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Nice, easy walk with the dog. Great views of the water. Would recommend for all ages.

Snowy and icy towards the top but views were still amazing at the top. Very muddy and wet on most of the trail. Will definitely do again in the spring time.

Great hike. A lot of scrambling and very steep climbing in first leg. Whole thing took 2:20. Great views. Would not try if snow and ice on ground. First third is very well marked. Last two thirds are basically flat. Overall great hike.

It's actually called Powder House Hill. The hill is part of a 53 acre conserved property within the downtown area of Manchester by the Sea. It's name was derived from the Powder House built to protect gun powder held by the town during the War of 1812.

I used to love this trail. The last time I was here to come to relax, I left the opposite of relaxed and was very unhappy. While on the trail, two different people allowed their large dogs to bolt at me, jump on me, and growl at me while their owners shouted “sorry” and practically crawled to my rescue. It was also a muddy day so needless to say, when the dogs jumped on me I had mud all over my clothes. Both times, I expressed that this wasn’t ok and to please leash the dogs, while the owners didn’t say anything to me and kept walking with their dogs unleashed. The first time this happened on my way towards the golf course, I was annoyed but thought it was a fluke since I hadn’t had this issue before. The second time this happened on the same hike and a different person I was thinking “Again? You’ve got to be kidding me.” I’m an animal lover, but this really isn’t ok. I can also see this as a huge problem for folks coming who have small children or a phobia of dogs... or who simply don’t want to have a dog charge and jump on them? Dog people - please leash your dogs here. It’s really not fair to the other hikers who are just trying to enjoy their hike.

Super scenic! Easy reverse hike (downhill first). Pretty sure it’s only 1 mile total.

Hiked with my 3 kids ages 12,11, and 4. It was a great hike with a few cool landmarks to see and a tower at the top!

This was a good journey! Parts of this trail had very few people. Great views, and lots of space at the peak so everyone can stake out a vantage point which is nice. I felt like I got a good workout in without it being strenuous. Lots of trails in the area too, so I'll be back soon to explore. Did this loop in 2.5 hours (with a few stops at the peak)

Easy hike, very wide in parts. Seemed good for mountain biking. A little underwhelming. Could peek between trees to get a view, but not spectacular.

Great views in all directions, not too hard, fun to climb over rocks near the top.

Quick loop around the pond. Looks like the Eagles are getting ready for Clemson. Gonna be a good one! Well, the game is over now, it's Sunday today. They lost...bummer when your QB goes down on, like, the first play of the game. That fat Tiger boy should have been ejected for that. At any rate this is a nice loop, look for the Blue Heron on the back side, by the cemetery. Oh, almost forgot, I parked over near the rez pump house which is inactive now but an awesome (haunted) museum today. Check out the ghosts in one of my posted pix, that was an interesting encounter.

Great trail! We went around clockwise and the views were spectacular - even on a blustery November day. The trails are marked and we checked at every junction to confirm our direction. Many trails in this reservation - wonderful area.

A very good hike. Very wet and muddy but I found it more a moderate hike rather than hard

Nice hike. Tends to be wet (hiked in Early November) so I would recommend a decent hiking shoe. My running shoes came back wet and dirty. I tried running the on the easier grades but you have to be extremely careful due to the rocks and wet conditions. I would rate this moderate in difficulty.

Update to my review from 6 days ago. I finally did the whole thing, my tracker said 7.5 miles and it took 2:49 hiking at a good pace.

I had never been to the east coast of the lake before, and boy is it wretched. Many of the markings are faded and difficult to spot, if they exist at all. There are a few streams without bridges, and tons of downed trees and brush blocking the paths. Lots of muddy paths with brambles all around. Not fun, but if you get through that part with dry shoes the south/west/north of the lake is a nice trek.

My husband and I did this trail on a beautiful, late autumn day with most of the leaves on the ground. It was extremely beautiful BUT slippery because of the leaves on the ground. Thick layers of leaves reduced traction (we had good hiking boots) and made footings sometimes dangerously slippery in sharp declines/inclines. The leaves filled in crevices so they made it hard to see if you were putting your foot down into a hole. The vistas as you climbed upwards were spectacular. We would consider this hike as offering a superior cardiovascular and gluteal workout. It is rated as a HARD hike and we would agree that this is true for most hikers. The trail was generally well marked, but the paint has become camouflaged on some trees. We would do this hike again BUT not in November when the leaves are making it somewhat treacherous.

Short but a sweet, well maintained trail.

11/8/18. What a gem. Follow the yellow blazes for a leisurely loop trip through white pine and hemlock woods with the very pretty Hale Swamp showing off a spectacular example of a beaver dam. Also, look out for confluent waterfalls (best after rains) downstream from the swamp. Took us just over an hour including stops to ooh and aah.

I took another hike in mid fall hoping to catch some more nice late fall foliage and was not dissapointed. It's an easy walk but rewarding esp in a warm sunny November day and with all the colors of fall still around. I like how pretty these berry trees along the path, I don't know the name but they're quite picturesque.

Super steeply graded, miserable going up and treacherous going down with steep drop offs, fell multiple times. Don’t attempt when wet or after rain.

Well maintained with nice crossings over creeks. Easy for a young family to go on a nice walk and the ponds were beautiful with the fall foliage. We’ll be coming back.

Spray paint and trash, the view isn't that bad if you climb.

Easy trail and clearly marked. I'm thinking this might be a good place to snowshoe in the winter!

Easy trail around the big with informative signs along the way. We saw some wildlife, turtles and squirrels, and the kids enjoyed learning more about the cranberry bogs.

Great trail....starts steep right off the bat. Have to cross the water a few times getting to the top. Great views of the upper falls. AT to Everett is steep but worth the hike. Ran / Hiked rt 41 to Everett and back in 2 1/2 hrs.

Great hike
Well marked trails

Just went here today and the trail looks great, but dogs are NOT allowed on this trail. They are only allowed on the beach in specific areas. . Also, the Crane Beach parking attendant charges you an extra $3 for bringing a dog. The beach was beautiful, but just a heads up if you were thinking about doing this trail with a dog.

Excellent Sunday hiking with no crowds.

Very beautiful reservoir! Lots of different trail options so you can really personalize how you want to hike. The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is that parking was tricky, some trails didn’t have the best markings and a big part of it was supposed to be off limits but it was really unclear where and those areas seemed to be just as crowded as everywhere else. But I absolutely want to go back and do more exploring, it was a truly beautiful area!

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