I liked the view, an easy walk and decent place to smoke half a pack of Parliaments. Always prevent forest fires. Make sure to leave your butts snuffed out for someone else to clean up.

Before you go on this trail I recommend wearing some old crappy sneakers, or shoes you don’t care about because there can be a good amount of mud depending on which particular trail you choose. It is such a beautiful trail with so many cute places to explore ! Also seems like a great place to bring dogs :))

Good views. Lots of off leash dogs, some unfriendly. Many briars just off trail, sometimes cuttings laid across trail.

Love it. People are extremely pleasant. Many friendly dogs.

Nice tramp in the woods on an early Fall day.

While there are trails a plenty, we had a very hard time following markers (where there are any) and ended up “off trail” much of the hike. Luckily it’s easy enough to keep your bearings and it’s well traveled. Super dog friendly. Lovely shade and beautiful sights of the ocean, trees and cape cod views.

Great place to walk the dogs. Love it in fall.

a lot of dogs on a Sunday morning! Fine if you love dogs as we do, but can be overwhelming. Wide paths, not marked too well.

well maintained and free audio tour

Well marked easy waking trail. Great way to cool off in the summer heat. Easy to get to as it is right in Sandwich. The only negative is that the trail is close to the Mid Capr highway so road noise is constantly in the background.

Great place to hike. Wildflowers and birds. Varied terrain, Marsh, woods, fields, and cranberry bogs.

Very nice walk with lots marsh views. Hoxie pond was a nice trip to also. We got lucky to see the train go by around 1:30 in the afternoon. All on a perfect 70 degree day.

Nice maintained trail. slight elevation to mt perry with nice ocean look out through power line. highway is really loud aloung deer run.

Great hike! Beautiful scenery!

Clear trail. Wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

Trails poorly marked, but beautiful area.

nice mix of woods, open areas, good views. Very dog friendly

The property mentioned on this page is NOT the Old Briar Patch. It is the East Sandwich Game Farm Property. The eastern portion trails beyond Jabeez Dam culvert and the creek are part of the Town of Sandwich Talbot's Point Conservation Land while the majority of woodlands and meadows belong to Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife. A small tree plantation portion to the North is owned by Massachusetts State Forestry. The State Fisheries and Wildlife portion of this property is maintained and used for education programs by the Thornton W. Burgess Society. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed or under voice control and owners must remove their pet's waste. Waste disposal buckets are located at the main trail head off the driveway past the gate. During mid to late April and the first 2-3 weeks in June school children will be on site exploring the forest and marsh areas. In July and August children from the Burgess summer camp are on site as well. The Town of Sandwich-owned Old Briar Patch Property is located between Discovery Hill Road and Gully Lane in East Sandwich and abuts the Burgess Society's Green Briar Jam Kitchen and Nature Center property. This is about 2 miles west of the property mentioned on this page. Trail maps for the Briar Patch property are available from the Burgess Society or Town of Sandwich.

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