What a delightful small gem of a trail! I can understand the concerns of neighbors in the vicinity of the trail; there is simply no room to park without impacting them, but the good news is that from the YMCA (or school parking, if you're there on the weekend) it is only 3 tenths of a mile to the trailhead, through the woods and over the stream on a bridge and then a short walk on the streets. The entire trail is a delight; quality not quantity. At the very end, your view of the falls is limited unless you scramble over some rock, but only about 20 yards of them; if it's warm enough to take off your boots or shoes, it's easy to go right up to the base of the falls where there is a divine 4 ft. deep swimming hole. The falls cascade down into a sort of amphitheater, with steep rock on every side. Beautiful!!