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2 days ago

Well kept, many altitude changes. Not as close to the water as it seems on the map. The pay off is the beach. We started on Morgan Mill and took the left fork which took us around to finish at Loch Raven Dr at the beach.

Perfect hike with the family and our 3 yr. old Lab.

AMAZING! Walkers, Bikers, furry friends, young & old, men & women, couples, singles culturally diverse. That's what makes America Great!

Nice cement trail around a beautiful lake. Lots of activities for all ages...definitely gonna be frequenter at the park.

3 days ago

This is a great little walk. Only thing keeping it from being a 5 star is how heavily trafficked it is. Still lovely for an evening walk

Private property now is on the trailhead.

Very nice,clean and clear paths some hills but then some levels

Great trail for walking my dog. Just check for ticks after you get out of the woods.

16 days ago

My go to Trail when I need to get out!

Nice hike, great place to shoot some nature photos

16 days ago

A nice hike through forest and along shoreline. There are many side trails so make sure to have a map. Definitely would recommend the wooded areas and the southern portion. The northern part has a road and along the shoreline was more overgrown.

17 days ago

Beautiful and fun!

Easy, but 5.7 miles for us due to a wrong turn.

Great trail with a beautiful view!

mountain biking
20 days ago

Great trail but a few trees down and had to get off bike to manuver. Wear bug spray!

trail running
21 days ago

More moderate in its challenge, this trail can be combined with other State Park trails for longer loops. Well marked and pretty.

trail running
21 days ago

I liked the diversity and length of the trail. I ran the trail in a little under 30 min. The terrain made the journey extremely fun (much better than a paved trail). I really enjoyed the sounds of the wildlife while running alongside the lake too! The weather was a little muggy and hot but the shade provided some relief from the sun. This will be a great run in the Fall.

You can park in Seneca State Park. The fee is $3 for MDers and $5 for out of staters. It is difficult to find parking elsewhere but doable if you wanna be cheap like me ;)

This trail is moderately trafficked and has tons of dog poop all over it. The trail itself is not challenging enough to be classified as moderate. Very disappointed, would not recommend.

Great trail but a little too short for my liking. Overall great experience!

Steady incline with some interesting sections to figure out lines down/back up rocky face. Mason Dixon line marker was cool and a monument date stamped. Great view at the summit. Varied terrain to keep focused on.

Very nicely kept, not too crowded, and wide path for multiple people.

24 days ago

beautiful trail, nice people. great options. perfect with my two dogs.

I love the Marshy Point travails.

very nice, especially when they are finished with making the trail 2' wider

lots of wildlife!

A safe and easy location to get in a great walk in a scenic yet public location. Several places to eat and drink as well

Nice easy walk, distance is 3/4 mile per loop

29 days ago

I'm surprised there aren't more reviews of this. It's a beautiful trail that follows the reservoir and has plenty of spurs to the water for a gorgeous view.

Sam's Grave is the more lightly-trafficked of the two. I'd rate it a moderate, not easy. There are some grassy bits, but for the most part it sticks to the forest, so you have a good chance of seeing wildlife. When it dips toward the water, you get panoramic views of the lake. It's one of the best local trails I've hiked.

Glen Ellen is easier and moderately trafficked. It seems to be popular for runners and bikers in the evenings.One thing to note is that part of it goes right past people's backyards, so it isn't as scenic. I ended up getting back on Sam's Grave instead of completing the loop.

One last thing: The trail-head can be a little hard to find, if you don't know where you're looking. If you park on the side of Seminary Ave with everyone else, you have to cross at the light to get to the path. I definitely wandered around a little!

Had an enjoyable 4ish mile hike around the Lakeside trial. There are several spots where the trail signs are not terribly well marked. The trail itself is pretty but mixed: earthen trail, gravel, asphalt and even a section of abandoned parking lot and road. A few bicyclists and occasionally other hikers. We had a very pleasant hike with our 2 dogs. There is a ford across a steam to get to the trail at one point, which required a scramble up an embankment on the other side involving exposed roots and a bit of mud. Still, it's a pretty hike and quiet in the deeper woods. Highly recommended and will do this again in the fall

I love all of the trails at Marshy Point, but I'd like to point out that dogs ARE allowed at this park.

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