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Really liked this walk. Very pretty scenery throughout. Pretty simple to stick to the trails and few obstructions. The only reason it was four and not five stars is that someone was shooting a gun nearby, which was very disconcerting as it got louder/closer on my way back toward the parking lot.

One of the nicest we’ve been on so far! Narrow trail though.

Beautiful hike. And definitely quite challenging.
The hike has a few parts: the initial part is less than half a mile to an access point to the beach, could be doable for families, I saw people with flip flops walking it. Many people seem to bring beach gear and set up for the day. Incredible scenery and amazing ride pools nearby. If you don’t go to the beach there, the trail continues until another beach access point, maybe 1.5-2 mile strenuous hike where you can choose to go to the beach, or continue on to the end loop part. The end loop part is partly wooded, partly open and very beautiful. The trail ends on the beach, where you can then continue on to a sand bar, or head back along the beach.

I spoke to a few people along the path were told the path isn’t a loop. It IS a loop, with one way being along the beach.

Definitely plan to be on the beach portion at low tide! It’s very special.

3 days ago

I've done this trail a couple of times in my trip down to the Cape. It's really flat and not very interesting like hilly or mountainous trail that I prefer. We were on our way to Provincetown so it helps break up the long drive quite a bit and gave the kids much needed break.

This is by far my favorite trail in the Boston area especially for evening walk. The sunset view from here is simply sublime and the views is unbeatable. And on windy days you are treated to wind surfers doing stunts on the bay. There is a nice children's playground and a really cool clam shack called Sullivan. I also enjoy watching planes go by at really close level from here.

And from the pier you can see all kinds of boats go in and out of the harbor. I enjoy watching those dinner or party boat cruise go by. The only minus is that it gets much windier than anywhere else in Boston.

description says 'dogs on leash,' but they definitely don't allow dogs. Devens firing range is very close, so it can be noisy

7 days ago

This was marked by someone who has never hiked. I don’t have any other explanation. The first time I went around I got off trail about 4 times I had to backtrack and by the end lost the trail completely, ended up on someone’s driveway and took that out. I thought I could go the opposite way to see where I went wrong and instead ended up taking a big circle back to the parking lot.
I have been hiking for over 30 years and never had a more frustrating experience than this loop. The blue seems what you follow when you start and then the yellow comes out of nowhere. There are probably 50-100 trails that branch off for access from peoples homes.
I wanted to love this because it’s so close to home but it’s awful and I’ll only ever go back for kayaking.

This trail was easy to get to, had plenty of parking and we only saw 2 other groups of people until we got back to the parking lot. The trail is fairly easy terrain for walking, but the roots are abundant so be careful. The trail was also very well marked. The pond and the streams are beautiful. Lots of photo ops. I would love to kayak here. We only did a couple of miles out, found a nice boulder to sit on, then walked back. Total did about 4 miles and took 2 hours (leisurely pace). I would love to do the whole loop however that’s a lot of time on foot. :(

15 days ago

Bring bird seed to feed the birds. we saw many people hand feeding the birds. Great place for families. All kids should check out the Rockery Loop. Picnic tables for lunch.

This is one of those spots I would gladly head to over and over again with kids of any age! Equally great for adults who love hiking with plenty of loop options and interesting waypoints (my favorite were the pond loop and observation tower).

I would agree with other reviews that while you need have a little bit of patience, if you have sunflower seeds the chickadees will be eating right out of your hand… we also spotted loads of turtles, and a faun as well as other local wildlife! I was hiking with kids aged 6, 8, and 14. We got about 2.2 miles in and spent about an hour and a half hiking. Bring bug spray and be tick-savvy.... we had to pull a couple despite being careful.

Everybody loved this hike! We’ll be back for sure!


trail running
24 days ago

Now that the park is open I noticed they want $6 or $8 at the gate, a day-use fee. Nobody was manning the station so I just parked (there is a self-service pay station but I was only planning on being there an hour or so). Maybe next time I'll just pay it, they keep the place in pretty good shape. I did a little bushwack on this trek and also noticed they mended the fence so it's more difficult to get into the quarry area. That is private property so suppose I should stay out. A nice loop for sure and the Doggy Memorial, absolutely precious.

Be aware this trail has little shade and goes extensively through sand dunes. Can be difficult to navigate with smaller children. The views are nice but the lack of shade on a hot day can make this trail less enjoyable.

Best place on this planet

on Cat Rock Loop

1 month ago

Love bringing my dog here. Great place to meet other friendly dogs and walk the trails, let pup swim in the lake

trail running
1 month ago

Tried to get to 500' elevation gain over at Cedar Hill. Parked at the top and ran up and down 3x. Almost did it. Nice way to get the blood flowing!!!

1 month ago

No top of a mountain vista but nice day hike. Followed the AT from Goose Pond Rd. like it is on the map down to where the cut off to the left goes to the cabin or continue right on the AT then back. Goose pond looks like a great area, saw many on kayak and some on their boats out fishing. As mentioned, trail is not really steep but has its moments where it gradually rises in spots and of course as all mountains, watch for the roots and rocks. One thing I'd like to mention is that the red trail you see on the directions is correct even though you see a point where it seems to leave the AT (just over a mile in) and goes down the mountain on a new path. I'm guessing the AT got re-marked along the way and maps haven't caught up. I saw what appears to be the old trail at the bottom where the red line meets back up with it. Parking is just a little bit to the right of the trail head, small area but enough to probably hold 5 cars, not that many probably drive to this section. I ran into several thru hikers and a couple day hikers like myself and an AT section hiker.

It was cool to see all the bunkers but the bugs were literally out of control. I would recommend going when some bugs have died for the season...

1 month ago

The trail is scenic and its around 8 miles. Follow the yellow markings on trees as the trails are not marked well. Shoutout to the app the map and gps tracking helped us. There are too many mosquitoes, carry insect repellant and hiking gear.

4.25/5 is my review and we only saw a fraction of the park. The staff at the gates were very helpful and the park itself is pristine with clear water and and easy terrain. Living minutes away, this place is a gem.

1 month ago

had a beautiful kayack trip, although couldnt find a good place to swim. some areas had no swimming signs up.

Me and my bestfriend did this hike today!!! Loved every second of it. Peaceful, and relaxing! A lot of activities too. People bring their dogs, they jog, there’s people swimming! Very clean, very nice! Would definitely recommend to everyone who you like to walk peacefully.

Nice trail around the pond. Beautiful at 5:00 pm

This place is beautiful and peaceful. Lots of bugs! Bring bug spray.

1 month ago

This place is great and well maintained!

So different trails to choose from you can have a different experience each time you go. Definitely really muddy in places so proper footwear is a must.

Good nature walking spot, especially in the summer since it's close to water nearly the entire time. Many people go swimming, fishing, and boating here but not many do the hike. To do the full 6 mile loop, you need to cross the road to get to the other half of the loop. There is a short distance of walking on the road. We followed the blue blazes which were mostly well marked except for a couple turns. If you end up in someone's backyard, go back and take the left at the fork instead. Not too buggy but got bitten a couple of times. Overall quite enjoyable!

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