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Not mind blowing or remote, but honestly, this is so great considering you're still in metropolitan greater Boston. There is some great elevation change and wonderful views. And 6 miles is 6 miles.

Beautiful views, great workout over up and down rocky trail. Not for a beginner. The right shoes (hiking boots) make all the difference.

This is an awesome not so trafficked trail, making you feel like you’re hiking in a remote area until you reach one of the small summits and see the city skyline reminding you’re not far from Boston at all.

Love this trail. Amazing views, and a great hike if you decide to do the whole trail.

A very rocky trail that will get your heart pumping. The trail is very well marked. I felt that if I was ever in doubt of the path direction I could be confident that if there was a choice between a smooth path or a rocky path the correct choice would always be the rocky path. The views at the top of the hills are not spectacular enough to put up with dealing with the constant rockiness.

Quick and easy...great views!

30 days ago

This trail should be rated hard. It is very very rocky and has many steep grades both up-and-down. It is beautiful but can be challenging. It felt more like I was rock climbing then hiking on many parts of the trail. It is much harder then another trail I took that is rated hard. I'm not sure who does these ratings. A trekking pole would have helped me on this hike.

Great hike and really fun in Spring. If you do the entire round trip, it's 3,160 feet of elevation. Not a moderate hike. How Wolcott gets rated hard, when it's no where's near as long or difficult is beyond me.

Parked on Randolph Ave and headed up Hawk Hill. Continued easterly to Barberry Bush Trail and the Great Cedar Swamp. Bushwacked a bit over to the direct route up Kitchamakin Hill. Turned westerly over Fenno Hill to Chickatawbut peak. Continued by the Education Center then headed down the Skyline Trail back to my car. This is a terrific trek and property. Just do it!

This was my first time at Blue Hills. It’s beautiful! While not all of this trail was marked great the trails were still pretty easy to follow. Only a few times did I lose the trail but easily picked it back up. My dog came with and he absolutely loves exploring! It was a pretty good hike for him too, nothing too difficult for him. He’s a small 25lb Pup that has no problem scaling large rocks. You could start to see some new life in the trees. I can’t wait to come back in a few weeks to see how much it’s grown in!

fantastic trail with beautiful views

Really great hike. Packed snow, trail broken in. Some icy spots, but did great with poles and crampons. Good training for New Hampshire!

Great hike. Don't let the fact that it's in eastern Mass fool you. The round trip hike is all up and down and is more strenuous than you think.

Always an enjoyable day on this trail.

a Must do

Very well marked trail. plenty of elevation gain to keep your legs busy and mind focused. a good shoe is a must as many parts of the trail have steep incline and declines on Rocky and jagged terrian.

Great for a nice easy relaxing hike. 10 min walk from Peekskill station

6 months ago

Beautiful hike! The trail starts just behind the headquarters buildings, and we parked across the street. We finished the whole loop in 2.5 hours, including some time spent at the weather observatory and taking pictures. Elliot Tower is closed for renovations currently, but the weather observatory gives you a view of the skyline for a $3 fee. We completed the loop counter clockwise, but I agree with previous reviews that clockwise is probably more enjoyable, as we had to go down a lot of rocks on the way back. Overall, great way to spend the morning!

Great short hike, brought my dog she loved it. Nice and tuckered out by the end! Would definitely do this tail again.

Beautiful views of southern Mass. It is not for a beginner or someone with knee or hip problems. You will be going up steep rocks. Wear good shoes. Little rocks jut out on the trail like crazy. It is a great trail and though I wouldn’t exactly call it easy. It also isn’t for a beginner. If you’re afraid of heights stay away from the cliff. It’s a strait drop down. You will only need a bottle of water and your music blasting with the woods all around you. Nothing special needed for this trail. You will love it. Kids can do it but they will need a lot of help.

Home base for Boston-area folks. Great place to practice for bigger hikes. No big vertical, but plenty of up and downs. Some hills can get your heart rate up a bit. Nice wooded sections make you forget how close you are to city until you catch some of the views of downtown Boston

Did a 16 mile loop. Id say its about accurate for moderate. loved it!

The best option if you need something close to Boston. It's a decent hike, views aren't the best at the top...but I appreciate a convenient way to "get out" of the city.

8 months ago

it was great hiking trail. it a great cardio work out. but at the end was. a beautiful scenery.

This was a fun trail, the loop took my friend and I 2 hours and was 3 miles, with only some short stops. It definitely gets your heart pumping, there are quite a few steep ascents with lots of rock, and then you'll steeply descend, it will be flat for a bit, and then another ascent. Not a simple up on the way there and down on the way back, which makes it more fun I think. Unfortunately the Eliot Tower is currently closed for renovations for the fall, so the views weren't great at the top, but still great to be out there!

The trail across Hawk Hill is unmarked and easy to lose particularly at the rock scramble. Would stick to well worn/marked trails unless you're feeling adventurous.

8 months ago

Very nice hike, moderately difficult there are some steep climbs but overall a very rewarding hike with spectacular views for anyone who is familiar with rocky steep terrain.

very challenging as a first timer, but i enjoyed the fresh air and sounds of nature.

Great trail, scenic views.

Great views, well worth it! Generally moderate, with a couple of rock scrambles that could boarder on challenging for novice hikers.

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