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road biking
6 days ago

With rain all yesterday evening I stayed off the muddy trails. Today, I did a little biking around the park roads. Once a month I go up and check on the Bloede Dam removal project. Today, they we jack-hammering the concrete to remove the fish ladders. The dam is scheduled to be removed this September. The Grist Mill trail is CLOSED and will be for the rest of this year. You can now walk on the Swinging Bridge and look at the river but it's CLOSED on the Baltimore County side. The DNR has now created a wooden door on the opposite side of the bridge.

Great loop with kids! Nice uphill climb and great workout!

Beautiful for slow stroll in a crowd. Not sure it qualifies as a trail any more than mall walking does. What kind of trail is rated by lots of shopping, dining and drinking?

I really liked this one!! The most challenging part is finding it. The alter is downright creepy and even though the structures were torn down they left the basements. We crawled through the holes in the ground and entered this dark empty rooms. I rated it high not for the hike, not that challenging, but for the eeriness. I believe this is private property so it may not be accessible anymore.

Great hike for children. They enjoyed reading the markers that explained all the trees/plants we saw as we walked.

Great little hike fascinating ruins. Wasn’t a fan of all the graffiti.

The ruins covered in graffiti were so interesting. I loved the hike and exploring the area.

It was buggy today. I should have worn pants and long sleeves.

2 months ago

Nice trail for a solo hike through Mother Nature. Safe parking area that leads to a easy trail to follow.

It was truly great to get outside after 4 days of rain. I recommend hiking the Blacktop trails or the parks River Rd. anytime after we get a lot of rain. All the other earthen trails were super muddy and the river was flood too. Give the trails a day or two to dry out. I hike up to the dam often to check on the progress of the dam removal. I think the dam will be gone by the ended of this summer when the water is it's lowest. I only did a short hike because I had tons of yard work to do when I got home. My grass needs to dry out for a bit. I plan on cutting it on high then let it dry and cut it again.

I created two new trail maps of Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop, Glen Artney and Rockburn. I even made a special one for the Cascade Falls to be posted by the Swinging Bridge.
Contact me. baltoken@yahoo.com if you would like a copy.

3 months ago

Nice trail. I am a cub scout den leader and brought my den on an Adventure Hike here. It was a nice stroll. Lots of Frederick history on the posted signs. I will definitely come back again with my boys.

fun and we'll kept trail.

We always enjoy a good walk around the Harbor, there are always things going on and sometimes it is nice and quiet in the colder months. It can get really busy during the summer with all the people, but there are some amazing restaurants, neat history info along the way, and tons to do. We always go to the aquarium first and then around do the walk around. You do have to pay for parking and that can really add up if your not careful where you park.

Nice, easy walk. It is paved or wood decking the entire trail. Views are limited to marshland. Recommend seeing it if you’re nearby.

The main Park road into the Avalon section was blocked off due to a house fire on South Rd. The water pumper truck was connected to a fire hydrant. Because that area was closed I decided to drive up to Landing Rd. and hike the Morning Choice trail section. I first planed to hike 2.8 miles but ended up hiking 4.4 miles. The Morning Choice is a long trail which is well defined and marked. If you go off that main section you well see that many other trails are NOT marked but they do connect back to the main run. Today I added the (Barley and Hops) trail which is considers as a Horse and Biker trail. I hiked this to try and create a loop without back tracking. I also added the two Connector trails to gain access to the Ridge. I added mileage. The Ridge trail is the true butt kicker. Big ups and downs !! Great Day and it was almost 80 degrees but windy as it's been for a week now.

4 months ago

I general hike a least 3 miles in the park each time I come here. One of the loops I did today was only 2 miles so because I was in the area I decided to do this short loop. This would be a great starter loop for your kids to test out because you have the pond and stream near you to access. This would keep the kids from getting bored. Super easy trail.

Nice 2 mile loop. I would rate this closer to easy, not moderate. There is an incline and decline which will get your heart rate up, but it’s not difficult at all and I am not in the best shape. Please note the area where there are cows has an electric fence. I only saw 1 tiny sign. I will definitely be back for evening hikes!

I took my pug here and we had a great time. He could walk the trail easily but it was long enough to get him some good exercise. We had fun watching and listening to all of the birds. The wetland section is very pretty.

Nice walk

I do this walk every day on the way to work. It is very pleasant. In the early hours and on colder days it is not too crowded, but once the weather warms up and schools let out it is another story with a combination of locals, tourists, and history buffs. If you are looking for some interesting history there are signs along the way with factoids. On nice weekends there will be various street performers in the main inmer harbor area. I would say this is a must see if you are in Baltimore looking for something easy, historical, but outdoors.

Nice area around the lake and for most of the trail. Paved the entire way. Little bit sketchier as you get past the post office section.

It straight to my point.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike. Short but worth it. Parking is not abundant. the ruins are beautiful even as they are, defaced by graffiti. It all has an halo of mystery around. Totally worth checking it.

absolutely amazing..well worth going to explore

nice hike, even including a stream to cross.... twice!

Very pretty, short, easy hike. This is a great place for family pictures.. I saw people doing that both times I went here. The fall colors are beautiful at sunset. The first section has a nice wooden platform to walk on. And at the end of the platform you can walk to the river and see both the car bridge and the train bridge over the Monocacy river. The trail continues and loops back to the lake/parking area. Very pretty spot.

I love this spot. There aren't any markings on the trail. I always just follow the stairs up as far as I can go and at the very top of the hill make a right. It says no dogs, but I have brought mine both times- there aren't any signs that say dogs aren't allow. Very interesting spot.

Lots of scenery, crowded on weekends, nice little Italy. Flat minus the potholes and train tracks.

took the challenge with a friend two days ago. we never rested before hand so technically we were awake about 40 hours around time of completion. we got dropped off on a random road near pen mar park ,mason/dixon line around 2:30 am. had a very slow start as it was rocky and somewhat difficult to trek at a good pace even with headlamps. this took us (in my opinion) a sluggish 21 hours to finish mainly due to sleep depravity (16 hours moving time, 5hours downtime). i tried to pack about 11,500 calories for the hike. cant say i loved doing this, was more so for the challenge aspect, after a while my body felt as if it were on auto pilot. i highly recommend using a shoe/boot with a rock plate. also would have rather slept that evening and started fresh at 5am. dont recommend trying to drive afterwards either

trail running
10 months ago

Great trail, not a lot of traffic

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