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Beautiful trail, I’ve hiked and biked this trail dozens of times. Going from frostburg to Cumberland is the easiest the whole trip is a slow downhill terrain. There are rest stops along the way. Geocaching is also a treat along this trail. With some areas with historical facts about the area. I recommend this trail in the fall, nature is beautiful.

Awesome hike. Great overlook and trails

FYI went to go try this trail out 1/5 and the trail was closed

Some struggle to find the steps leading to the trail but overall so worth going to see the altar. Be careful where you park, I got a ticket.

Okay just did this very short hike. First thing, you can’t take river road from thistle to get there. Take hilltop all the way to river road. Trail is clearly marked and heavily used. I was there around noon on a Sunday with about 10 others on the trail. The college is on a mountain top accessed by a lot of steep stairs, watch your footing. Not much remains except the skeletal dome of the alter some basements and foundations all located on the hill scattered about. High creep factor. The views of the valley, river and trestle bridge are great but I’m certain only in fall and winter. Any other time it would just be too over grown.

i love pemberton, i went to some of their summer camps as a child and now my boyfriend and i go regularly to walk. it's absolutely gorgeous there even after it's been pouring (just make sure you wear correct footwear cause parts can flood over if rain is heavy enough). i actually just got home from another walk there. i absolutely adore it ♡♡

With the weather being a bit iffy and a possible change of rain I decided to hike early. The park entrance doesn't open until 9:00 so I decided to park up on Landing Rd outside of the park. In the summer this area can get very crowded and is limited to parking along the side of the road. Mainly down the road at the Cascade Falls spot. I first planed to hike 2.8 miles but ended up hiking 4.4 miles. The Morning Choice is a long trail which is well defined and marked. If you go off that main section you well see that many other trails are NOT marked but they do connect back to the main run. Today I added the (Barley and Hops) trail

Did this hike 12/19/18. Excellent hike did the full loop. Had to cross to streams so just be careful doing so. It was a lot of up and downs but not horrible great work out. There were mange hunting signs up so use caution. Maybe where something bright. Awesome place pretty well marked used the app a few times just to be sure.

trail has been flooded since spring 2018. needs planking

The weather people were calling for rain today so we got a early start. - This area is one of my favorites because I grew up here on a 84 acre farm. - During the 40's, there was an amusement park here and my Dad helped out as a pin-setter setting bowling pins by hand. - Much of the park area is being re-discovered. - The wife and I enjoy hiking or biking this area because it all flat. - Basically Sea level. - It's a great section to learn mountain biking because of the easy earthen trails.- Today we brought our two beagles. Great area for older dogs. - I also have 4 mile loops of this park listed under North Point State Park.

This trail is great. Very hilly though

The entire Grist Mill Trail is still CLOSED but you can hike the River Rd. side, which is the Howard County side of the river. - After breakfast the wife and I once again took a small hike to check on the progress of the dam project. - Not very much of the dam is left. Only a small section on each side of the stream. - Although it was windy as heck the park was fairly crowded. - Lots of people with their dogs.

Definitely got lost. Hiked for 3 hours through really pretty forest and along some beautiful creeks. Not a bad morning.

Didn't make it the whole way to Washington Monument just due to timing. The hike up Bartman Hill Trail is on the steeper side and there was a stream coming down the trail. Once on the AT the trail is mostly flat with only slight elevation gain. We saw a copperhead and a black rat snake on the trail. Some sections of the trail were quite muddy, but easy enough to walk through or on the side off without getting off trail. There are bathrooms near the lake. Entrance fee for the park is $5/person if you are out of state, and I think $3/person if you are in state.

Had a great time, only complaint is there wasn’t any signs to help out which way to go, in fact we walked the same route twice.

I ran this trail in preparation for a 1/2 marathon trail run. With close to 1,000 feet elevation gain, it is good practice for uphill (glutes) and downhill (quads) technique. Mostly shaded, it is a comfortable run. There are some sections that are fairly rocky so be prepared for your ankles to be a bit sore. You will have to park at the bottom of Quaker Hill and have someone pick you up at the Woodstock Inn.

A fun one. Definitely a little spooky but that’s what made it cool. Enjoyed how there were a bunch of different little trails you could jut off on to.

Awesome trail close by with many different types of scenery. Loved it!

Loved it!

road biking
5 months ago

With rain all yesterday evening I stayed off the muddy trails. Today, I did a little biking around the park roads. Once a month I go up and check on the Bloede Dam removal project. Today, they we jack-hammering the concrete to remove the fish ladders. The dam is scheduled to be removed this September. The Grist Mill trail is CLOSED and will be for the rest of this year. You can now walk on the Swinging Bridge and look at the river but it's CLOSED on the Baltimore County side. The DNR has now created a wooden door on the opposite side of the bridge.

Great loop with kids! Nice uphill climb and great workout!

Beautiful for slow stroll in a crowd. Not sure it qualifies as a trail any more than mall walking does. What kind of trail is rated by lots of shopping, dining and drinking?

So right off the batnn the trail isn't marked well. The sign that leads into the trail, which says nothing about it actually being the trail, has a wasp nest in it. There is no sign telling you which way the trail goes, so I went to the right. Bad move, because the trail ended after a minute of running. What's even more fun, there was a nasty wasp nest hiding in the bushes, and one managed to sting me right in the neck. This trail needs to at least be marjed better, and having two wasp nests is kind of frustrating. So... at least until I come back and go the other way, this trail is not recommended. If you do go on it, watch out for the wasps.

I really liked this one!! The most challenging part is finding it. The alter is downright creepy and even though the structures were torn down they left the basements. We crawled through the holes in the ground and entered this dark empty rooms. I rated it high not for the hike, not that challenging, but for the eeriness. I believe this is private property so it may not be accessible anymore.

scenic. Us and dogs enjoyed. will return

Great little hike fascinating ruins. Wasn’t a fan of all the graffiti.

6 months ago

Nice easy trail. Get to see history and have an enjoyable hike by the water.

7 months ago

Summer was initiated two days ago, so this was my first summer hike of 2018. I started out at ~6:15 am in pouring drizzle rain and ended in less drizzle but damp conditions. This was fine, no running was intended (at first). I mention the rain because it affected my GPS and navigation in this area, the whole way— be forewarned.

About the hike: I began on an old rail trail that is unmaintained; the wrong way from where I wanted to go. I simply picked up the wrong trail from the parking lot. Again, navigation was an issue. You have to walk from the parking area to your point of start. I had other plans for the morning so I ended up jogging on occasions to make up lost time (again, not my original plan). As the reviewer before me stated, the course takes you around the old mill. The markings are fading, and there is quite a bit of open field hiking with no markings, so I relied on GPS navigation. Obviously, I went off course several times. I bypassed the Land of Promise Trail near the end, but I didn’t want to shortchange on mileage, so I did an out-n-back on Mason-Dixon Trail at the finish.

All in all a great hike, except for the poor markings in some key places. I hope to return to do Land of Promise.

The ruins covered in graffiti were so interesting. I loved the hike and exploring the area.

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