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Once again we continue to deal with all the rain in Baltimore. This old senior is Thankful that it's not been snow. As many of you know, I am a weekly hiker and after being trapped in the house for days I am ready to hit the trails. I mostly enjoy the earthen trails but after all this rain I recommend hiking the Blacktop. The River Rd. and Grist Mill is one of my backups after a lot of rain. The higher trails do dry out first but getting to them means hiking in the mud. Be kind to nature and give them a few days to dry out. Plus it's safer mainly if you have stream crossing. It's no fun falling in the Mud or water this time of year. Need information regarding Patapsco Valley State Park or a map I created of all the trails at Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop, Glen Artney and Rockburn. Contact me. baltoken@yahoo.com

Fascination of February, In Feb. 2010 we had two back to back blizzards. This Year has been totally different but it has indeed been muddy. We got 3 inches of rain on the 13th. & 14th. On Feb. 15, it was 60 degrees out and I was hiking in mud. Feb. 18, I was hiking in snow but it melted the same day so it was muddy again. Today, It was 76 Degrees and they are calling for the same tomorrow. The side trails were muddy so I decided to stay on the Blacktop Grist Mill trail. I wanted to go and check on the progress of the dam project. The park was fairly crowded and people were in good spirits due to the warm temperatures. Please note: Restroom at Playground are closed but there are Spot-A-Pots in place. Water Fountains are turned off. There is one down tree in the middle of the Trail.

Nice walk

I do this walk every day on the way to work. It is very pleasant. In the early hours and on colder days it is not too crowded, but once the weather warms up and schools let out it is another story with a combination of locals, tourists, and history buffs. If you are looking for some interesting history there are signs along the way with factoids. On nice weekends there will be various street performers in the main inmer harbor area. I would say this is a must see if you are in Baltimore looking for something easy, historical, but outdoors.

Nice area around the lake and for most of the trail. Paved the entire way. Little bit sketchier as you get past the post office section.

It straight to my point.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Short but worth it. Parking is not abundant. the ruins are beautiful even as they are, defaced by graffiti. It all has an halo of mystery around. Totally worth checking it.

absolutely amazing..well worth going to explore

nice hike, even including a stream to cross.... twice!

Very pretty, short, easy hike. This is a great place for family pictures.. I saw people doing that both times I went here. The fall colors are beautiful at sunset. The first section has a nice wooden platform to walk on. And at the end of the platform you can walk to the river and see both the car bridge and the train bridge over the Monocacy river. The trail continues and loops back to the lake/parking area. Very pretty spot.

I love this spot. There aren't any markings on the trail. I always just follow the stairs up as far as I can go and at the very top of the hill make a right. It says no dogs, but I have brought mine both times- there aren't any signs that say dogs aren't allow. Very interesting spot.

I am an everyday senior hiker and live next to the Patapsco Valley State Park. Because I hiked everyday I am always looking at all my best options. Parking, Restrooms and Drinking Water is always important to me. I also enjoy having a hot trail lunch or dinner pending the time of day I hike. It's nice to have multiple locations that will include a shelter or picnic table. With the leaves falling for the trees you can now see the valley down below. The trails are very well maintained and marked with signs or blazes on the trees. I enjoy having option and this loop includes many. The Falls are always great to see and down on the Grist Mill you get all the views of the river and could go fishing if you wanted.

5 months ago

With a morning looking like it was going to pour down all day I decided to hike a short trail then see how the weather decided to play out. This 1.5 mile trail is super easy for you and the family. It's all flat and runs along the river. Great views. There is a spot-a-pot next to the Pond. Even after a hard night of rain the trails were fine. There were of a few puddles and I was able to go around them. The trails are covered in fallen leaves so be careful because they can be slippery if you are dealing with hills. I always carry trekking poles just to be on the safe side.

Lots of scenery, crowded on weekends, nice little Italy. Flat minus the potholes and train tracks.

took the challenge with a friend two days ago. we never rested before hand so technically we were awake about 40 hours around time of completion. we got dropped off on a random road near pen mar park ,mason/dixon line around 2:30 am. had a very slow start as it was rocky and somewhat difficult to trek at a good pace even with headlamps. this took us (in my opinion) a sluggish 21 hours to finish mainly due to sleep depravity (16 hours moving time, 5hours downtime). i tried to pack about 11,500 calories for the hike. cant say i loved doing this, was more so for the challenge aspect, after a while my body felt as if it were on auto pilot. i highly recommend using a shoe/boot with a rock plate. also would have rather slept that evening and started fresh at 5am. dont recommend trying to drive afterwards either

trail running
5 months ago

Great trail, not a lot of traffic

This is an unofficial/official challenge for AT thru-hikers - to complete the entire length of the AT from the VA/WV border to the MD/PA border (~42 miles, depending on map) in 24 hours.

Due to the well-maintained and clearly marked trails, along with the fair amount of ridge walking, this challenge is tough but fair. The scree and rock gardens are the primary obstacles here, as well as a couple of wicked descents that can be tough on knees and ankles.

This part of the trail is awesome for history as well, passing through several historic landmarks and battle sites, as well as several monuments that are almost literally on trail.

Going north to south, Harper's Ferry is a great ending location, with easy walking along the Potomac on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath.

We left at 5 am and got to the VA border at 10:15 pm on the money. Tough but so fun!!

Very mellow, easy hike in the city. No running here, this was all hike at a typical pace. Excellent city trail!

7 months ago

Fun little trail that is marked okay. We took the long loop that went along the Monocacy River counterclockwise. There is an industrial zone across the river. Half way through the hike we came across a farm with many cows. The trail then goes up a small hill with a switchback incline then comes down to the parking area where we started. There is a historical farm house, picnic tables, and a cannon next to the parking area with a nice view of the farm. I docked the trail two stars because of the industrial zone and the proximity to the highway that offers unwanted noise. The trail is moderately travelled on the weekend. Cheers.

Nice Hike

Parts of the trail were very crowded and we had to step off the trail a few times to let mountain bikers pass by. The main trail was blazed with spray paint on nearby trees, but trails made by other hikers through the years make it a little difficult to follow in places. A lot of loud music was being played by people lounging at the river which reminded you how close to the city you actually are. Lot of good scenery and shade made the hike otherwise enjoyable.

9 months ago

Short trail, but it's great to go around a few times.

Nice trail!!

Easy walk with boardwalk through the marshy/wooded area. Nice creek to hop in if you so desire. Gambrills Mill manor is also a really cool spot to picnic.

enjoyable trail to walk your dog.

10 months ago

Nice walk.

The Inner Harbor is a fun place to walk and explore, with lots of history and many options for food and entertainment. We made numerous trips there when we lived in the Washington, DC area, usually in conjunction with a visit to the National Aquarium or a baseball game at Camden Yards (to see the Red Sox).

trail running
10 months ago

Great trail and great views. There was a bike race going on and got confused by the signs. Great trail though!

Great walk near Salisbury. Several trails available. Well kept. Beautiful view of the lake.

11 months ago

Pretty little loop. I love just going there to sit by the Monocacy river.

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