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14 days ago

Pleasant trail with rolling hills while occasionally following large streams. This trail ended up being 22.5 miles even after making a couple shortcuts. Much longer than anticipated and ended up not bringing enough water or snacks. With a 30lbs pack it took me 9 hours. There was a bike race so I was continually stopping to let the cyclists pass which probably added an extra hour in total. I averaged 2.3 miles per hour in total. There was a couple old historical sites which were nice to break up the hike. Mosquito's were terrible, forgot to bring a long sleave shirt which was my fault and with sweating so much the bug spray didn't last long. There were numerous parking lots along the trail if you only wanted to visit small portions on the trail. Trail was a great bike trail as well and when I ran out of water half way through my hike (which has never happened before) one of the cyclist refill stations was kind and let me top off my 3.5L camel back. I would recommend very comfortable boots or shoes. There is a couple stream crossings and it is possible to get a little wet.

15 days ago

Fun walk around the lake, easy for beginners. I walked around the lake and it took me a little over an hour. Love it!

Did not do trail because it cost $3 a person to get to the trail

1 month ago

My go to Trail when I need to get out!

trail running
1 month ago

I liked the diversity and length of the trail. I ran the trail in a little under 30 min. The terrain made the journey extremely fun (much better than a paved trail). I really enjoyed the sounds of the wildlife while running alongside the lake too! The weather was a little muggy and hot but the shade provided some relief from the sun. This will be a great run in the Fall.

You can park in Seneca State Park. The fee is $3 for MDers and $5 for out of staters. It is difficult to find parking elsewhere but doable if you wanna be cheap like me ;)

3 months ago

Gorgeous views all around. Great place if you want to just go for a hike on your own or take the entire family. Two big fields for dogs to run in if you want to take your dog. There was a place where you could rent a row/paddle boat if you so wished. There were a lot of people fishing and a lot more spaces for it than were being used. Overall a very versatile location. However, if you don't like running into child day camps I wouldn't recommend doing this one while school is out.

Trail was beautiful. Early part was more secluded. recommend pants if you don’t like grass brushing you. We wore shorts and were fine though. When we went (summer) some of the old pond trail was not completely cleared.

The lake is beautiful and as a result can get crowded.

trail running
5 months ago

Very nice trail!

5 months ago

Beautiful views of the "frozen" lake. It was very cold, but still a great New Year's Day hike.

trail running
10 months ago

Lakeshore Trail: A great loop that offers shade cover, views, wildlife, and a variety manageable but challenging inclines/declines. I have it mapped at 3.6 miles. - Marty

Monday, September 04, 2017

Parked at playground area. Bathroom was clean (enough). Dirty toilets are a deal breaker for me. Nice easy hike, decent views of lake with some really beautiful little inlet pond areas that were surprisingly free of mosquitoes. Lots of company on trail that day-- families with little kids, seniors, pets, mountain biking. No areas too steep or tricky but still managed to strain my ankle a bit. Amateur hikers like me should invest in real hiking shoes not just sneakers. I prefer shorter more intense hikes than longer easier ones. Not sure it's worth the $3 entrance fee when Black Hill Regional is free but it's another good option.

excellent trail

Nice hike once you are on the trail located in the park.

Nice scenery by the lake. Also, the trail had pleasant ups and downs in elevation.

Just a really great trail and 4 minutes from our house - wish we found it earlier

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Quiet and lovely, but the northeast corner of the trail in the woods wss not as well marked. Still a great trail, though, a good beginner hike!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mostly a boring trail, with some confusion along the way.

Highlights include a small pond, some wildflowers, and some deer.

Lowlights include a closed landfill, miles of fences and No Trespassing signs, and an uncertain path.

Don't bother. There are better trails elsewhere.

Great, easy hike. Beautiful lake views. Lots of shade. Perfect for a hot day!

A beautiful hike around the lake. Easy beginner hike and great for dogs! Note: it's $3/person for MD residents and $5/person for all others to drive into the park but there is a small parking lot before the ranger gate you can park in and walk into the park for free!

Good one!

$3 per person to get in but the lake is beautiful and peaceful. Great spots for hammocking off the main trails next to the water.

Would definitely come back for a picnic-not a fan of the power lines. It was a good exercise regardless!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Great trail!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

length and view of lake were nice but this trail is heavily worn, felt like we had to look down the entire time so we wouldn't trip on the tons of roots showing through.

my dog loves this trail and so do I!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My wife and I took our pup here. Great little walk for those that aren't looking for rough terrain. I wish it was a bit longer, but we checked out the Rachel Carson Nature Preserv afterwards to get a little extra in. That was also a well-kept, quiet getaway.

Outside of the little trash on the ground, it's a very good walk

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This park has two entrances. I first parked and walked the Zion Road entrance. This is an easy flat trail that is maintained as a grass mown path through mostly meadow type terrain. I recall two gully type crossings.
The second entrance is along Route 108 and is primarily for horses. With no notice the loop is closed at the far end so you have to backtrack or follow the horse trail to the Zion Road entrance.
The Zion Road is the best choice for a quiet nature walk. Lots of birds & deer

Nice trail. Well traveled. Shady, mostly flat with nice scenery. Disappointing amount of trash on the trail hence the 3 stars.

Peaceful and quite. Some gorgeous spots - take in the scenery. Mostly shaded and well travelled trails with wide clearings. You can veer off the blue and at time stay very close to the shore.

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