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Belchertown, Massachusetts Map
15 days ago

Nice trail! Beautiful views! Watch out for hunters

As a hike, this is very easy. Wide opened trail, all straight with no elevation. This would be a good trail for running or biking. The views are lovely though. With a waterfall towards the end and the river along side the trail the whole time. 4.7 miles total.

3 months ago

This trailhead can be accessed from Route 9 right before the Belchertown line. It’s a nice walk to the Windsor dam. Unfortunately, my app crashed and didn’t get the whole route. I went over the Windsor dam and took the ‘heart healthy’ trail at the end with the super squeaky gate. I then proceeded at the bottom of the dam on Power station road and then back to the bridge. I think overall it’s about 2 miles. It was hot but a really nice breeze came through as I was walking over the dam.

5 months ago

dog friendly. mostly sunny. easy pleasant walk.

well marked trail,a few soggy spots,bridges across wider waterways.

10 months ago

Easy to mildly moderate hiking trail. Lots of water and rocks in some areas. Trail goes through Mtn Laurel which should be beautiful when in bloom

Fri Sep 21 2018

The tranquility.

Thu Aug 02 2018

This is one of the most scenic trail in the Quabbin. The panoramic view from here is sure to delight. And if you got the legs for it, connect it to the Quabbin Hill trail and you'll get a good full day's workout.

Wed Jul 11 2018

had a beautiful kayack trip, although couldnt find a good place to swim. some areas had no swimming signs up.

Wed May 02 2018

I walked down the trail a little ways found a secret little path and went swimming. Water is very nice though somewhat shallow

Sat Mar 10 2018

Fun winter hike.

Fri Dec 01 2017

Love this trail for quick walk. Mostly flat and well traveled. Peaceful with nice view of river. Also when I measured it is actually 4.7 miles round trip not 3.7.

Thu Nov 02 2017

Actually it’s 4.7 miles in and out from parking lot to end and back. Very peaceful and scenic.

Tue Jul 18 2017

Other than a few people fishing, and had attitudes towards the kayakers, it was absolutely great. We go there early so we could get a good parking spot. Had an awesome time going upstream then down a ways. Crystal clear water. A lot of areas to explore. Not boring at all if you are with friends and family having a good relaxing time.....

Sun Jul 16 2017

not dog friendly, aside from that. flat and boring

Sat Jun 17 2017

Nice calm river to kayak, canoe on. Tomorrow we are going to try going toward the Quabbin as last time we went the opposite direction. Highly recommended

Wed Jun 07 2017

A pretty spot. Lots of nice little peninsulas to explore. A lot of history here walking along the old Rabbit train bed that went through the Quabbin towns to Orange. There are the ruins of the old Bondsville mills as well. An interesting walk, a good place to sneak a swim, though the water is freezing cold. A pretty old dam and waterfall.

Wed Jun 07 2017

I'm sorry, at the base of the hill turn right and go along the swamp, oops.

Sun May 21 2017

Had a great time kayaking the Swift River yesterday! Will definitely be going back. Great parking and bathroom to use before heading out.

Tue May 02 2017

No loop, areas of nasty water. Won't come here again!

not sure where the loop was. kept walking and coming to crossroads. looks like someone's fields. bird houses in fields.

Wed Dec 23 2015

Great for fresh water fishing.. Areas of strong current. My father and I used to wade out with our thigh high fishing boot amongst the boulders near the sides of part of this river..fell in a few times..lol..the fresh air,clear water& sounds of nature make this the perfect place to destress

paddle sports
Mon Aug 03 2015

Very pretty & peaceful. Great for kayaking or canoeing. A lot of shade. Definitely Bring bug-spray if you're there after sunset!

Wed Oct 15 2014

The freshest water in Western Mass! The Swift River is fantastic for kayaking. A gentle meandering river just as it comes out of the Quabbin Reservoir.

Sat Jun 07 2014

nice flat easy trail follows the river nicely like 3/4 the way down a guy has a sweet campsite with a cute sign trail runs next to a fish and game club for a while with other trails branching off into that so watch out

Wed Sep 11 2013

This was my Local Spot. Still is, but further upstream. Before an unfortunate accident we were able to jump off the damn and rope swing, but now it is all fenced in. The trail itself is flat and straight. When you get to the end though there is a place we use to call the Red Bridge, but if I'm not mistaken they eventually painted it green. You can jump off of it into the river. The water is as FRESH as can be flowing from the Quabbin Reservoir.

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