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great trail, a bit rocky but me and the Roscoe had a ball !!!!

I traveled this Aug 4th, 2018. Bring bug spray, Mosquito's were moderately bad. Trail was outlined with an obviously cleared foot/bike path and the only confusing part was a fork for blue and red. The red had a big tree across it but seemed to be in the direction I wanted to took that route, it ended up being correct. Lots of little side trails to go down to the water. Only a couple other hikers, mostly secluded, ends at a peninsula on the river. Decent hills but nothing crazy.

21 hours ago

Great trail! Lots of off shot paths up to the ruins of the town for more of a challenge or down to the river for some peace. Bring bug spray! We were eaten up by bugs by the damn!!

I love this trail but it’s best during the week because the weekend can be too busy. Great for dogs, I have 2 and 99% of people with dogs on trail are dog friendly

Poorly marked. No distance information. No maps even though trail is $5 out of state. Don't veer off the marked trail....EVER...very difficult to find your way back to the main trail. Will pass coming back here.

2 days ago

Nice cool breeze this evening. I started at the NEW trail (Ridge Extension) across the road from the Playground parking lot. The trail was recently completed. The old way up was the Ridge (Waterbars) trail that is always washed out, rocky and tons of roots. I hiked the Ridge trail up to the shelter bench then came down an old trail to River road, then hiked back. This loop can be hiked in different directions. You could also hike the Valley View because it heads the same way. It's nicer in the winter because of the views. Many biker and hiker on trail this evening. Less of a crowd weekdays and evenings.

Awesome trail close by with many different types of scenery. Loved it!

Loved it!

love the views and cliffs. much wild life

nice, easy hike. poorly marked in places. recommend downloading the map.

road biking
4 days ago

With rain all yesterday evening I stayed off the muddy trails. Today, I did a little biking around the park roads. Once a month I go up and check on the Bloede Dam removal project. Today, they we jack-hammering the concrete to remove the fish ladders. The dam is scheduled to be removed this September. The Grist Mill trail is CLOSED and will be for the rest of this year. You can now walk on the Swinging Bridge and look at the river but it's CLOSED on the Baltimore County side. The DNR has now created a wooden door on the opposite side of the bridge.

Great hike on a short loop. I went right first to Tolliver falls which is small but has a little beach and pool area if u want to cool off. Then upper falls that you can go on and has a nice vista view down river and a little down the river a nice view back upstream at it. Lower falls after that then nice rocky hike to muddy creek falls the biggest of the group.

Amazing views . Parts are challenging especially to beginners . But awesome landscapes

It was a nice trail and puppy had access to water at the halfway point. Was a little bummed that it didn't have better views.

So right off the batnn the trail isn't marked well. The sign that leads into the trail, which says nothing about it actually being the trail, has a wasp nest in it. There is no sign telling you which way the trail goes, so I went to the right. Bad move, because the trail ended after a minute of running. What's even more fun, there was a nasty wasp nest hiding in the bushes, and one managed to sting me right in the neck. This trail needs to at least be marjed better, and having two wasp nests is kind of frustrating. So... at least until I come back and go the other way, this trail is not recommended. If you do go on it, watch out for the wasps.

Nice area, good for one hour hike, part of it can be muddy right after rain.

The Santee Branch trail is a very well maintained trail which is great for Trail running, Hiking or Biking, This trail was considered as the main thru trail of the Patapsco Valley State Park. The trail is blazed in ( WHITE ) just like the Appalachian Trail (AT). There are multiple access points to this long trail. At this time, all trails breaking off of the main Santee Branch trail leading to the Grist Mill Trail are CLOSED so you can't do a loop.
The Original thru trail is 22 miles long one way. This section of the trail can be accessed from Glen Artney by the fire road or from Bull Run, The College loop, Hilton Park area. and at the top of the Hilltop parking lot. The section north of S. Hilltop Rd. is not well maintained as the lower section.

Great...I'd definitely do it again.

rock climbing
9 days ago

i grew up right down the road from this trail and now even living away when i go home i always get up there when i can, gorgeous views, rock climbing if you want a challenge or a walkway if you’d rather not, and if you’re not afraid of heights you can get right up to the edge of the pointed tip of the cliff

Not a big fan of this one. This felt like a long walk in the woods. The woods are beautiful, but there is no “real” overlook. I did not get the sense of a “summit”. Lastly, Cunningham Falls was a little disappointing. I expected more. Plus, the fact that the falls is not technically part of the hike(it has its own parking lot) took away some of the experience to me.


scenic. Us and dogs enjoyed. will return

11 days ago

Great hike thru then tunnel and back over the Tunnel Hill Trail. The Tunnel Hill Trail is like nature trail with signs to read about the area.

11 days ago

Path had been flooded and nothing was really marked so I basically just stumbled around the woods for two hours and then got stung by a bee. That being said, the moss and ferns are gorgeous and I did see a cool purple mushroom.

11 days ago

To enjoy a loop instead of just going thru the Tunnel and back be sure to take the Tunnel Hill Trail back. It's a bit of a climb but you get the views. The complete loop was quite easy except for the one climb up to the top. My high school classmate of 1972, (46 years ago) lives at the intersection of Malcolm Rd. and the Tunnel Hill Rd. He owns 16 acres of land on both sides of the road. He built the Tunnel Sign on that corner because people were missing the tunnel location. When I visit him I always hike here and spend a whole day before drive back to Ellicott City. ** At least it wasn't flooded there **

This trail is currently closed until further notice.

12 days ago

Awesome trail. One of, if not the most beautiful trails we’ve hike on the east coast. And we’ve hiked a lot. Similar to Otter Creek, but not as remote. We only passed two or three small groups. Lots of water crossings, but that was fun. We’re glad the trail isn’t more “domesticated.” Better maintained. As it is It gave us much more of a true nature experience. We saw a mother bear and her cub. We saluted and kept going. Fast.

We had allotted 4 hours and due to all the stream crossings we were behind by about 45 minutes so we decided to hike to the end on the trail and then back to parking via the gravel road. The long uphill hike took about 1-1/2 hours. We arrived precisely 4 hours after our start. If you can’t do the whole trail, at least drive down the road to near the end to some pullouts. The most awesome falls are down there. Loved it and we’ll return.

12 days ago

As of today Trails A and B are closed but the trail to Great Falls overlook is great. It’s flat, smooth, small pebbles; easy for walking or biking. The overlook is incredible.

trail out about a mile in due to the rains, blew out a culvert

12 days ago

First time hiking the trail, will definitely do this again

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