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12 days ago

I've been out in these woods since I was 11 years old, way before any of the trails were marked. So I thought it would be a great hike to do the loop w/ my 16 yr old son. It was early Nov and a really crisp, sunny day. It had rained heavy the week prior so there were lots of big puddles on the trail. We were having a great hike until we got to the far northwest part of the pond. Somewhere between W39 and E8 (park map) we hit a really swampy area. Around the whole northern tip of the pond the trails were completely flooded. We were literally up to our knees in water at one point and it looked as though if we continued it could actually get waist, even chest deep. We were about 2/3 of the way through the loop when we had to turn around. Will try to conquer again in the future.