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tough trail in winter, went south bound. would rather have gone northbound. creek near manor area was tricky to cross due to higher water levels. I'd say it was worth it if you want to knock out all the maryland backpacking trails
also, I used hiking upward's directions for this map
seems to be 27.9 miles according to them

Beautiful trail with two great waterfalls at either end. Great for all ages being just under a mile for the full loop. We hiked with lots of snow and it was a magnificent site.

Beautiful winter hike. We hiked early Saturday, just before the snow fell. It wasn’t too cold. It was a little muddy in some places but most of the mud froze over, so it made it easier to pass through. The trail isn’t marked very well when you get to the middle. But overall, it was a blast! Definitely recommend.

3 days ago

I love this little loop. It’s clean, quiet, peaceful. The path is mostly paved. The parking lot can come up quick on you but it does exists so just go slow and keep looking. I would call it a place to take a walk not a hike though.

Nice short trail, but definitely room to explore to make it longer if you wanted to. Loved the quickness today with snow still on the ground, but just needing to get out.

A very nice park with well maintained trails. It does get a bit muddy, but the views of the loch raven dam are very nice.

The area around the Bench gets incredibly confusing since the trails somewhat disappear and some lead onto private property.

Have always enjoyed this one with my family. Great for bikes.

Well marked trails. Orange trail has a bit of up and down through the forest and Red Trail is relatively flat. Bathrooms/Port-o-Potties at both ends of the Red Trail.

short trail but awesome quick workout.

1-6, The park is beautiful and worth a visit! This trail recording was a very random “loop.” Needed to consult to app on a few sections. Took us a little under 2 hours

Very good

5 days ago

Nice trail for entire family. Enjoyed the day. Review the turtle trail as it has the same starting point. Best I can figure you combine the two to get more bang for your trip.

Great short hike. I went in January. Lots of ice. I was fine in hiking boots. My pup loved it.

Accidentally took the blue trail and 6 miles became 11. Still a great hike on a well marked trail.

Decent winter hike.

It was quite a nice day out. - Cold but no wind blowing. - Quite a few people on the trails. - With the Grist Mill trail still being Closed I have mainly been HIKING the Howard County side of the park. - The only problem for me is that there is only a few entry points on this side. - I either go up and start by the Swinging Bridge or I start at the New Ridge trail extension. - The Valley View trail is super nice this time of year because you can now see the Valley as you go up. - The Ridge trail is straight over the top but the Valley View raps around the outer edge of some rocky outcroppings..

6 days ago

Did this trail on 12/30/2018 and it was a really nice trail. Well marked, a bit muddy in spots but completely manageable. The uphill was gentle and the view at the top was beautiful. Perfect for a nice group outing on a beautiful day. I wouldn't call it "challenging" (barely moderate?) but it's got enough uphill that people with knee issues may have trouble.

Is such a beautiful place, I recommend this if you like natural trails. This place is a dog friendly, horse friendly. The trails might be a little confusing , so I’ll recommend take a picture of the map or take your phone with you in case you get a little lost. Love this place.

horseback riding
6 days ago

I live here so I go horse back riding and hiking back there all the time. Beautiful to be so far away from roads. I will warn people that lots of people get lost. The trails are not marked well and there are lots of little side trails as it was logged at one time. Lots of nature and the power line while man made is still amazing it goes on forever it seems.

6 days ago

Definitely cold in the tunnel and some beautiful bats! Waterfalls on other side of tunnel were very nice. Definitely take a flash light as it was very wet and muddy with all the rain we are having.

Super easy hike! Beautiful!

6 days ago

Beautiful Beautiful Place. The power of the water is amazing. Multiple places for nice pictures.

Beautiful trail, even on a muddy winter day, with several pretty features like a river, waterfall, and winding paths with some light scrabbling over streams.

I hike this area mainly in the winter. - Most of the time I come here it's always muddy in many sections. - With the temperatures in the 30's and the ground basically freezing mud is no problem. - I didn't see anyone around but It was very windy out. - This is quite an easy area to hike or bike because its all basically flat. - I parked out on Landing Rd. today and hiked in. - During the summer you may want to park within the Sport Complex. One of the main trail heads is at the very end of the Sport Complex road.

A nice hike along the water. A few inclines but a fairly easy hike. Beautiful views at the lighthouse and inside of it.

Great and fun hike. Has a gorgeous view

This is my second favorite park to hike or bike in. - Well very maintained Park. - .All the trails are Flat. - There is Beavers and Birds in the Marsh area and Deer within other sections of the woods.- Being down by the waterfront be sure to bundle up if it's windy out. - Always colder by the water. - You can park in two locations and there is two Spot-A-Pots. - Yes, for most of us, it is across the Key Bridge and you have the add that cost but I truly recommend you checking it out at least once. - Super easy hiking for the kids too.

Great hike. It was very windy.

8 days ago

The family and I love the time we spend here

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