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I want to do this hike with my friend, but we will need 2 cars. One at each end because we plan on doing the whole hike one way. Where do you park at on the southern end?

Nice trail, very flat and wide with gravel. Great path for a jogger stroller and kids.

This trail is wonderful for bird watching and views of the water. The main oath offers numerous water access points where you can spot herons, hawks, and eagles. Black vultures have become quite populated in this area and their numbers can be overwhelming!

1 month ago

I nice walk. We take the grandson and our Golden Retriever as often as possible. The side trails are nice as well if you don't have small children with you.
Question - description above says the trail is 1.25 miles long but the out and back is 3.4 miles. I am an old guy and probably just don't understand new math but this just doesn't add up?? Does anyone know how long the trail is??

Nice ride, but can be crowded.

A nice walking trail if you want to get out for a stroll

Great trail from dam parking lot to Stafford, very flat and wide along the river. A nice smaller trail branches off down to the train bridge. Great mountain biking. I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of the trails.

Flat terrain beautiful scenery light bike traffic.

Great fall day of hiking on our way to the camp area.

It's a gem off the beaten path. I found it on accident while exploring old town Ellicott City. It was raining and still a pleasant hike thanks to the tree cover. Turns out a friend's parents live right off the trail and they recommended checking it out in the fall.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Relaxing and easy stroll along tow path between the Potomac River and C&O canal.

I'd say this is easy not moderate. User footwear of choice seems to be sneakers. Trail is wide, flat, topped with gravel. Parking is across the bridge on the other side of the road where folks are putting into the water.

Many pauses and re-starts on this trek. On today, August 21, 2017, there was a rare total solar eclipse of the sun, and I paused several time to look at sun. I hiked the B n' A segment that features the "Planet Walk" exhibits of our solar system (see uploaded pics and map). I decided on this trail today in observance of the solar eclipse taking place while I was on my trek. Reviewing data about the solar system is a great way to observe the eclipse while it is in progress because it is relative to the event. So, this is where I was during the eclipse. Anyway, aside from this special occasion, its a great trail on any day. 5 Stars!

road biking
6 months ago

Love this trail! Wish the tree huggers that determined the endangered bats would be bothered by humans and cyclists in the tunnel would have fallen in the Potomac so the trail could have been finished.

7 months ago

Nice trail once you find it since the trailhead is not well marked. Need to go up staircase from parking lot off Ouella Ave.

Wide, multi purpose trail that offers trekkers, great scenery and sights of the Susquehanna River.

Great day on the trail. Our first time. Attended church at Sherwood Episcopal Church @ 10 am and then went biking. Trail is well shaded, flat with beautiful scenery and there was a mixture of walkers, runners and bikers. Everyone polite and had good trail etiquette!

5-miler @ 4.2mph speed. Two tiny jogs at road crossings, otherwise all hiking. Took 3 pics: one at the beginning (public parking), one at the 2.5-mile turnaround, and at the end (Calypso). Smooth summer night hike!

Wanted to finish hiking this super-low elevation trail at 4.0 mph or faster. This is an excellent, well-paved, easy trail for many activities -- walking, hiking, running, biking, rollerblading and skating, bird watching, the list goes on and on. Although usually populated, this trail's environment offers enough individuality, tranquility, and inner peace to allow one to not mind the crowd. I will be visiting this trail frequently.

I actually hiked 3.5-3.6 miles because my out-n-back turn-around point was at 1.75-1.8 miles -- so, about 0.2 miles was unrecorded. I was trekking along nicely when I looked and my recorded track was stopped. I'm not sure why it stops sometimes. Perhaps toggling back and forth between apps (which is what I was doing, listening to music while hiking) is a cue to stop recording the track. I was consistently checking, so I missed only 2/10 of a mile's worth of data.

I'm happy with this hike. My challenge for this trail is to finish 2.5 hours of hiking at 4.0 mph or better, with absolutely no running (5-mile turn-around point in 75 minutes). This is easier said than done for many.

Nice, quiet trail. Beautiful area! For the most part it's shaded. The occasional sun spots end up feeling great. This stop has a bathroom too!

Always crowded on weekends, but is the safest for family biking.

Super easy walking trail....nice and shaded.

8 months ago

Short walk.

nice trail to run or ride a bike

road biking
9 months ago

This trail was awesome! It is paved, flat, shaded, and scenic. As a beginning cyclist you couldn't ask for more! I drove 1 1/2 hours to get here, and it was worth it! There seemed to be an unpaved mountain bike trail on the other side, if you prefer that. Some enterprising soul was selling cold water by the side of the trail. There was a farmhouse along a bit of the trail around mile marker 16. There was a cooler and honor jar on a table by the side 9f the trail. Bathrooms few and far between. I used a port-a-potty in the parking area at the end of the trail, around mile marker 21.

This bike trail has spoiled me for the rest of my life.

mountain biking
10 months ago

great trail to build up endurance; would have used a road bike instead of a mountain bike

11 months ago

Nice scenic walk through the woods. Will definitely be doing this one more.

11 months ago

The Trolly Trail is a nearly straight, paved path and that's about a mile and a half one way. It's pretty underwhelming. Basically just a stretch of bike path. But, protip if you're hoping for a little adventure: stay off the path. Hike through the riverbed instead. You'll come across all kinds of interesting stuff. It's all traversable, with a little rock hopping and and some climbing. And in the spots where the riverbed diverges from the path--which happens a lot--you'll see some of the most beautiful and interesting formations. Definitely recommended for the riverbed adventure, not so much for the bike path.

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