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Short but sweet. We were only looking for something to get the blood moving without too much of a commitment and this did it. Maybe an hour and a half all in. It was very buggy at the outset, that got better as we went up. 7/15

it was fun

road biking
12 hours ago

Bruce Freeman rail trail is now expanded into Acton. The description should be updated to inform walkers and cyclists the features of the full rail trail. The new section called Phase 2 begins in Westford at Rt. 27. The new section includes Westford, Carlisle and Acton. The new section has mile markers and I believe better warning lights at the crossings. There is a bridge that crosses Rt. 2. Many beautiful upgrades to the new section which is all paved as is the first phase. Many benches. There is a winding section that is pretty fun to ride on that is parallel to some businesses. There is a beautiful engraved granite marker pointing you to which direction to continue with miles listed to the towns on the rail trail. At this marker, the rail trail turns toward Acton or you can ride into a park.

14 hours ago

All trails’ directions bring you to a parking lot. The trail from there is easy to follow. It is overgrown in the beginning & there are lots of bugs in July. It is also variably rocky with a steady, but mild incline. The lower falls trail is pretty short, approx 1 mile in. There is a sign halfway that says upper or lower falls and the distances (1.5 to upper falls, 0.5 to lower). I was pretty far below the falls at first but climbed up closer from the base. It was a little tricky, with a lot of big boulders and some are wet or mossy. I slipped, so be careful! The falls are pretty, though. I was the only one by the falls. There were people swimming downstream. I climbed up, then back down the upper falls trail part way, which was much steeper than the lower falls trail. It seems like if you wanted to go under the falls, it would be super slippery on the sloped rock below, but the water is very clear.

The Park is nice, well kept. The trees are fairly dense so on a hot/humid day like today, it provides some good cover. The M-M trail cuts through the park, and there's nothing tricky whatsoever about the trail.. no climbs, just a couple areas where the inclines could be described as steep. There's some old ruins up near the north end with a fire tower that is blocked off by a fence... someone of course pulled the fence back so the tower can be accessed... not that I would ever do that; I assume it's some great views. I'd summarize this as a good place for someone not looking for anything too consistently strenuous, but provides some work. Access to the park is $5 for MA residents; $10 for non-residents. You can access the M-M Trail outside the park off 141 - there's no loop however there are a series of trails you can drift around a little and arrive back to the M-M trail and get back to your vehicle... this is worth a 30-40 minute drive to get to if you want to stretch it out a bit... enjoy!

18 hours ago

No top of a mountain vista but nice day hike. Followed the AT from Goose Pond Rd. like it is on the map down to where the cut off to the left goes to the cabin or continue right on the AT then back. Goose pond looks like a great area, saw many on kayak and some on their boats out fishing. As mentioned, trail is not really steep but has its moments where it gradually rises in spots and of course as all mountains, watch for the roots and rocks. One thing I'd like to mention is that the red trail you see on the directions is correct even though you see a point where it seems to leave the AT (just over a mile in) and goes down the mountain on a new path. I'm guessing the AT got re-marked along the way and maps haven't caught up. I saw what appears to be the old trail at the bottom where the red line meets back up with it. Parking is just a little bit to the right of the trail head, small area but enough to probably hold 5 cars, not that many probably drive to this section. I ran into several thru hikers and a couple day hikers like myself and an AT section hiker.

19 hours ago

Excellent hike a bit strenuous the very first mile the trail is very well groomed but very steep! We (20s, 30s AMC Boston group) left at 10:00 am and were surprised to already reach the top of Wachusetts at 10:40 however a lot more of the hike to go! Very good view from the top - rest of hike was easier but still a work out.

I'm glad we paid attention to alltrails map and to the over 10 different trail junctions! Everything was still fairly easy to follow - but be careful from Hardington to Windmills we kept going on Harrington and had to cycle back.

List of trails covered:
Bicentennial Trail
pine Hill Trail
Old Indian Trail
West Side Trail
Semuhenna Trail
Windmill Trail
Stage Coach Trail
Echo Lake Trail
Echo Lake Road
High Meadow
back to Bicentennial Trail

It was cool to see all the bunkers but the bugs were literally out of control. I would recommend going when some bugs have died for the season...

22 hours ago

This is by far my favorite trail in Massachusetts. It's a very easy, relaxing walk with one of the most incredible scenery in the state.

The panorama view of the quarry farm is absolutely breathtaking. I only wish swimming is allow there. And the rocky beach is a sight to behold as well especially for sunset. It is always cool and refreshing at the beach and the water is so rejuvenating.

