6 hours ago

This is a cool area in the heart of Anne Arundel County. The description above is a little misleading... the trail marked is actually the Hawkins Trail off of Hawkins Road, there are many trails in the area that make up the Back Ridge Wildlife cooperative.

We started at the Hawkins Rd. trail head and hiked until we saw the first parking sign and headed back, it was pretty muggy today and we didn't realize it would cut the trail so short. It ended up being about 2 miles total, had we kept going it would have been much longer. The road aoubds aren't terrible and once you get away from the road it is really a lovely an med enjoyable trial. There are no blazes marking this trial, but it's VERY clear where the path is- it is not at all difficult to see where the trail is and where it will go.

This area is great for hiking, trail running, and (based on the number we saw) biking. This would be a great trail for kids, and there is a cool old car graveyard on this trail.