off trail
1 day ago

Not very well marked. Thankfully, for the app! Very nice trail. My son and I took a wrong turn. And ended up behind the solar panels. Had to retrace our tracks.

The southern half of the rail trail is undergoing renovation with milling and paving. Should be completed by mid summer. You can pick up the rail trail on Church Street in Cheshire from there north to Adams it is about 6.2 miles one way

private property
9 days ago

Could NOT find the trail!! The stated trail head (we were told by a homeowner at the supposed trailhead) is actually a private road and was impassible because of mud and ruts anyway. The homeowner directed us down a road and said that the trailhead would be on the left. Never could find it. So, we entered through Pittsfield State Forrest and tried to follow the GPS. It would tell us that were DIRECTLY on the trail when there was no trail to be had anywhere. Disapointing.

The hike up the Taconic Crest Trail was lovely and deserves 5 stars but the hike down the Taconic Skyline Trail was not enjoyable. It's an ATV track with lots of mud, tire tracks, and deep pools of water. Next time we would do the return the way we came up. The only point of interest we would miss seeing is a small, though delightful, pond.

I actually walked 3 miles, I had forgotten to turn on recording. Nice walk on an overcast morning. I saw quite a few birds; warblers, wood-thrush, cardinals etc.

Nice hike with Shelley today, the weather was perfect for being in the woods! I enjoyed this trail.

Between the Hancock Shakers Holy Mount and the New Lebanon Shakers Holy Mount and from there down to toward Hancock Shaker Village the Trail had a lot of long muddy spots. There were also some large puddles and trails with water running down the middle of them. This all made for a more interesting hike and I enjoyed it.

Absolutely a beautiful morning walking on the Ashuwilltocook trail.

The hike was very pretty. We had the trail to ourselves most of the time. The trail is not always easy to follow. ATVs marks cross the trail frequently and it is easy to get off the trail.

Trail markers are not kept up with, wouldn’t do without this app to make sure I stayed on course

This was a blast! nothing too hard at all just a quick climb but so fun!.

This is a nice hike with some challenging climbs. No real views but a great loop!

Nice trail. Bushwhacked to Taconic Crest trail on the way down. The woods were amazing

1 month ago

1 month ago

This is a very nice easy to moderate hike. There are no vistas, but the forest is beautiful as are the streams. There were a couple of inches of wet snow, and like others have said parts of the trail were very wet and muddy.

bridge out
1 month ago

Just a quick walk on the trail this morning get the bones moving.

Nice hike on the trail this morning very quiet and a little bit of sun. The time looks longer because I forgot to shut the recording off. 4 miles is good

A little morning wake up on the trail. No one in sight and very peaceful! Thank and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

2 months ago

Currently closed for construction

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