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great trail, a bit rocky but me and the Roscoe had a ball !!!!

great trail located outside silver spring. very cool in the summer months. dog enjoys it. lots of small clubs to keep your heart pumping. we did a 3 mile lol and ended up by the dog park

This is a nice, well-maintained wooded trail with lots of ferns and some scenic overlooks. It got a bit congested, but it was a nice local day hike.

nice trail, bikes also use it often. quiet park, dogs are allowed, fishing is good. its an easy but long walk, great to make yourself keep going, since its around a lake there is no shortcut back. my friend and I enjoy walking this together. nice workout

Trail was great, had our credit cards stolen from our car though. Partly my fault, forgot to lock the door. Didn't take the whole purse just my girls credit cards and then a $10k shopping spree at the Arundel mall. The view of the trail was scenic and relaxing. Saw a few deer.

I traveled this Aug 4th, 2018. Bring bug spray, Mosquito's were moderately bad. Trail was outlined with an obviously cleared foot/bike path and the only confusing part was a fork for blue and red. The red had a big tree across it but seemed to be in the direction I wanted to took that route, it ended up being correct. Lots of little side trails to go down to the water. Only a couple other hikers, mostly secluded, ends at a peninsula on the river. Decent hills but nothing crazy.

This trail is closed until further notice due to flood damage.

PVSP Trail Crew

Great trail with kids. It has some hills, but we've done the loop with bikes and scooters. Park can be busy due to sports but is also quiet and right alongside the woods. We've seen birds, deer, and plenty of wildlife. Kids also love the playground.

Super great place to Trail Run, Hike, Bike or just walk your dog. There are quite a few earthen trails throughout the park and they are well maintained. Just don't get confused. Some trails are just access to farm fields. The beach area is great to take a break or have a picnic because there are tables and fire grills. You can even fish or go swimming. Today, I saw quite a few people swimming and a couple were fishing on the Jetty. If hiking, be sure to spray because the flies and mosquitoes were bad in the woods. I even saw two horse flies in the bed of my truck. BIG SUCKERS !!

21 hours ago

Great trail! Lots of off shot paths up to the ruins of the town for more of a challenge or down to the river for some peace. Bring bug spray! We were eaten up by bugs by the damn!!

I love this trail but it’s best during the week because the weekend can be too busy. Great for dogs, I have 2 and 99% of people with dogs on trail are dog friendly

Great hike. If you take the left trailhead it’s about a mile uphill. Good workout. Great bouldering at wolf rock and beautiful view at chimney rock. Lots of rock jutting out on trail. We took time outs at both wolf and chimney and did the loop in 2 hr 30 min. Will be back!

Parts of this trail are beautiful but we kept saying how it would be a lot better on a horse. We had to cross streams without any rocks to step on numerous times to stay on the 3.5 mile loop we were following. It was tricky to find all the trails and we never would have gotten out without GPS. I may go again but would wait until the ground dries because the trails were also super muddy!

Trail is not well marked or maintained. There was lots of trash and spider webs every few steps...would not recommend

Poorly marked. No distance information. No maps even though trail is $5 out of state. Don't veer off the marked trail....EVER...very difficult to find your way back to the main trail. Will pass coming back here.

trail running
2 days ago

Park on seminary, NW corner. Cross over Dulaney Valley rd to start the trail. Meander past the utility substations, cross a small creek and you’re on the trail. Just when you get started, I like to hang a left and follow the reservoir. I don’t think it is hilly but some steady grades that will test you.

Good views. Does get muddy and 1 or 2 sections will require a tip toe or get wet scenario. Nice single track.

2 days ago

Nice cool breeze this evening. I started at the NEW trail (Ridge Extension) across the road from the Playground parking lot. The trail was recently completed. The old way up was the Ridge (Waterbars) trail that is always washed out, rocky and tons of roots. I hiked the Ridge trail up to the shelter bench then came down an old trail to River road, then hiked back. This loop can be hiked in different directions. You could also hike the Valley View because it heads the same way. It's nicer in the winter because of the views. Many biker and hiker on trail this evening. Less of a crowd weekdays and evenings.

Beautiful hike. I got lost but managed to find myself back on a trail! Found a rattle snake so be aware of your surroundings. Happy hiking :)

Nice hike uphill to the North and South overlooks. Saw a beautiful timber rattlesnake sunbathing on the South overlook.

nice, easy hike. poorly marked in places. recommend downloading the map.

road biking
4 days ago

With rain all yesterday evening I stayed off the muddy trails. Today, I did a little biking around the park roads. Once a month I go up and check on the Bloede Dam removal project. Today, they we jack-hammering the concrete to remove the fish ladders. The dam is scheduled to be removed this September. The Grist Mill trail is CLOSED and will be for the rest of this year. You can now walk on the Swinging Bridge and look at the river but it's CLOSED on the Baltimore County side. The DNR has now created a wooden door on the opposite side of the bridge.

The trail is extremely well marked and maintained with very easy terrain, but you’ll need to bathe in insect repentant and wear a beekeeper’s hat to keep your insanity intact. To say this was a very buggy trail is an understatement; I had flies droning in my ears the whole time. On the upside, we heard woodpeckers and saw a box turtle. (8/18)

Nice hike with some elevation climbs. It’s mostly forested with a few nice lookouts.

This is a beautiful forested trail with some moderate climbs. We tacked on a portion of the Thurmond Vista trail for some additional distance and views, cutting back to the visitors center before Wolf rock (roughly 6 miles total). It took us about 2hrs 40 min with some stops to take in the views and the falls. Recommend going counterclockwise.

Good level of challenging, some steep parts but such a well made path it was no problem. Ample parking (with video security), free (with donations recommended), great views and different path options. Overall great hike!

Great loop with kids! Nice uphill climb and great workout!

Beautiful for slow stroll in a crowd. Not sure it qualifies as a trail any more than mall walking does. What kind of trail is rated by lots of shopping, dining and drinking?

I had great time hiking this trail, but, lots of mud and bugs. I slipped twice on the trail. Also, great views of the lake and few stream crossing. I saw turtle hiking the trail. Part of the trail was washed away forming crack across the trail. I jumped across the crack.

Nice workout of a hike. Multiple nice overlook points!

Truly a enjoyable ride today with a bit of overcast ed skies. Knowing that this trails system is paved and fairly flat with a few minor inclines, I decided to bike the trails on my 24" Huffy BMX converted single speed. Because I am a senior and enjoy riding a single speed I only got off the bike one time. I generally hike all the time so hiking with the bike is no problem. Not very much shade so be sure to carry plenty of water. There is a very nice rest area at W. Earleigh Heights Rd. with picnic tables, bike service, fresh drinking water and a restrooms. There is also two nice size parking lots at that location.

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