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Great hike. Very well marked. Very shady but very buggy. Bring bug spray

Fun day and the pond is beautiful. That said, the trail map is poor. We stayed on the AT past the intersection with the Finnerty trail near the pond, and then thought we could go all the way around the pond counterclockwise and back along the eastern edge of the pond, but you can’t do that. Although it looks on the trail map like the Finnerty Trail runs along the edge of the pond and links up with the AT on both sides, it doesn’t. There are dead ends in between and it’s pretty much impassable. There is a way to go around the pond counterclockwise (which we eventually did) but you have to swing wide of the pond to the east.

Also, the trail map makes it look like you can return almost to the parking lot on the Finnerty Trail but you can’t. Finnerty Trail dead ends at Becket Road, and then we had to walk up the pond road, which is steep, to return to the AT. So the bottom line is, this is a nice area to hike, lightly trafficked, and the pond is really nice, but stay on the AT, don’t mess with the Finnerty Trail relying on the All Trails map.

Difficult to find where trail begins- parking area is about .2 miles from trail head. If you park in the Appalachian trail/Jacob's ladder lot, there's a .2 mile connection trail, marked in blue, across the road. It intersects the trail in the woods, hang a left. Otherwise you could walk on the actual road for nearly a quarter mile and catch the trail from there- which is why the Alltrails GPS directions will seem slightly off.

Hike is pretty much all uphill for the first half, but is very well covered. You'll also cross another main road on the way. Took us about 1.2 hours to get to the lake- definitely a moderate difficulty. Beautiful view once you're there. Looked like the muddy beginning portion of the hike had been fixed with raised planking. Nearly exactly 3 miles from parking lot to lake. Well marked, took 2 adults about 3 hours to complete out and back at a moderate pace.

didn't see ant camp sites but nice hike steep at first we had to set up tent on 12 inches of snow about 5 miles past lake there was no designated camp site or fire pits

8 months ago

Nice trail with a sad,interesting history.

10 months ago

Great trail for family and dogs! Has a loop now that is 2.5 miles with a few stream crossings and a waterfall if the weather isn’t t too dry.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

not well marked but very scenic. do not park at campground and hike in as it adds an extra 2-3 miles

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

clearly marked, seems popular. it has a small dirt parking lot and a visible sign by the side of the road.

Right near Lee and a great workout. Beautiful forest and trail.

park on the right, opposite the no tresspassing sign and walk past the big gate...keep your eyes peeled on the left for an unmarked path leading up...actually the entire first part of the trail is absent any legitimate markings...honestly it gets tricky and i had to use my gps once or twice....lots of fresh bear sign....moderate rating well earned for some of the elevation change and a couple small steep spots...my 60 year old dad with a nad hip did it although for him he said it was perfect and he wouldnt want much more difficulty....trail was EMPTY although there were people at the firetower at the top who came from a different trail....the view from the tower is nice..not amazing but nice

Monday, July 03, 2017

We hiked from the parking lot on Rt. 20 to Finerty Pond. It was a beautiful day. The climb from 20 was a little steep and the air was muggy but from Beckett Mt to the Pond it was perfect. Nice breeze and no bugs to speak of. Perfect trip. Lunch at the lake and then back to parking by 11:00. We didn't go to the north side of the lake but instead continued on the AT around the south side. Really fun.

nice trail easy to follow

Monday, November 07, 2016

my daughter and I with our 2 dogs made the hike and stayed overnight on the peak of the mountain, and had a great time!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

We explored two different trails while we were here and had a lot of fun. The sights were beautiful and the wildlife was enchanting.

Very easy trail except for a few muddy spots but gorgeous.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

We found some signs as we were on the way to another area before a concert at Tanglewood and decided to go here rather than to the place we'd intended as this location was closer to Tanglewood. We started in a camping area on the southwestern area of the overall state forest. There were a few trails originating in the campground: the Loop Trail, the Ledge trail and the Tamarack trail. We took the Ledge Trail, which was about a 2 mile hike with about 800' elevation over the course of the trail - the steep section was a decline of 600'. It featured gorgeous rocks, streams, waterfalls, and a crossing in a falls area. We had a group of 4, with a couple inexperience hikers, one was 11. The trail is rated as moderate or difficult depending on where you look, and I would agree, though we didn't have any problems with it. Our biggest challenge was that it was very moist and slippery - lots of very wet moss on nearly every rock. But we loved it and had a lot of fun. Took about 2 hours to complete it.

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