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The wife and I enjoy this place very much so. We walked the complete outside Perimeter. It's all paved in blacktop and easy on the feet. No hills and that's great if you are deal with IT band issues. With the trees being so bare we saw a few deer. The wife was so busy talking they heard us coming and ran. When I come here by myself I have nearly tripped over the deer. They never even run away. We saw squirrels running around the whole time. It was very breezy out and a bit colder on the waterfront.

I want to do this hike with my friend, but we will need 2 cars. One at each end because we plan on doing the whole hike one way. Where do you park at on the southern end?

we only walked half yesterday, but will go back and finish the rest. I love walking and biking the C&O and plan on doing all of the C&O before the summer is out. Very easy walking, very clean trail, beautiful view of the river and the canal.

Great hike with beautiful scenery and nice trails

Section hike Montevideo Rd to Old River Road.
Nice Parking lot at the Montevideo Trail head. Shoulder parking at Old River Road. Also there is no signage at Old River Road (Trail starts across a bridge). Trail is marked with orange blazes. Hike is high along the ridge and never really gets down to creek.

I hike this area 3 to 4 days a week. I spend a lot of my time teaching people I meet the trail system here. The Cascade Falls Trail was super crowded. The park had tons of bikers and hikers. Remember to share the trail. ( Beware ) There are many down trees due to the recent 2 days of wind storms. With me still dealing with Planter Fascia IT band issues I have been limiting my distance to around 3 miles and I am no longer moving at 3 MPH. I have been taking it slow. ( Notice ) I created a map a few years ago of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy. It can be printed at 2 foot by 2 foot.

Well marked trails. Good parking. No bathrooms.

Nice trail, very flat and wide with gravel. Great path for a jogger stroller and kids.

Fairly easy hike. Only thing I could imagine making it a “moderate” hike would be the distance. Also found a very friendly black male kitty about a 1.5 miles in.

Quiet on a weekday midday. Nice people, nice dogs, but only a few. Silence, no wind, no birds, no squirrels, but strong sunshine. Easy trail.

Once again we continue to deal with all the rain in Baltimore. This old senior is Thankful that it's not been snow. As many of you know, I am a weekly hiker and after being trapped in the house for days I am ready to hit the trails. I mostly enjoy the earthen trails but after all this rain I recommend hiking the Blacktop. The River Rd. and Grist Mill is one of my backups after a lot of rain. The higher trails do dry out first but getting to them means hiking in the mud. Be kind to nature and give them a few days to dry out. Plus it's safer mainly if you have stream crossing. It's no fun falling in the Mud or water this time of year. Need information regarding Patapsco Valley State Park or a map I created of all the trails at Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop, Glen Artney and Rockburn. Contact me. baltoken@yahoo.com

A rambling review: one of my favorite places to go for a hike. I know the trails pretty well and they are well-marked. As usual, people allowing their dogs to crap in the middle of the trails and walk off-leash is annoying, but the place is still nice. Geese are numerous too (goose poop near the old airfield is everywhere), and in places hikers have to watch their footing thanks to excessive trail damage from horses and mountain bikes. Campsites are nice with clean bathrooms. Beautiful views from the various overlooks near the river. Combining several trails can get you 10 or more miles of hiking, with lots of options for shorter hikes.

Even after a rainy day it’s still a great place to hike. Just wear boots!

Slightly muddy when I went but great park. I wish I brought my mountain bike for this trail. Definitely worth the trip from Richmond.

Geat trail, long enough to get the blood moving but easy enough to take you dogs as well

For the most part I love this trail, very scenic and the cemetery is cool. The first few times I got pretty lost though, especially before I had this app. Trails generally aren't blazed. I take my dog, but if you do PLEASE be wary.. I've encountered aggressive off-leash dogs and even one man with 7 or 8 dogs, 4 off leash.

