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An awesome trail to kill an a Sunday afternoon seeing!

Really liked this walk. Very pretty scenery throughout. Pretty simple to stick to the trails and few obstructions. The only reason it was four and not five stars is that someone was shooting a gun nearby, which was very disconcerting as it got louder/closer on my way back toward the parking lot.

A great family hike around Boston! Food options were delicious; gotta check out Quincy Market. Love Boston culture and its history.

13 days ago

Good hike thru deciduous forest (lots of oak acorns underfoot) on a hot summer day. We hiked the loop counterclockwise, walking along the Shaker road past Shaker Reservoir to the junction with the Shaker Mountain Trail. Ascent was moderately steep with good footing. Some artifacts (bridge construction, stone walls, clearings) are visible from the trail. Signage for aqua trail is pretty good, and there are even posts with trail names at many junctions. Descent and ascent to Mount Holy is unremarkable and relatively easy. Again, no views from summit of Mount Holy, but a quick sidetrack on the summit will take you to a handsome stone wall. Descent along Shaker Brook is quick but somewhat rutted by ATV use. Good trail to stay out of the sun and the bugs were almost non-existent on our hike.

trail running
14 days ago

This trail is a godsend for training for my half marathon near the workplace.

Super fun place to explore! Tons of old foundations, walls and irrigation infrastructure. Wish there was more to indicate what had once been there. Highly recommend giving yourself extra time to explore.

Nice trail perfect for dog walking... was raining and still had some cover from the trees.

The interpretive portion of this hike was nicely done & very educational. The trail itself is well-trodden but is becoming a bit encroached upon by undergrowth along the sides of the trail (it's not terrible; just watch out for prickers!). Unlike other Greylock hikes, there's not an amazing view or other particularly interesting scenery.

22 days ago

Nice easy walk, beautiful area. Was there on a Saturday and it wasn't too crowded. People were nice and courteous. It was fun to learn as we walked! Brought my pup with me but kept him on leash, he had fun exploring the trail as well. Will definitely be back again.

28 days ago


1 month ago

It’s a nice trail but the bugs were AWFUL! We all got bit quite a few times. I think it’s probably better on bikes, going faster should keep the flies off of you.

This is a nice way to see the eastern part of Martha's Vineyard. Take the ferry to Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs to gain access to the bike path. The bike path is not continuous but covers over 80% of the route recorded. From Vineyard Haven pass through East Chop and check out the lighthouse on Telegraph Hill. Continue to Oak Bluffs then on to Edgartown (passing a good mile of beach area) where you can catch another short ferry to Chappaquiddick Island. Continue on Chappy Road east to the Trustees property at Cape Poge. This is a nice area to beach or go overland to the northern part of Cape Poge to see the Poge Lighthouse. A wonderful ride!

Lovely spot; open woodlands, beautiful marshes and ponds. Very few other people there on a warm June Saturday. Easy parking on Monument Street. Highly recommended!

Beautiful views on Chandler Pond, easy and level walk. Well marked in the beginning but not marked at all beyond the pond, very hard to find the loop amid all the trails.

Punkatasset is a great place to run or to have an easy hike. The loop itself has several trails branching off, though the main alternate is Estabrook Trail, which leads directly north into Carlisle, and ends on to Kibby Pl. It's surprisingly low traffic, and can be a good place to see snakes (lots of wetlands in here), birds, and other wildlife. Note that most of the small trails off of Estabrook Trail end into private property. There's not much parking from Monument Rd in Concord - just along the side of the street. From the Carlisle side, you can park on Kibby Pl without issue.

Great time. Easy walk with plenty to see.

Disclaimer: the highlighted loop does not take you to the lime kiln/quarry. In order to reach these, you need to take the Bob Horton Trail. This can very was be done in combination with the highlight loop for a good easy hike.

Review: despite the confusion over where the kiln/quarry was, the hike was still very nice. The woods are very beautiful with hills and cool rock features. The trails are pretty well maintained, however they are not signed. Using the AllTrails tracker is recommended for direction. The quarry was pretty interesting, about 20 feet deep with a pond at the bottom. The kiln has spots on the side where the rock had melt patterns. Definitely one of the coolest spots in the area with an interesting history.

Very easy walk for a lazy walker. Great for biking and for the family great for kids to explore. Perfect easy trail for family.

Easy hike. Single trails for mountain biking. Quiet.


3 months ago

Great loop starting at the Sherborn playground parking lot. Started up through the Pine Hill Cemetery then headed over to the Pine Hill School before doing a big loop around the Town Forest. Came back around and found the Pine Hill peak then drained out via the south side of the cemetery admiring Pastor Dowse's awesome family gravestone along the way. The good Father was the Pastor of the Pilgrim Society and Mass Senate Chaplain back in the late 1800's. Good stuff!

3 months ago

Great path, easy walk, great scenery.

3 months ago

I keep my honeybees on the farm here and took a jog around to check on them and see what forage, if any, might be available now that my friendly farmer has left me. Found lots of cherry blossoms blooming which is great as I think the bees will love these. The trees are in wet areas too so the nectar should be flowing. Say hi to my bees if you're over that way!

3 months ago

An easy enough hike through a pleasant area. We combined it with Mount Misery and continued on to the Walden Pond and hiked back to Lincoln through Pine Hill and Woods End. Saw a Pileated Woodpecker.

3 months ago

5/3/18. Still a little muddy in places but a very nice hike.

Fabulous property co-owned by the Towns of Concord, Carlisle, and Harvard University. Although the Harvard property is privately owned, it's open to the public. Good thing as the history in this place is through the roof! Head up the Spruce Trail and check out the Saw Mill ruins then continue north to see the ruins of a colonial era lime kiln and a lime quarry. All this surrounded by glacial moraines, eskers, erratics, and drumlins. It's wonderful! Oh, and did I mention, Henry Thoreau is said to have wandered through these woods too!!!

Another great trail run thru here on a really nice spring day (yea, May Day!). Parked way down on the promontory overlooking the Great Charles River! Sweet!

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