Wow, It's been quite a bit since I hiked the (Original) Soapstone and Overgrown. I truly recommend using a few of the new trails. The Soapstone is the most used and muddiest trail in the Glen Artney area of the park. There is multi stream crossing and they continue to get worse because of the bikers. If you are heading up the Soapstone, turn right onto the Starstruck (Alt.) trail. It's higher and dryer !! If you are hiking the old Overgrown then be sure to spray for ticks before you go. It's really Overgrown. The new Overgrown is in better shape but it connects to the Bull Run near the Switchbacks which is the opposite side if you are heading to the Bike Jumper. The Bike Jumper is your biggest climb but the stream is a great resting spot before you head up. When you get to the fire road intersection you can shorten your trip if you head back down the Santee Branch. I basically live in the park and hiked over 400 miles last year. I created a map a few years ago of this complete area of the park. Message me at for a copy.