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My kids loved this trail. There are actually two trails a yellow which travels around the park and a blue trail that follows the stream. The dogs we ran into were leashed which was really nice since so many places we go they aren't. We did lose the blue trail and ended up on the yellow which was fine. There are tons of rocks for the kids to jump on and a couple of crossing on the stream which weren't hard to cross, so no one's feet got wet. Overall a nice place in the middle of town which you forget about when you get on the trail.

2 days ago

We started the morning by having breakfast at the Iron Rooster in the McHenry Row then drove into the fort. We had planned to hike the entire outer loop but it was extremely windy out. We walked through all the buildings within the fort complex and the history was fascinating. We did do some walking along the waterfront and got to see geese. We are locals of the Baltimore area and I grew up in the North Point, Fort Howard area. British General Ross and his troops camped out on our farm during the war of 1812.

The wife and I enjoy this place very much so. We walked the complete outside Perimeter. It's all paved in blacktop and easy on the feet. No hills and that's great if you are deal with IT band issues. With the trees being so bare we saw a few deer. The wife was so busy talking they heard us coming and ran. When I come here by myself I have nearly tripped over the deer. They never even run away. We saw squirrels running around the whole time. It was very breezy out and a bit colder on the waterfront.

I want to do this hike with my friend, but we will need 2 cars. One at each end because we plan on doing the whole hike one way. Where do you park at on the southern end?

Great trail to see pileated woodpeckers and eastern blue birds. Trail connects North Potomac at highway 28 with the Potomac River at Pennyfield lock on the C&O tow path. Mostly green space, with no major road crossings. Few hikers, bikers and horses all share this greatly enjoyable trail.

5 days ago

Great hike. Started off on the purple trial and then completed the white trail. Broke my ankle at the end but would definitely hike it again.

Takes about an hour and half. Great views of the Potomac. Could be slippery after a rain event. Technical sections require climbing over downed trees and crossing over water in at least 2 areas.

we only walked half yesterday, but will go back and finish the rest. I love walking and biking the C&O and plan on doing all of the C&O before the summer is out. Very easy walking, very clean trail, beautiful view of the river and the canal.

If you go late summer, hot, but tons of berries to pick. Print out the info from MoCo, great talking points with kids down the trail. Done this twice with 4 kids.

I was a bit thrown off by the first leg of this trail as it runs parallel to I-70, though the rumble of traffic subsided after the first mile. Overall, this was a nice walk through the woods. I would probably rate is as “easy” as the hike was mostly flat with minimal inclines - which makes it suitable for families! The view was great.

Nice walk.

First attended the Maple Syrup Festival at Cunningham Falls State Park, then I hiked this trail. There were nice views of the waterfalls. This was a very nice hike.

mountain biking
6 days ago

About as straight as you can find. It has soft inclines and a moderately used asphalt paved trail. Nice trail if you live in the Odenton - Piney Orchard area. Otherwise, the BWI or Baltimore - Annapolis trails are better and longer.

Great hike with beautiful scenery and nice trails

This loop truly has 3 parking options. You can park on S. Rolling Rd. or use 2 locations inside the park. 1 spot would be near the Lost Lake Pond and you would hike up through the tunnel. Another option is to drive through the tunnel and go straight up to the end where the Soapstone main trailhead is. There is a restroom and water in that location but it's closed in the winter. The Soapstone trail has many small feeder streams so beware of the weather. It can and stay muddy for days. The main Soapstone trail is very heavily use due to the college track team and also bikers. I recommend using the New Alternate Soapstone trails. There is also a New Overgrown trail that now connects to the mid-switchback section of the Bull Run. At the bottom of Bull Run heading to the Bike Jumper is a larger stream crossing. Manageable under normal conditions. The Bike Jumper is a good climb up which leads you to the main intersection of the trail junction. The Vineyard Trail, Fire Rd., Santee Branch and main Santee. If you take the Vineyard trail you can expand this loop by including the Grist Mill back to the pond and up. The Santee Branch or Fire Rd. leads you back towards the Park drive which you will hike on for a small section. There are a few break off trail you could choose to make this loop a bit smaller. When I hike this loop in the evening I park at the Trailhead in the park so when I finish I have dinner at one of the Pavilions. There is even a playground area for the kids.

First time hiking this trail... My son took me & we had a blast! Rain, a little snow at the top, & still a beautiful breathtaking view! I’ll definitely hike this again!

Rob Blair

on White Trail

9 days ago

Easy/moderate trail. Great view!

9 days ago

Very pretty trail and the art installations were a lovely surprise.

11 days ago

Nice hike. I parked my car on Strawberry Lake Way.

12 days ago

Went here for a hike with my husband and even though part of the trail was closed due to flooding it was a nice hike.

12 days ago

A beautiful paved trail that is a great option when the others are muddy or snowy. Had a great time.

Easy hike. Beautiful falls

Juno the Golden Retriever loved the trail. Nice ups and downs, nothing too strenuous and for kids (and kids at heart) there is a Gold Mine to see from the outside. if you are hiking with little folk, turn left at the loop, the gold mine is closer that way.

we did the whole loop. Beautiful Forrest and ridges.

12 days ago

I can see where this would be a difficult trail to follow during full foliage. I loved this hike, and we added the green blazed trail toward the end. The easiest place to park and pick up the trail is at the Nature Center, not the entrance as marked on the AllTrails map. Recommended for leashed pups. Be warned, the trail may not be officially open for the season yet and the insane windstorms this week downed trees which makes for a bit of awkward and sometimes difficult bushwhacking to get around the obstacles. This was a serene, quiet and gorgeous hike on a 50 degree winter day. Note: it is about 50% wilderness, 50% obviously suburban with homes along the park. It did not significantly detract from the experience, since the beautiful river, marsh, stream and pond views more than made up for it.

I hike this area 3 to 4 days a week. I spend a lot of my time teaching people I meet the trail system here. The Cascade Falls Trail was super crowded. The park had tons of bikers and hikers. Remember to share the trail. ( Beware ) There are many down trees due to the recent 2 days of wind storms. With me still dealing with Planter Fascia IT band issues I have been limiting my distance to around 3 miles and I am no longer moving at 3 MPH. I have been taking it slow. ( Notice ) I created a map a few years ago of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy. It can be printed at 2 foot by 2 foot.

12 days ago

Good loop on a beautiful afternoon. Views of the river with the sparkling sun were photo worthy.
The mill race was interesting to see. Next time I think I will go down stream to the mill. Saw hikers, runners, and a couple of bikers. It was not crowded. Trail in good shape.

12 days ago

Nice little walk.

13 days ago

Perfect for a short walk with the dogs. They rent paddleboats as well. The lake is stocked if you are into fishing. Several playgrounds for kiddos. Only 4 stars because the picnic areas often have discarded chicken bones and other food items left on the ground from lazy picnickers and my dogs often get this contraband during warm months.

14 days ago

We took the Patapsco-Thru Trail north to Route-40 Bridge, went under the bridge, connected with Pickall Trail, stayed along the Patasco River the whole time, then went under the I-70 Bridge, until reached the Hollifield Road Bridge. 4.1 miles long each way. The trail is easy to follow and fairly leveled. 1/3 mile of the trail south of Route-40 is on a paved road (Oella Ave). It took us 3 hours to complete the 8.2-mile out&back hike.

Some nice views of the Potomac. Watched a few kayakers doing their thing. Section A was unfortunately closed due to flooding, so section B was the backup hike. Only bumped into 2 other people on the trail. Saw a good number of deer on the towpath back to Anglers.

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