Wow, 80 degrees today and it still February. The wife decided to take a hike with me so we brought the dogs with us. Because one of our two Beagles is 12 years old we didn't want to over do it so I planned out a small 2 mile loop. Kind-a glad I did because like a dummy I had on a cotton tee shirt. Cotton makes you sweat in the summer and boy did it feel like that. The park was super crowded with other people walking their dogs. Only restroom on this loop is a Spot-A-Pot by the Lost Lake Pond. I basically live in the park and hiked over 400 miles last year. I created a map a few years ago of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy.

Fascination of February, In Feb. 2010 we had two back to back blizzards. This Year has been totally different but it has indeed been muddy. We got 3 inches of rain on the 13th. & 14th. On Feb. 15, it was 60 degrees out and I was hiking in mud. Feb. 18, I was hiking in snow but it melted the same day so it was muddy again. Today, It was 76 Degrees and they are calling for the same tomorrow. The side trails were muddy so I decided to stay on the Blacktop Grist Mill trail. I wanted to go and check on the progress of the dam project. The park was fairly crowded and people were in good spirits due to the warm temperatures. Please note: Restroom at Playground are closed but there are Spot-A-Pots in place. Water Fountains are turned off. There is one down tree in the middle of the Trail.

This trail takes you around the old mill and by the Susquehanna River. It also takes you to a small man made waterfall that is truly beautiful.

Very nice trail, lots of wild life. Trails are not clearly marked, map was also confusing.

Nice trail and a good place for friendly dogs.

Nice hike, wet parts due to the recent snow but dog loved it! Would go again

26 days ago

Love this place. Trail was still pretty muddy which equated to a quiet peaceful hike with no one else on the trail, just me and my lab. Completed it counter clockwise this time. Beautiful canopy and nice place to reset your heart and mind.

Great trail. Easy walk with a few rocks to navigate and a few creek crossings. Took the family and very much enjoyed it. Out and back took about 1hour, 45 minutes while taking our time for a few pictures.

27 days ago

When it comes to Hiking or Backpacking the Patapsco Valley State Park, the Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop and Glen Artney areas are by far the best trail system in the whole Valley area. You can CAMP in the Hilton area at 1101 Hilton Ave. in Catonsville, Md. There are plenty of pavilions, restrooms and drink fountains in many of the sections. There are so many loops you can hike so the miles and terrain will indeed vary pending your planned trip. You can even take the kids hiking or just go to one of the two playgrounds. I have been backpacking this area since the late 60’s and have seen many changes. The biggest was in 1972, The Storm of Agnes. Can you picture the water as high as the railroad tracks? Many of the trails you see on All/Trails was created and recorded by me. I am still out here weekly. Simply view my recording for the many options to hiking this area. Email me for my custom map I created. baltoken @ yahoo.com

27 days ago

A great hike, however the distance should be revised to 7.5 miles.

February has been feeling more like Spring. The temperatures made it into the 60's which was great for getting out on the trails. It seems to always rain the day before we get these high pressure temperatures. Once again, most all of the trails are a bit muddy if you are in the low terrain areas. Higher sections of the trails dry out much faster. I saw a few people on the trails but it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I hiked this area because I have been deal with plantar fasciitis and wanted the distance but a location that was mainly flat. Beside it being muddy, it was a great hike. Being a senior, ever day on the trail is a great day. The terrain is not as hard or bad as the elevation lines show on the grid.

This was a fun hike with some good scenery. I kinda did it in two loops by accident. After coming back to my truck I figured out the part I missed and hiked that too. My recommendation is to start hike to left of mansion. Just go under pipe crossing up stairs and bear left. Historic walk to white land of promise. I'm pretty sure you'll walk by big tree other people have mentioned. It's big! From there follow rock run yellow and you get to walk along nice creek for a little. When you come to man made dam cross road to Wilkinson and grab the orange blaze ( left) from there. After that your on the trail according to app. This way you'll come down ( later) ridge trail red and that's a pretty good ascent.

Has some great hills for running.

trail running
1 month ago

The trail is a little confusing for running. We got lost and ended up turning around some how.

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