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This trail is closed until further notice due to flood damage.

PVSP Trail Crew

1 month ago

Easy and short trail but there are 1-2 steep areas where heavier set individuals may have trouble with footing.

1 month ago

Pretty easy trail, wonderful views of the river and even some spots that you can get down on the banks. I guess people can swim there since there were a lot of sandals and trash thrown around on some areas. We took the trail further down than what was on the app and found some nicer spots to view the river from. Overall my 6 year old had no problems. The way back up was a little rough since we were so hot but it wasn't to bad. I don't know how easy it would be if it had just rained as it seems like it would be hard due to the steepness of some areas so it probably gets slippery.

Good two hour walk. Saw a great old abandoned house with a vulture sitting on the roof. Great river access. Will be back with our kayaks!

1 month ago

I agree with the other reviews that this trail is more on the moderate end, especially if you're caught in the rain while on it like me. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath going back up. Overall a good trail, just be prepared.

Great hike today!!!! Dam project is underway but does not limit this hike. Grist Mill section is paved. Carried the 2 year old in the pack down and up, a few rocky seconds but we would do it again. He had a great time throwing sticks in the river and walking through the tunnel. Beware of limited parking at the Hilltop entrance, it was full even on this chilly day (Sunday) and we'll be making a DNR "donation" for unauthorized parking. We will do this one again!

nature trips
2 months ago

This was a nice trail. It is very short so we added a couple of trail sections to it from the Old ranger Trail (blue) which made it about 2 miles. Still short but it was nice. We have had a lot of rain lately so around the pond was really muddy, but that gave us the chance to spy various animal tracks, which is one reason we went to begin with. Overall nice little walk today.

I was done by 12 noon and it was already 90 degrees out. Be sure to carry plenty of water. I have now hiked this area many different ways. As I look at other recordings I see that people are missing the High Ridges. There is the one on the ( Backside of Daniels ) and the other is the ( Church Loop No: 1 ). Being a retire senior it's easy for me to hike during the weekdays. The parking here is now limited so beware of a crowd on weekends. The DNR closed off a large parking area we used in the pass. The canoe lot is always full so you need to park in front of the dam. The dam area has become a swimming hole and the DNR is not happy about that. Some people just can't read !!

Just the best hike! Took four kids from 4-10 years old and everyone had a great hike. Beautiful to see spring rising

it nice during the week, get a little bit more crowded on the weekends

5 months ago

It’s more of a moderate trail rather than easy because the walk back up is terrible

5 months ago

Nice after work walk and nice views of the river and railroad bridge.

Loved it. Great place to take photos. A little slippery owing to all the mud but it is winter!

Flat hike not difficult. Beautiful scenery in the fall. Parking terrible on the weekend. Go during a weekday.

Awesome trail.

The parking here for one is a joke. So much trail and acreage here I'm astounded there's not more space available for parking. Is there a secret parking lot?? Anyway, there's no markers whatsoever for Mcdaniels which is fine if you're using the app and most of the trail is just along the river anyway. Some of the little loops weren't obviously marked. We literally had to stand looking at the map on the app walking step by step and look down to see where the trail picked up. Sort of odd. The trail is nice. It's quiet here.

11 months ago

Not sure about the easy rating. Someone like myself who is out of shape found the hill back up a little tough. I may have come back up on a different trail though. Lol. Cool trail though. Water is awesome and the railroad tracks are cool.

Trail is solid and allows for access to see several types of terrain and very few other hikers on the trail.

There is one spot where markings for the trail under the power lines could be better. I wound up on a small adventure on an unnamed trail which led under the freeway and most of the way to Ellicott City.

Great trail for the area!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

very short, but fun :)

Date 3/2/2017 Great hike. Best to hike this trail counterclockwise so that you can several
small waterfalls.

Good hike! Several different options to make the loop a little longer. Maps are helpful

Not a loop more of an out and back.

wife and I did this trail on a warmer fall day. there was one somewhat tricky spot due to the incline but overall we really enjoyed the trail.

road biking
Thursday, September 01, 2016

Pretty sweet short ride on my bike.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First hike after 4 months off from foot surgery. Date: 8/14/2016

Great trail!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Paved trail, lots of sports fields, and a playground. Various nature signage throughout, and a decent amount of wildlife. Mostly rabbits, birds, turtles and dragonflies. Not very crowded compared to Centennial Lake. Mostly suitable for walking & jogging. The "Park N Ride" side with the playground is more crowded, but there is a good loop around the soccer field to get some laps in. The more natural side where the Meadowbrook Athletic Center parking is located is less crowded and there is a fairly steep hill to the top. Therefore less people opt for this route. You can combine the various different loops in different combinations to get some good miles in on your walk. Gradual elevation changes on all the paths. The area feels safe, but you still have a sense you are in nature. If you go in the cooler weather months you will have the place almost to yourself.

buzzard rock trail (part of the loop) kicks my butt!

I've been on this trail and just about every one in this part of the park. This is a really great trail if you like a little bit of every thing the scenery is great. It does have some steep hills and the rocks can get slippery so just be careful and watch your step.I tend to like to explore and go off the if you haven't done this trail I suggest you try it.

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