1 month ago

Pleasant trail with rolling hills while occasionally following large streams. This trail ended up being 22.5 miles even after making a couple shortcuts. Much longer than anticipated and ended up not bringing enough water or snacks. With a 30lbs pack it took me 9 hours. There was a bike race so I was continually stopping to let the cyclists pass which probably added an extra hour in total. I averaged 2.3 miles per hour in total. There was a couple old historical sites which were nice to break up the hike. Mosquito's were terrible, forgot to bring a long sleave shirt which was my fault and with sweating so much the bug spray didn't last long. There were numerous parking lots along the trail if you only wanted to visit small portions on the trail. Trail was a great bike trail as well and when I ran out of water half way through my hike (which has never happened before) one of the cyclist refill stations was kind and let me top off my 3.5L camel back. I would recommend very comfortable boots or shoes. There is a couple stream crossings and it is possible to get a little wet.