Absolutely no parking for this trail...so the hike might be great but got to park to be able to hike it

Went to Patapsco for my first time today, this was my first trail. Very nice trail, but too much for my 5year old son (and he's ahead of the curve as far as athletics etc) once we hit Ridge trail, we turned around at that point, so we did not complete the trail, not sure why it's labeled easy, moderate would be more accurate for ppl bringing the family . Other than that it was a nice mix of up and downhill, will do again solo this week.

A very nice trail - but as one of the reviewers below mentioned the park has changed the trail. What AllTrails showed as a 1.8 mile hike ended up being 3 miles. We are starting our health journey and this was a difficult hike for us due to the unexpected length.

Had a lovely hike. Once past all the swimmers near the beginning of the trail, we had the forest to ourselves. Parking is very limited. But will definitely come back.

7 days ago

The trail has a new path as of Summer 2020, so the outline for the trail is off. The new trail was very well marked until a three-way split, where we couldn’t find the blue marker and ended up following the street back to our car. It has so pretty views and is very secluded, we only passed two other groups of hikers. There is a $5 parking fee and there are NO TRASHCANS in the park.

bridge out
8 days ago

9 days ago

Soooo much fun me and my boyfriend found a lot amazing spots

Nice paved loop. Considering the current health crisis, it was way too crowded. That being said, it was almost always possible to maintain safe social distances.

road biking
13 days ago

Great trail. Nice place for a ride, walk or jog,

Ran the Rockburn Loop-to-Loop (L2L) course today, one of my variations of the “Rockburn Trail to Lewis and Clark Trail Loop” course. I like this variation because it has almost the same distance (7-miler), but doesn’t have as much elevation gain — perfect following a lengthy layoff due to the COVID shutdown. Actually, I wanted to run farther, but I went a little off course, so I decided to just finish the Rockburn L2L. I used the run-walk method instead of steady pace; I am so rusty right now. I will have to put some work in to get back to training pace. Although I went the distance, I struggled. Jokingly, this run was as much of an arse-beetah as my last run only that one was shorter. I guess the key to getting rid of torment-during-runs is losing the weight I gained during the shutdown. No pain, no gain, right? It feels good to be back on the trails again. It sucked, but yeah, I’m back! Completed: May 16, 2020 (Sat.)

15 days ago

Easy walk, pretty view, clean. Good way to get outside for some quick exercise

Very crowded at waterfalls. Lots of people with not a mask in sight

We had a blast after finding this Gem. we will be back.

Was a very nice first hike of the season couple hills to get the cardio up - trails fairly easy to follow as long as you double check app - cool day so no bugs

Fun to trails to run on the declines, but definitely watch out for the folks on bikes! Definitely some muddy areas, but otherwise very nice paths.

Great trail, took some off trails for some elevation. Needs more parking.

27 days ago

Great views, and wonderful for families! There’s even nice parts for a picnic!

Beautiful hike along the river. A little muddy, but nothing difficult. Loved weaving up through the hills with their green blush. With the hills, I would rate it moderate instead of easy.

Great trail. It was easy and kid friendly. Hikers maintained social distancing procedures. My only complaint was the amount of bike riders and they rarely announced that they were coming.

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1 month ago

trail was fun but difficult we kept getting lost. I will definitely come back though ^_^

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