5 days ago

They do a really good job of hiding the parking for the trail head. I used the Bolton Trails Committee map (http://www.boltontrailscommittee.org/2-vaughn-hills.html). Most of the parking they refer to is clearly private property when you get there. There's a note buried in there about setting your GPS to 245 Vaughn Hill Rd. There's a beat up sign pointing you to the parking lot that's kind of difficult to see.

The positives are that the trail is pretty vacant, or at least it was when I was there. And the marsh is really cool. It's also a really easy hike with lots of tree cover.

The negatives are that the trails are all really poorly marked. There are blazes for a "Bolton Loop Trail" that isn't documented anywhere and it seemed like they kind of just gave up on the other trails after a few miles. Alltrails has this listed as 6.5 miles and there's no way I got to all of it because it was such a mess to navigate.