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Great trial and easy to add to others! Dogs ARE allowed here and there are a lot of them! People are stupid in letting them off leash because it’s gonna ruin it for the rest of us good dog people. This is also a fun trail run location.

Perfect hike for the day. A very busy route so close to Washington, DC.

1 month ago

fantastic hike. well marked. lots of side trail options. the fam and I tromped around for about 5 hours. while there were other hikers on the way, most of the day hikers hike along over to the falls then along the C&O Canal towpath. I've never seen so many old oak trees in one area before. really had a great hike.

Really cool trail from the Maryland side when you do trail C/B And gets you to the other side of the VA overlooks. Great views and can sometimes be crowded if you don’t go early

It was a nice walk but the trail needs to be groomed up a bit.

Nice, short trail in the area. Close to river with fun rock scrambles throughout. Lots of wildlife in spring: saw snakes, frogs, turtles, and other awesome animals on trail.

2 months ago

Loved this hike. It’s pretty flat along the canal side, then more climbing and descents on inland side. I did a double loop to increase the distance. First went clockwise around the loop, then went back counter-clockwise. That’s a good way to go bc then you maximize the climbing in the middle, with good warm up and warm down at start and finish on the flats. Lots of stream crossings. Well marked. Lovely trail. With double loop it’s 4 Miles.

Wonderful forest walk. Very zen. Beautiful green forest carpet, not a lot of bushes. Terrain is on the easy side but it’s a totally enjoyable walk. Agree with another reviewer that it would be great for trail running. Easy to add additional loops for more distance (such as overlook trail).

2 months ago

It’s a great trail but I won’t categorize it as easy. There is a 50 feet cliff on this trail so be prepared for that. A lot of basis level bouldering involved

2 months ago

Great beginner trail.

Ended up just doing this section of the trail since a was closed due to flooding. It was wonderful, the kids had a blast, just wish I would have brought the dog. We left her at home since she isn't allowed on the A trail. My 5 year old and 12 year old loved the rock scrambles so much and the views were amazing. We will be back for sure to do the whole thing!

3 months ago

Non-strenuous walk, fantastic views on the bridges of the falls and awesome locks. Fun place for a walk or passthrough hike/ride. Love coming here. Great walks, and fantastic views of the Potomac. A few nice lookout points, and great spots for some scrambling and bouldering rocks. Tons of parking, bathrooms and concession staff during peak times, and fun for people of all ages. There is a small fee to get in but well worth. Can get busy during the summer. It not so much at other times...

We took our 3 boys ages 10-14 and our dog for a Spring Break hike on section B and had a blast! Just enough rock climbing fun but not too hard for the kids, a mellow stream crossing, and great views of the river. Saw several birds including a blue heron and a woodpecker. It took less than 2 hours.

4 months ago

Went here for a hike with my husband and even though part of the trail was closed due to flooding it was a nice hike.

Juno the Golden Retriever loved the trail. Nice ups and downs, nothing too strenuous and for kids (and kids at heart) there is a Gold Mine to see from the outside. if you are hiking with little folk, turn left at the loop, the gold mine is closer that way.

we did the whole loop. Beautiful Forrest and ridges.

Some nice views of the Potomac. Watched a few kayakers doing their thing. Section A was unfortunately closed due to flooding, so section B was the backup hike. Only bumped into 2 other people on the trail. Saw a good number of deer on the towpath back to Anglers.

4 months ago

nice hike lots of rock not that difficult about a hour and a half hike

Took some friends and my four kids on this hike in January on a warmer day. Such a great hike and not terribly difficult for the kids. Lots of people! My 8, 7, and 5 year olds loved going ahead with the friends and climbing over the multiple rocky areas while they waited on Mommy and 2 1/2 year old brother to catch up. We did the rocky part of the trail first since we had more energy, which was a great decision because it flattened out at the end and was good for the kids to just run. A little muddy at some points in mid January but the kids loved that. The little boy loved “climbing” over all the rocks along the trail.

Beautiful views but very difficult. It was crowded today which was fun but did slow things down. Surprised to see small children.

Great trail . enjoy the rock

on Billy Goat Loop Trail

8 months ago

More hiking than I expected. Way harder than I thought.

Best Trail around

Nice walk along the Potomac. Northern end starts along cliffs similar to upper Billy Goat Trail sections, where many people were rock climbing. As the topography flattens out, there are many places where you can leave the trail and walk along the water's edge. You can do an out and back, or complete a loop by walking along the C&O Canal Towpath back to your starting point.

Quiet and cool beneath the canopy...

All of my friends rave about how amazing this trail is -- they weren't wrong! If you love rock climbing this is for sure the place. Follow the blue lines and you're set!

Nice short hike along the river, listening to the rushing water most of the way. Very busy and parking (Anglers) can be really difficult. I'd consider this just barely moderate - there are a couple short rock scrambles but most is path with very little elevation gain. The Billy Goat Trail B is actually not a loop - it's an out and back trail but people generally take the towpath back, creating the loop. Actual trail is only 1.4 miles.

11 months ago

it should be noted that this "easy" version of this trail is not shown on the map that you download from AllTrails, and the main photo above is also not part of this hike. If you enter at Anglers and cross the bridge to the towpath, Billy Goat A is to the right (the entrance to this trail is on the right in the main photo)...this trail is pretty difficult and comes with lots of warnings. The actual easy trail (Billy Goat B) is to the left after you cross the bridge at Anglers.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

simple and easy loop - pretty much gets repetitive after coming here so many times...now its just super crowded and not as fun as it used to be as the trails seem to be getting worn down

Friday, June 23, 2017

Apparently someone uploaded photos of the falls under this trail. This trail does not cross the canal so you are near the river. overall not a bad hike.

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