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11 hours ago

I love this little loop. It’s clean, quiet, peaceful. The path is mostly paved. The parking lot can come up quick on you but it does exists so just go slow and keep looking. I would call it a place to take a walk not a hike though.

Have always enjoyed this one with my family. Great for bikes.

Super easy hike! Beautiful!

Nice point to point 10 mile leg for BSA Scouts

Good for a walk. Wide path for most of the way. Didn’t walk the whole thing in this activity. Lots and lots of people.

Did this trail with my son in August 2016. Very easy trail clearly marked with lots of traffic, slightly hilly but very gentle. Beautiful area tree covered and follows a steam from the falls. Unfortunately it was very dry that summer so not much water was coming off the falls. So much so that idiots were climbing all the way to the top ruining the view. There’s always one I guess. Fully intend on going back soon.

Nice afternoon walk.

16 days ago

Urban magic

road biking
17 days ago

Nice to experience but would only recommend for walking. This was listed as a road biking destination but even with a young child this is way too abbreviated on a bike. If you are in the area it would make for a nice level stroll along the creek.

Wow, It feels like summer again. - With all the rain from yesterday I decided to stay off the hiking trails and do a bit of biking. - The paved B&A and the BWI trails were nice and dry. No mud to deal with today. - With nice weather and it being a weekend the trails were quite crowded. - Very enjoyable day. - With it getting dark earlier and the county parks closing sooner, we park the car at places like L.A. Fitness, Marley Mall and behind Bruster's Ice Cream for the B&A trail. - We park at Lindale Middle School when biking the BWI trail.

Visit here from Georgia twice a year and always walk this. It is pretty, often quiet and good for reflection!

1 month ago

Decent place to walk.

Very nice hike in a well maintainted park!

Nice paved loop with unpaved side trails that are worth exploring. Pick up a map showing all the smaller trails at the park office. Best to park at the last lot past the athletic fields, first left and go to the end.

This is a beautiful paved trail with tons of geese, occasion heron, pretty wildflowers, and foliage. The trail is ideal for walking, running or birding. Occasionally people bike, but it is a narrow path with high sharp edges so biking can be dicey. It is beautiful year round. In the summer it can get swarms of gnats and mosquitos. There are some hills.

The weather people were calling for rain today so we got a early start. - This area is one of my favorites because I grew up here on a 84 acre farm. - During the 40's, there was an amusement park here and my Dad helped out as a pin-setter setting bowling pins by hand. - Much of the park area is being re-discovered. - The wife and I enjoy hiking or biking this area because it all flat. - Basically Sea level. - It's a great section to learn mountain biking because of the easy earthen trails.- Today we brought our two beagles. Great area for older dogs. - I also have 4 mile loops of this park listed under North Point State Park.

This place is a very clean and well maintained area. The location is dog friendly, stroller friendly and if you have little ones you can take the kids to the playground or the farm section to see all the animals. I generally HIKE the main loop, which is about 3 miles. The area is basically flat and paved. There is also a few natural earthen trails around the inside of the main loop. ( Save Your Money ), I recommend you parking at the Sports Complex because you don't have to pay to go in the park. For some reason A.A. County charges a fee to all parks. The wind continues to blow but the sun did warm it up a bit. I also bike the B&A trail and always cruise thru this area.

Goats, cows, and people walking dogs line the path. Perfect for a leisurely stroll on a nice Fall or Spring day.

This is a relatively flat and well-maintained paved trail that is suitable for all ages. The trail has several boardwalks that cross over multiple streams and creeks, offering beautiful views of the Chester river. Towards the Kent Narrows trailhead, the trail brings you though a dense pine tree forest that fills the air with the fresh sent of pine. My family and I have been riding this trail for many years and make it a point each season to pick up the fallen pine cones to make homemade Christmas decorations and bird feeders. Towards the Terrapin Park side of the trailhead, the trail brings you through Love Point Park where there are restrooms and water stations. This is also a great spot to give younger riders a chance to play on the swings and slides. Parking is available in Terrapin Park at this end of the trailhead, and at Kent Narrows Center towards the Kent Narrows trailhead. If you’re adventurous (and have a mountain bike), you can follow the trail though the crushed oyster shell trails in Terrapin Park, which will lead you to a spectacular view of the Chesapeake Bay and the Bay Bridge. Note that this part of the tail is not paved and not suitable for road bikes.

Took a group of tiger cubs up and back. Worked well for the kids and parents. Very easy hike with a nice reward for the kids.

2 months ago

Well maintained, quiet, pretty, paved, and not very populated! You can continue south past the official end to Two Rivers/new community being built up for a longer route.

road biking
2 months ago

What an amazing trail! Even in late fall, the leaves were vibrant with color. The trail was clear with very few tree root induced bumps. Despite not stopping, the town of Hancock seemed very charming and will certainly be a destination in coming trips. There were signs along the trail welcoming bikers, and the C&O bike shop was well placed. Speaking of the C&O, the trail was visible throughout the ride, lending to a sense of wonder while imagining the barges floating past the locks. I highly recommend the WMRT trail. It has become my extended “go to” for a relaxing ride to melt away the stress of life

Normally love this trail but it’s closed right now

Construction is completed, one solid loop around the lake.

Easy, paved for a good walk/run. Full sun and great views of the quarry.

2 months ago

Nice little walk.

I enjoyed this trail. Because of needing a knee replacement, this trail was more challenging for me than it would be for others.

Fun ride, train up, bike down

road biking
3 months ago

Wonderful bike trail and beautiful scenery! It's good to bring bug spray. On the hotter days, as soon as you stop to take a rest, the nats start attacking.

The wife and I had a beautiful evening HIKING the 4 mile perimeter trail. - We got a special treat and saw a red fox. - It was a bit humid so I guess the deer were in the thick. - The main outer trails is paved and there are a few inner trails that are natural dirt. - Due to all the rain, many sections of the woods were flooded so you may want to stay on the blacktop trails.- Great place for the kids.- Playground or biking short loops. - Fishing pier too. - Picnic tables all around the place or just sit on the hill and look at the bay.

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