Again it is too bad you can't swim here. It is much too rocky so you can only wade a bit into the water. I also enjoy just watching sail boats and fishing boats go by.

mountain biking
23 hours ago

Wonderful property. Started on north side and went into Trustees property too. All in there must be around 4,000 acres to explore. Worked my way around the pond then headed south to the reservoir and camping area. I wonder why that one area is closed off? Some of the single track is too rooty and rocky for my taste but it's good stuff. Will be back.

We used Roaring Brook as an approach to Mount Greylock, which offered a nice challenge and more remote feel than Cheshire Harbor Trail. The trail follows a brook through serene hemlock woods, before climbing steeply through the woods to a dirt road, after crossing the road, we linked up with Hopper Trail and the AT for the summit of Greylock. Definitely would recommend this to anyone wanting to climb this peak.

Very interesting hike for sure. The trail meanders along the border on the way to Frissell. Crossing the summit of Round Mountain in Connecticut. This peak has a cairn and nice views of the next mountain you climb. The trail is quite rocky, similar to the Skyline Trail at Blue Hills if you’ve done it. It gains elevation quickly, but not for a long. Frissell has no views, but a short spur will take you to a summit registry box. Following the red blazes will take you back to Connecticut and over to the high point. This has a view, a cairn and registry box with a log and a cardboard “Connecticut” sign. The trail to the high point could use some maintenance, it has become quite overgrown in some places. Beyond this a steep downhill will take you to the Tri-State Marker. We stopped here instead of continuing to Brace Mountain due to poor trail marking and confusing splits just beyond the marker.

A great day hike! parked at Upper Sheepfold. prepare for a good 3 to 3.5 hour hike.

The Black and Orange trails were fantastic. The Blue trail was a little bit over-grown. Really liked the Orange trail particularly the look out over the ocean. Great hike,, really enjoyed it.

1 day ago

Not too far from the city, great views of the skyline. Not too crowded, even on a gorgeous not-too-hot July Saturday. Ended up getting lost near Bear Hill but was able to find the trail again (it was a little annoying having to pull out the map/phone).

1 day ago

Very nice family hike! We especially enjoyed the Pine Forrest part. It took us 3 hours to do the loop including some time on the summit. The view from the top is great, definitely go! It is not hard, I would definitely rate it moderate. Much easier comparing to Monadnock summit, for example. Good luck!

gorgeous gardens and the tower view was awesome. you can park along the paved pathways inside the cemetery.

Flat, easy walk around Brookline Reservoir with occassional views of buildings.

Fairly flat walk around Chestnut Hill Reservoir with occasional views of nearby buildings.

1 day ago

The trail is scenic and its around 8 miles. Follow the yellow markings on trees as the trails are not marked well. Shoutout to the app the map and gps tracking helped us. There are too many mosquitoes, carry insect repellant and hiking gear.

Great trail. Completed 7/14/2018. Took Bicentennial to High Meadow Trail, cut across on Lower Link and up Harrington. Back down Mountain House and Bicentennial. Hardly anyone on the trail but quite a few people at the top. Not too challenging but just a couple of climbing parts to make it fun!

Great hike !!!!!!

Beautiful scenery, worth the climb to stand on top of Race Mountain to be treated to a breathtaking panoramic view. Very buggy. Met friendly hikers. Hiking poles a big help.

Pretty good quick off leash trail. All in the shade. Trail was well marked. Don't forget bug spray

beautiful scenery. nice shade.

was hard to find out which way to go... glad I found this app now though.

awesome ride to the beach and back. went off route couple times to check things out. Great campground along the way.

4.25/5 is my review and we only saw a fraction of the park. The staff at the gates were very helpful and the park itself is pristine with clear water and and easy terrain. Living minutes away, this place is a gem.

Difficult to find where trail begins- parking area is about .2 miles from trail head. If you park in the Appalachian trail/Jacob's ladder lot, there's a .2 mile connection trail, marked in blue, across the road. It intersects the trail in the woods, hang a left. Otherwise you could walk on the actual road for nearly a quarter mile and catch the trail from there- which is why the Alltrails GPS directions will seem slightly off.

Hike is pretty much all uphill for the first half, but is very well covered. You'll also cross another main road on the way. Took us about 1.2 hours to get to the lake- definitely a moderate difficulty. Beautiful view once you're there. Looked like the muddy beginning portion of the hike had been fixed with raised planking. Nearly exactly 3 miles from parking lot to lake. Well marked, took 2 adults about 3 hours to complete out and back at a moderate pace.

Really enjoyed this hike. The overlook of the Atlantic was lovely. Some more rugged areas, but overall not too bad. Bring bug spray.

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