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Very crowded on weekends. Some of the prettiest scenery in Patapsco.

Couple spots were very narrow, brushing against trees, but the rest was well maintained. Definitely had to keep the app open to make sure I was following the right trail, not well marked. Moderately trafficked by both hikers bikers. Easy with kiddo on back.

Great trail and perfect for kids! We went on a Sunday and it was pretty crowded. Will be back on a weekday!

Such a scenic and pleasant hike. All the ups and downs and river crossings make it all the more exciting. Highly recommend it

Main trail to the waterfall is extremely crowded but once you pass the falls and continue the loop there are less people. Definitely use the app if trying to follow this exact loop as there are many different trails you can take.

Nice hike. The waterfall and surrounding area are beautiful. It is confusing if you try to do a loop, I've done the hike a few times and not sure if I've ever done the loop correctly lol.

Beautifully lush. A bit muddy in spots due to rain the night prior. Overall, a wonderful loop.

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Great trail! Big enough even on the busy days.

Can be confusing sometimes where to go but overall highly enjoyable.

We RECORDED 3 point 5 miles. - My plan was to hike a 3 mile loop but a section of trail was closed due to tree removal. - The trails were super dry today but the rain is coming. - I don't hike this area right after rain storms because this place takes a bit of time to dry out. - Although I parked on Landing road the Park gates are now OPEN.

beautiful, easy going hike with lots of families and puppers!

This is a wonderful trail. Reasonably challenging with some great features and scenery. But it’s also confusing. There are many different intersections and side trails and EVERYTHING is marked blue. Why mark at all if every trail is marked with the same color?

Beautiful trail however poorly marked. Experienced hiker, Eagle scout and training for the Appalachian Trail, still had some trouble keeping track of where the actual trail was. No signs for any of the split offs or ever where the trail starts.

Very nice trail! The waterfall was a bit smaller than I expected, but the trail was very pretty and the kids had a blast.

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Wow.......again wow! Completed: 17-May-2020 (Sun.)

Highly recommended!

Pretty good trail for us & our pup. It wasn’t too busy except for the waterfall, it was pretty crowded. We got lost a few times with the intertwined trails but the trail app helped a lot.

Very nice trail, full of shade. There were not a lot of people so it was nice and quiet. Unlike other reviewers, I found the markings pretty easy to follow, perhaps they’ve improved on this. Took my 8 month-old puppy and she had a blast in the water!

My RECORDED hike was two loops totaling 3.2 miles. - Trail conditions were very good but the park has become a bit crowded. - The old River Rd. up to the swinging bridge is still closed during the weekdays. - The Playground parking lot was dam near full. - I hiked the Capt. Smith loop then headed to the Rockburn Branch loop. - Both of these trails connect with the Ridge Extension Trail. - The Extension trail is in front of the Playground area.

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