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Lots of fun to hike! Great view from top of Noanet Peak. Be sure to bring bug spray though.

trail running
1 day ago

Start at the gate, sprint up to the fire tower, touch the fire tower, sprint back down the gate. See if you can beat my time (11:22). My goal is sub 10min., not sure I can get there, we shall see.

Very easy and nice hike through perfectly groomed trails that are well posted throughout. Great hike anytime.

12 days ago

Nice day for a trail run. This is a nice cut-thru option over to the Channing area and Miller Hill area. Still lots of downed branches and trees so be careful.

29 days ago

Started at the Powissett entrance and walked on a few of the marked and unmarked trails. Definitely coming back - trails well maintained, dog friendly, very nice area. Parking is a little tight in that lot.

Nice loop and property!

2 months ago

Went for a 4 mike hike around the trails of Cat Rock on Hale Reservation. Only recorded the beginning 1.5 miles around the area for Cat Rock. Then I detoured straight for Noanet Pond and enjoyed the picnic bench by the water. I took the paved path down and back around the reservation. It was snowy and quiet on this off-season day. Multiple options for windy paths, or paved paths. Beautiful lake and interesting features to look at.

Entered Noanet from the trailhead at the end of Cedar Hill Road. Worked my way up to Noanet Peak then did some bushwacking down and around back to where I started. Trees down everywhere as we had a huge storm yesterday. A nice loop, give it a try.

Loved this hike! Lots of well marked trails with scenic views. The peak view was pretty awesome, especially for such a low altitude, and included the Boston Skyline. There was even a decorated Christmas tree at the top. Sweet surprise.

Great ponds, so pretty and interesting terrain. Doggie heaven. Blue trail is my fav, adding yellow trail for a hike to
The peak.
Take a map, it's easy to get confused with all the trails. Fairly well traveled so no worries

trail running
5 months ago

Great property. Went from Caryl Park all the way down to what I call Perkins Cove (first mill pond, site of colonial era wood mill). This is an awesome pond that was full to grade in a driving rain this day (still soothed my soul!). Such a nice spot, one of my favorites in all of Dover (have a seat, relax)! A beautiful erratic on the main trail near Caryl, check it out. Enjoy!

6 months ago

The peak is really nice.

A lot of people,
Not that there’s anything wrong with that...,,,

Nice trail for fall. Beautiful view at the top. Many trails intersecting, so follow the map.

Nice trail if you are in the area and/or looking for dog-friendly hikes. Simple network of well-marked trails, and the peak and pond are lovely spots to sit and enjoy.

Good trail to walk a dog. Almost everyone you come across has a dog with them. very well marked. maps at entrance, take one.

trail running
7 months ago

A little known section of Hale reservation south of Powisset Street. Initial trail boarders the west side of the Dover Transfer Station. This is a popular spot for a few local mountain bike enthusiasts. Good stuff for trail runners. Lots of roots, rocks, and ledges. The first ledge you encounter, kind of a side path to get there actually, is magnificent. This is a real treat, enjoy!

trail running
7 months ago

Nice town conservation area near Dover center. I rarely see people in here, it's a nice property. I did a quick loop using the AT app as I've gotten lost in here before. A bit sketchy about half way thru as you come upon abandoned cars and a home. Not sure who lives in there, you're in the middle of the woods but there is a dirt road connecting with Farm Road ( I think ). Just kept running around the loop I created knowing the pancakes were cooking at home! A nice property, will be back.

Pretty walk, great signage. Not strenuous.

trail running
7 months ago

A nice little trek turned into a 5+ mile loop through Hale Reservation. I've never been to Cat Rock so thought I'd check that out. Pretty cool ledge in the heart of the Reservation. Plenty of alternative ways to do this hike/trail run. Enjoy!

I've been running through these woods for 20 years and only discovered Strawberry Hill recently via this app. A cool little hill with a very nice trail and plenty of ledges along the way. Drop down to the Pond and do a loop there if you want, or jump in! You can combine this with a trek up Powisset Peak too. A great property!

No view, definitely need app to follow trail. If your near by and want to go for a nice walk, it's fine but not anything special.

trail running
8 months ago

Took a nice trail run through Noanet then around to Strawberry Hill. There is a way up Strawberry Hill but I passed on that today. Continued south and back to Powisset Peak which is a wonderful little rock ledge with great views north and of Noanet Peak in the distance. This is a nice little trail run.

beautiful scenery. great trails. multiple trails. little swimming hole.

trail running
8 months ago

Really nice conservation land with well groomed dirt road to fire tower summit. Unfortunately you can't climb the fire tower anymore. Side hikes, walks or trail runs include the Boy Scout cabin, viewing a giant hemlock tree and fox den under an impressive erratic. The Dover Church outdoor worship area is adjacent to this property too. There is parking for 4 or 5 cars at the gated access area on Pine Street.

No dogs allowed :( app needs to be updated

This trail was a little hit or miss for me. There are two loops one on either side of Farm street. Both loops contain part of the Charles River Link Trail, which is very well marked. The Peters Reservation was better marked with blue blazes, but there were some places where the trail was very narrow and could use some grooming. Chase Woodlands was not marked as well with red blazes. I missed key turns of the trail on several occasions and had to backtrack. Each loop is relatively short being about 1.5 miles a piece making them nice for a short walk through the woods.

well marked trail, the elevation portion is in the middle, so there is a cool down portion. Easy to follow trails. Signs say "No Dogs" but I saw several on the trails. (I did not have a dog and they don't bother me)

Good trail to walk with your dog

Nice easy hike. Good for smaller dogs and families.

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