This is a really nice hike, that can possess muddy and wet areas after some rains. I rate the beginning section more on a moderate than easy, simply because of the steepness. It’s not a ridiculous haul, just an area that gives me a slower going - wouldn’t be as bad if in better shape. There are some small streams, lots of fungi, and plenty of friendly hikers along the trail. The trail is well marked and maintained.

The shelter area is worth the trip. If you traverse the trail during the busy season there will be folks hanging out at the shelter, some resting up while thru hiking. There are two docks, and a canoe down by the water - that possesses a wonderful view. While the body of water is listed as a pond, the size says more lake

While the hike description lists it as 3.4 miles up and back, from the Lee parking area to the shelter is 4.5 miles - worth the extra mile, in my view.