1 month ago

All trails’ directions bring you to a parking lot. The trail from there is easy to follow. It is overgrown in the beginning & there are lots of bugs in July. It is also variably rocky with a steady, but mild incline. The lower falls trail is pretty short, approx 1 mile in. There is a sign halfway that says upper or lower falls and the distances (1.5 to upper falls, 0.5 to lower). I was pretty far below the falls at first but climbed up closer from the base. It was a little tricky, with a lot of big boulders and some are wet or mossy. I slipped, so be careful! The falls are pretty, though. I was the only one by the falls. There were people swimming downstream. I climbed up, then back down the upper falls trail part way, which was much steeper than the lower falls trail. It seems like if you wanted to go under the falls, it would be super slippery on the sloped rock below, but the water is very clear.