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2 days ago

This map is a bit misleading. The are actually multiple entrances to Rocky Narrows, and this loop is just one access point. Many people who have reviewed the trail are referring to a larger trail that's located at a different access point. The two trails do connect, but it's not clearly marked. This access point has more parking, but you'll have to trek a bit to get to anything scenic (the blue trail, easily found at the other main access point, is the most scenic), although the red trail has paths that lead to the river, which is great. However, there are only a handful of parking spots at the other access point, located near the Forest St & E Goulding St junction. The hiking is easy to moderate, and while the views aren't breathtaking, they're lovely and serene. An active 4 or 5 year old could handle it without much trouble, and it's a great spot for dogs.