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1 day ago

Took the trail along the reservoir and had gorgeous views of the bridge, moderate hike, quit muddy at times.

FYI -- hiking boots will almost definitively get filled with water at one of the stream crossings. The rest of them were shallow enough or had enough rocks, but for one stream, you either just step into deep water and fill your boots or risk falling in and getting more wet because the rocks are too far from each other. Pretty sticky mud at some spots, but otherwise it was a nice hike. Make sure you tie your boots on tight! :-)

Very muddy, but quite nice while walking along the water. A bit more challenging when going through the woods, but nothing extremely difficult.

1 day ago

Parked at parking lot #1. Took me and my dog 2 hours to complete the loop. Trail is easy to follow if you pay attention to marked signs. If not I can see how you could get lost easily. Mostly wooded paths I thought there would be a lot more open fields and spaces. There was not many people on this trail. Don’t forget your boots. Lots of poop and mud. Lots of up hill and down hill on trail. Scenic and pretty overall.

got lost again, hiking in the dark

2 days ago

Nice moderate hike with great views at the top!

Perfect difficulty level with a nice variety of terrain for a shorter trail.

BEAUTIFUL short hiking trail. Little to no underbrush so you can feel more confident about avoiding ticks. Nice variety of wooded scenery. Wear good shoes as it can be muddy in a few spots.

can extend this trail to many other loops and connector trails. less trafficked area of unionmills/hashawa

It was super breezy out but it was only cool in the woods. - All the trees were blocking the wind. - Be sure to watch the time if you are planning a hike late in the evening. - The sun is going down sooner every day. - The wife and I got at the park at 4:30 and we just finished in time. - Park closes at 6:30 right now but that will change to a earlier time as it gets darker soon. - Garrett's Pass is not marked so you need to learn the trail system. The entire Cascade System and Falls are marked in BLUE.
*** Contact me for a special map I created of this area and more. *** baltoken @ yahoo.com

6 days ago

Well marked, good mix of hills/flat areas and trees/open fields; and multiple trail options. Parking lot off Appleton Rd costs a few bucks.

Definitely got lost. Hiked for 3 hours through really pretty forest and along some beautiful creeks. Not a bad morning.

horseback riding
8 days ago

On horseback. The trail is well marked. Rocky in some areas. Recommend shoes or hoof boots. Scenic. Meandering forest trails, stream crossings, open fields. Can hop off at the red covered bridge and picnic at the tables in the pavilion. There’s a place to tie horses up to. I parked at the North Appleton lot (Lot #3) and started out on the Green Trail which hooks up with Orange Loop at the covered bridge. Combo of Green and Orange trails this way made for a nice 2 hour trail ride.

Gravel road, quiet

trail running
13 days ago

First time trail running and it’s the perfect trail for it. If you’re going to run be careful on rainy days

Wonderful bike trail and beautiful scenery! It's good to bring bug spray. On the hotter days, as soon as you stop to take a rest, the nats start attacking.

14 days ago

We hiked the blue trail and it was a lovely hike!

mountain biking
14 days ago

Nice trail, prepare to get muddy, watch out for lots of horse poop too. Not able to go very high speed , but a descent workout, I would keep it for the horses though.

Great for the pups!! So much open space I feel I could spend all day there! Holly trails!!!

Just resurfaced, smooth sailing

Short trek but cool falls. Lots of people. Would rate higher if longer and less people

Bread moderate hike! Well maintained and good for a group with varied experience.

Traffic noise is a real problem on the perimeter trail.

visited this trail this morning. it was lightly trafficked until about 11am, but not overly busy.
great waterfall view. trail is fairly well marked.
Short hike that could be done in as little as an hour if you aren't exploring the other side or breaking for sweet pictures.

Very beautiful musuem and trail . This trail is not well marked - it is located behind a horse farm on the underground railroad museum property. There is a small sign with a hiking man. I Took my daughter (8years old) and our dog. Not too difficult. Beautiful Creek and spring. Some spots are a little over grown- so be careful of postion ivy . Overall pleasant.

mountain biking
23 days ago

First, the trail is absolutely beautiful, but the mosquitoes were other worldly. Despite reading previous reviews of the mosquito issue, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem due to our trip taking place during early Fall. However, I was sadly mistaken. I wanted to take more pictures than I posted in this recording, but slowing down below 5 MPH to take a picture led to being swarmed by dozens of mosquitoes within seconds. I literately couldn’t open the camera app on my phone fast enough before I was covered, and that was with a liberal coating of Deep Woods Off from head to toe. I couldn’t imaging going anywhere near the trail on foot during month outside of November through March. It finally got so bad that we had to turn back less than half way through to end the suffering. Perhaps I’ll try this trail again after a good hard freeze.

This was a beautiful hike after a long period of rain the trail was quite muddy but well worth it!

on Morgan Mill Trail

26 days ago

The trail was clear enough to make it easy to follow. Intersections were not marked though so I had to use the map to stay on the right path. It was muddy since it rained heavily the day before I went out but it wasn’t impassable because of it. The dogs love it too! But there wasn’t a shallow water front for them to play in the water.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I rode this trail on Saturday 9/15. There are some leaves down already and they were wet. In fact, it was quite muddy out there but I enjoyed it. One fallen tree blocking the trail around mile 4 (clockwise). Overall conditions good but muddy.

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