Bonus points for the fact that I didn't see a single other person the whole time! I've never been out here before (despite living in town for 22 years) so I'll try to give a pretty through review.

The parking area is pretty easy to find, which I actually wasn't expecting. Its a gravel turnout with a sign. The trailhead is across the street; I didn't realize that until I looked at my app and saw I was going the wrong way so I thought I'd mention it lol. The first part of the trail is under phone lines and has no shade and pretty tall grass. It's not a super long stretch, but it would still probably be more pleasant not to hit it when its hot and sunny. There's also a lot of tall grass, so I'd recommend wearing long pants.

You'll probably need to track where you're going (I use the app) to find the turnoff towards the woods. I think if you went counter clockwise it was maybe a bit more obvious, but it wasn't very clear in either direction and the trail is definitely a lot more overgrown than the part under the phone wires. Once you get into the woods its a nice walk and the trail is pretty obvious. Its SUPER buggy though (I think I accidentally swallowed 3 of them) so definitely bring plenty of bug spray with you. Coming out of the woods, you'll be back into tall grass and once you're on the trail its not too bad to stay on, but its definitely not very worn down.

Overall it was a nice quiet, short hike and even though it wasn't the most well marked, it wasn't too hard to navigate if I looked at my phone periodically. Also, while the trail is dog friendly I'd definitely make sure you check for ticks after. I have a little dog so even on the trail, there were places that the grass was over his head.