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mountain biking
19 days ago

Technical pretty good for people that want to improve their skills with rollovers jumps and picking lines

I was excited upon reading about this Trail around the reservoir. we started off in the parking lot where the boats put into the water at the boat ramp there was a trail marked with a yellow marker painted yellow so we file that for maybe a mile or two then all the sudden the trail went blank so I went back over the trail that I just gone on to find a part that I may have missed or turn I may have missed and there were none no markers of any kind no indication of where I was going except I could see the reservoir to my left side so I just kept walking on a trail that was between the water and the many houses that were lining the reservoir. Reservoir is not 6 miles around 8 miles plus and even more if you get off of the trail and have to walk on the road.

So we hooked up back to the trail again and went through a portion of the trail that was elevations going up and down and up and down all good footing but definitely not an easy climb. then we came out into an open field no markers whatsoever no idea where to go except the GPS on my phone so I walked in that direction and ran into the path in somebody's backyard continued walking and got about three-quarters of the way around the reservoir and lost the path again no markings know anything so I was walking through the woods just trees everywhere no path just bushwhacking it through the woods to get near the water where the trail look like on the GPS. never found it so went out on the road follow the road cat making left's which filed Reservoir back to the parking lot.

I enjoyed the hike very much great scenery of the reservoir and all the inlets even encountered a 7 ft long garter snake with a frog in its mouth it jumped out at me while I was walking on the path but relax they are non poisonous. I think the comment by someone earlier that said that people mark this Trail who would never hiked before is very true it would be a great place if it was well marked. a great Trail great scenery get the trail marked

Love this trail

This was marked by someone who has never hiked. I don’t have any other explanation. The first time I went around I got off trail about 4 times I had to backtrack and by the end lost the trail completely, ended up on someone’s driveway and took that out. I thought I could go the opposite way to see where I went wrong and instead ended up taking a big circle back to the parking lot.
I have been hiking for over 30 years and never had a more frustrating experience than this loop. The blue seems what you follow when you start and then the yellow comes out of nowhere. There are probably 50-100 trails that branch off for access from peoples homes.
I wanted to love this because it’s so close to home but it’s awful and I’ll only ever go back for kayaking.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Walked it today with my husband and 2 small dogs. The dogs loved it the interesting terrain and path. But wear bug spray because the mosquitoes are fierce. Also use the gps because like others have said the trail is not marked and there are off shoots that may let you walk in circles. Definitely will walk it again.

The trail is scenic and its around 8 miles. Follow the yellow markings on trees as the trails are not marked well. Shoutout to the app the map and gps tracking helped us. There are too many mosquitoes, carry insect repellant and hiking gear.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great trail, pretty technical and difficult. Definitely find a map, or bring a gps. But will definitely do it again.

Great hiking trail but is definitely NOT 6.6 miles! It's 8 miles give or take and 3 hours around. The view of the lake is beautiful! Wear hiking boots because you go thru muddy wet terrain.

I really enjoyed this hike. I agree with the others, it is closer to an 8 mile walk, not 6. It was over 3.5hours to walk it. A few tricky spots over muddy creeks but probably due to recent rain.

Very pleasant hike, will definitely be back! According to my tracker, the trail was 7.6 miles.

Great place to get lost. Make sure you bring a GPS.

nice walk around the lake. very good marked with yellow signs

6 months ago

Gorgeous water views all the way around. Plan on 3+ hours, it is definitely longer than 6 miles. You are almost always with in sight of a house or road, you are not out alone in nature. We saw one park ranger and one other group of hikers the whole way around. Despite all the houses it was very peaceful (in February).

This was a wonderful hike/walk in the ice and snow. but I would not call it hard or sometimes even moderate. It might be listed that for its length but not the terrain.

7 months ago

To reiterate some previous reviewers' comments, I definitely recommend taking a GPS because the trail wasn't consistently marked and there were many confusing intersections. I used the AllTrails app and my iPhone for a map and GPS. This would've worked fine to help guide my hike except that it was about 30 degrees and lithium-ion batteries don't like cold; my iPhone shut off as I was trying to make my way through the maze of this very poorly marked trail. I could've printed the map but I don't think it would've been helpful due to the missing trail markings and miscellaneous intersections. Additionally, I was hiking as the winter thaw was re-freezing which meant that the trail was exceptionally wet and icy.

I may re-do this hike in the spring/summer, or pass on it because there are so many other better-marked trails with more challenging terrain and nicer views.

11 months ago

Great day hiking with 14 Chinese ladies together,total 3 hours, more than 8 miles walk

on College Rock Run

Monday, September 04, 2017

Very nice short hike. We did the Rocky Woods recording which is a loop. Not sure why this hike was created as an Out & Back - I would think most people would prefer a loop. We played on some mountain bike seesaws and watched a guy climb the rock wall (very cool). Weather was literally PERFECT. Got ice cream after. JEFB

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nice hike with pretty views of the water. At one point the trail dropped off and I couldn't find where it picked back up so I just turned back around. Went on a Tuesday evening there were very few people.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Definitely in my top 3 favorite local hikes. The forests are well spaced and beautifully green, never shady. The woods are full of interesting glacially deposited rocks. College Rock itself is about 40 feet at the highest and is great for rock climbing, especially due to its close proximity to the trailhead. This makes for a great morning or afternoon hike, it you're looking for something longer you can check out some of the other trails in the area and loop back a different way. I recommend using your tracker because the trails do not have signs.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Very scenic and great hiking terrain. Toughest part was that I was looking at my GPS constantly. I would not even attempt this hike without one. Lots of mountain biking here and sub trails everywhere. The only other challenge I had is that there was very few watering opportunities for my dog. I will definitely be back but this is not one of my top picks for the reasons above.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Very long trail. But views and trail itself are great. We started around 2.30 and were done by 7. We made short stops on the way.

Monday, August 14, 2017

That was a great hike Saturday... started at 1 PM and got through about 5:45 PM... I'm not blaming mosquitoes on the location (we should have used the bug spray).... I don't think my friend could do the full trail again.. she stated she would go for an hour in and then hour back next time.. perfect day and nice hike to burn

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Definitely plan on an 8.5+ hike.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Nice hike around a lake, Trails are quite easy and if stay in yellow trail you can't get lost. Decent shade on a hot day. Would give 5 stars if mosquitos weren't so bad . Will come back when a little cooler and bugs are gone

trail running
Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nice run and the trails were mostly nice and wide and well maintained. Very muddy day out there and the mosquitos were a problem when I slowed down. Only gave 3 stars because the map I downloaded had trail names, but these weren't used on the trail and there were no maps telling you what trails the blaze colors corresponded to. I had wanted to do a much larger loop, but got turned around and confused a couple of times. There are so many unmarked off-shoot trails that it is difficult to know where you are. This is an easy place to get lost if you don't know exactly where you are going. Bring a GPS and make sure you know your way back

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I'm guessing the"hard" part is for mountain biking. It certainly looks strenuous on the bike as well as the body. For hiking I'd say it's more moderate but a great workout nonetheless. I will be here frequently!

trail running
Sunday, April 09, 2017

Great run although the mileage was closer to 8 miles. Probably due to some sections being poorly marked. Beautiful views of lake throughout.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Great find after hiking the Upper Charles RailTrail in Milford. Found remnants of old quarry buildings, probably, wish we knew what the wide stone stairway just off the railtrail was.

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