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The northwest trail is nice and well indicated. However the trail on the other side of the creek is more challenging. The blue markers are not consistent throughout the trails and sometime the grass is overgrown and it’s hard to know which way to go. Also you have to go over huge logs to cross the creek at several points. But overall still a pleasant walk near the water.

Beautiful overlook in November. Muddy in sections. Well marked

With limited time I was able to get in a small hike. The Bloede Dam is basically gone and they are now grading the hill where the Grist Mill trail will reconnect. Even with the recent rainstorms the upper trails were dry. I didn't see a sole on trail today but I did see a few people at the Cascade Falls. Even the little cascading falls up stream had plenty of water flowing over it. This is a great loop when you are pressed for time and it's very easy to enlarge by going to the second connector loop.

Ran it in the rain to the Md/Pa line had a blast. Thunder rolling through the valley. Getting above the rain clouds. It was slow going up and a bit faster coming down. Hiking or running it is worth the journey.

Backpacked this section last weekend. It was very rocky, muddy and there were lots of leaves on the ground which can hide some hazards and make your footing less stable. We had to detour at a water crossing which added almost a mile to our hike. This section has a couple significant inclines and declines also.

3 days ago

Nice trail. We didn’t think we would hike the entire length of the trail but we made it! It was beautiful and quiet though muddy in spots. There were lots of roots, too. The trail was well marked and fairly well maintained.
Most of the bicyclists were pleasant but one apparently thought he owned the trail. He really startled me. Thankfully, I was able to get out of his way in time.
Autumn seems to be a good time to hike this trail as there were no bugs and the temperature was perfect. I agree with the reviewer who suggested the addition of a few benches. We would’ve welcomed those!

This trail might be nicer than what I saw today, which was nice but not too close to the water. I went along the southern half (partly along access road) but found that there was no passage over the river at the “v” - either the river was quite high or the stones have been moved. Will have to go back to check out north half of the loop.

somewhat muddy. decent trail system

Great trail for Scouts of any skill level. Sign on Red trail says "Extremely Difficult". It's not.

It was quite a nice day out and there were many people on the trails. With the Grist Mill trail still being Closed I have mainly been HIKING the Howard County side of the park. The only problem for me is that there is only a few entry points on this side. I either go up and start by the Swinging Bridge or I start at the New Ridge trail extension. The old Ridge ( Waterbars ) trail-head is in ruff condition and is very hard to read with all the leaves on the trail. It's always wet and very rocky. The Valley View trail is super nice this time of year because you can now see the Valley as you go up. The Ridge trail is straight over the top but the Valley View raps around the outer edge of the hills.

4 days ago

Okay trail overall. Not my favorite at Liberty (so far I like Coot Peninsula and Middle Run best), but I can see going back when I want more of a stroll in the woods since it’s mostly flat.

Pros: not many people on the trail (at least not on a Sunday in mid November).

Cons: muddy (I can see this getting really muddy in winter or rainy weather since it looks like the trees shade the trail year round), overgrown in many places (even in late fall all but the part of the trail that goes left/east still had thorns, grasses, etc on the trail), trees fallen on the trail (most bad parts had sections to go around them but are probably overgrown in warmer months), not much sight of the reservoir, the end points in the water’s edge aren’t very open so you don’t get great views of it.

One of the best trails for the Gunpowder area. Open views. Many extra little paths. Gradual inclines but mostly flat. Not boring scenery.

It is what the name says.. a pleasant easy hike.

nature trips
4 days ago

Stunning fall foliage and brookside hike. Only downside: inadequate signage, especially including indicators of which way takes you back to the parking lot.

Absolutely beautiful trail! When I hiked it yesterday there were two places where large trees blocked the trail, and three instances of substantial flooding (one almost impassible). Probably just seasonal, but be prepared if you’re planning on this hike soon. Otherwise a great time!

One of my all time favorite hikes!

Was a well maintained trail with beautiful scenery but as others have said you could hear RT 70 noise for a portion of it.


Returned to the LR course I last ran on July 11th this year. What a revelation! It’s the exact same course I did in mid-summer with vastly different terrain in mid-fall. The run was slowed down due to blowdown, marshes and slip pits from rains the last 2 days, fallen leaves everywhere (more slips), hidden rocks, branches and other obstacles that you cannot see due to the fallen leaves (trip harzards), briars and pointy branches lining the trail that you now encounter due to midline marshes and slip pits, twigs everywhere — really, this was a much different run than in summer. Nonetheless, it is still a great 4-mile course! Managed to get in two out-n-backs for 8.4 miles total. Had two big slip-n-falls while trying to ante up on speed over unseen mud slicks. Walking around the deep marshes was also a challenge. Be prepared to get muddy when the trail is like this, from the shoes up. Still a great outing and I look forward to returning. My recording is posted.

Completed: 10 November 2018

Fun trail and beautiful views!

DONT LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR!! We parked in the rt 273 parking lot and completed the whole loop around 5.8 miles. As we were finishing up the credit card company was calling about a $1,500 and $2,000 dollar purchase that was trying to be made... sure enough when we got back to the car $250 cash and credit/debit cards were stolen. The police and park rangers came and said car burglaries have been happening more frequently around there. My car was locked and they either pried the driver door open or the ranger said they have been getting in with somehow tripping the electric. the trail itself was a little muddy but a nice mixture of fields, woods and water.

Great trail, part of it isn’t marked but it all worked out well. Took kids and dogs. Will return for sure!

Nice walk on a beautiful day. Spots on the trail are muddy but there has been lots of rain lately. Fairly steep uphill but worth doing for the view.

Pretty nice hike. Lots of varying terrain including a manmade waterfall surrounded by thick, lush vegetation. Would do it again.

Arrived at 11:30am on Saturday, Nov. 3rd. If I didn't have handicapped tags on my car, I would not have gotten a parking space. In spite of the chilly, windy weather, the lot was full and the trail was very busy. Being 58 y.o. and disabled, it was a long, slow hike for me. But so worth the view from Annapolis Rock!

Pretty enjoyable hike, rocky and narrow trail terrain. No mentionable views or overlooks.

Basically hiked through a wide field road most of the time. The riverside hike was short. No views or overlooks. Not much excitement.


10 days ago

This was the last trail on our three day Hop-Scotch Fall Trip. We spent two days hiking parts of the Appalachian trails in the Shenandoah National Park along Skyline Drive. We spent our last night near Harpers Ferry on our way home. This has always been my favorite climb and as a senior the natural stone switchbacks make to much easier for us old farts. This is the first time we did it in the Fall. It's always crowded on the weekends but who's in a hurry. Take your time and enjoy nature. We always park on the lot at Weverton Cliff Rd.

11 days ago

It’s a very short trail, if you walk the left lower dirt trail, it gets muddy (along the river) but it was maybe 20 minutes and the view was lovely, the sound of the dam was awesome.

11 days ago

Moderate trail with an amazing view! Loved it

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