actually see anyone for the first six miles or so. Quite a few people at the top of Mt. Greylock, I even saw about five paragliders taking flight from the summit. There were some nice overlooks throughout and I only had trouble finding the trail a few times. Overall well worth the drive and effort.

Monday, January 04, 2016

This is a gorgeous walk with a steady, but not taxing upward walk until reaching the hight of land, then a gradual descent upon the return. A real tresure.

We parked at hopper road and took the money brook trail first. It was a beautiful hike and very well marked. It is a long and at times arduous hike. We made it to the top of Greylock and followed the Hopper Trail down. When you get to the campsite area it tells you the Hopper trail turns left but there are no other signs until you follow the dirt road about 1.5 miles to the end. When you see the new trails it will tell you Hopper Road is 2 miles left. Then you come to a fork in path and it says Stony Ledge or Haley Farm. It does not say Hopper Road. We started down Stony Ledge when we came across 2 wonderful hikers who told us we needed to take Haley Farm. We made it back a lot longer than we thought. We found Hopper trail to not be as well marked and the signs and blazes to be further apart.it would have been nice if Sperry Road had blazes to let you know you were still following the trail and for the fork to be better labeled.

trail running
Saturday, November 21, 2015

Beautiful trails

Great hike. We backpacked and camped. The summit is beautiful with views in every direction. Well worth it.

Some buddies and I accidently hiked this trail. We were intending to take an easy trail called the WRLF Loop and took a left towards Berlin Mt. when we should have taken a right towards the old Williams College Ski slope. This trail is rated double diamond for a reason. There were parts that were quite steep and the return trip down the old ski slope was challenging because of the pitch of the slope. The trail info says that it is a 1.2 hour hike but I can't imagine that happening. It took us at least three but then again two of us were over 50.

A little practical info first, I'm 53 years old and hike the most aggressive stuff I can find in CT , I'm also a four season hiker and good condition with a small ego. I average about 45-60 miles a month and include longer treks of over 10 miles......so the back drop it set.
So, I'm going to be honest here, for me this was a strenuous hike, no joke. We started out at the Hopper Road entrance to the Money Brook trail, awesomely beautiful , the trail itself was easy going, but pay attention as the blazes are fades and further apart then you might be used to, also when you get to the falls cross and go up the switchback, kinda tricky to see.........can't believe no one wrote in about that.
Then the fun begins, you will be going up steadily and earn your stripes ( drink lots of water and eat trail mix , fruit whatever ,........but stayed fueled and hydrated or you'll just run out of gas, keep your pace real for you and don't over do it or your day will turn into a death march .
Next you'll switch to the AT , more of a ridge line portion , so you get a break before you get to the the summit.........the last 200 yards, your grinding up and "vala" your there, stunning views.

The terrain is varied , for us it was 83 degrees and humid, the trail was often wet and muddy and portions were slick with moss covered rocks . Food and water are available at the summit It took us 5.5 hours to reach the summit, we got off trail twice, so 5 hours mike be better indicator. I made the mistake of underestimating the hike as it's under the 4,000 foot mark , but make no mistake, minus rock scrambling ( there was none) it was a great challenge and would recommend it for anyone working there way up to wanting to do higher peaks in the future. Mt Grey lock for me, was a good test of endurance and mental toughness for something I've never done before ........ I learned a lot.
The hike down was moderate, but the legs were sore and the terrain was varied with slick spots, mud and water .......be careful.
Total distance was 12 .5 miles and 7.5 hours . Will hike it again in three weeks .
I wanted my review to be accurate for those that are at the same place in their hiking life, so you don't underestimate this route and have a fun day, it's a great hike for those of you that are continuing to evolve to bigger challenges and have never tackled a 3, 500 ft mt.

I agree, this is a great hike. The day we did it - two weeks ago now - it registered on my app as an 11.9 mile hike. Easy enough to do in this season with a mid morning start. For us - with lunch in Bascom lodge included - it took 6.5 hours. We left at noon and were back at our cars at 6:30. If you go you should take time to go to the lodge and get a tour of the overnight rooms. There is a great view from the room with the bunk beds.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lots to enjoy!

This is a difficult but worthwhile hike. The terrain and difficulty varies but it provides an opportunity to see much of what Greylock has to offer. There are options to go up to the Mt. Prospect Summit (+1.0m), to the Money Brook Falls (+0.25m) and off Sperry Rd, you can check out the March Cataract Falls (+2m). This was our first time doing this loop and was going to be the longest hike we've done to that point, so we stuck to the loop with no detours. Total hike time was 6hrs 35m and we took frequent breaks to enjoy the views, had lunch at the summit with a little yoga before heading back out. With this hike, be sure to allow yourself a long day because there's a lot to stop and see and you don't want to miss anything. The whole day (inc. all breaks) we were out about 9 1/2 hours. Considering redoing this during peak foliage season.

This is a great hike but prepare for a long day. The Money Brook Trail does not directly access the Mt. Greylock Summit. The Money Brook Trail is a beautiful trail which starts out pretty easy then gradually builds in difficulty, intensifying as it descends toward Money Brook by the Falls and then ascends steeply on the other side. Taking this trail to the summit, you will need to then get onto the AT South to the Mt. Williams summit, cross over Mt. Fitch and up to the Summit. On the way down, take the Hopper to Sperry Road then to Stony Ledge then to Stony Ledge Trail Farm trail. It's difficult to give one specific level of difficulty because it covers diverse terrain. This shouldn't be attempted by the novice hiker however. Be sure you can hike at least at 1.8mph+ steady so that you can make it in a decent time. GPS read 14.82 but the "suggested hikes" pdf on the Greylock site gives a mileage of 13.

A little more challenging than I had thought it would be. Steep, eroded in sections. Pales in comparison to March Cataract Falls on Greylock.

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