17 days ago

The hike is actually on three trails/ Kingsley is the gravel road going up to the schoolhouse (do NOT count on that portapotty - it was horrific as of 6-16). You then have an uphill climb on the Purdum trail (still road, but pretty steep). You then need to turn left into the woods at the point where you have the choice of going farther up the hill. This is the cider trail. Watch out for bikes - there is not enough room to easily pass once you are in the woods. Bring bug spray, and don’t let kids wander off trail- LOTS of poison ivy. Took me (old and slow) just over an hour, with a couple of tests.

Great trail! I felt like I was going somewhere and we waded and swam in Little Bennett Creek for quite some time until we saw 355. We took Wilson Mill>Stone Brook> Beaver Creek

did a mix of trails starting at wilson mill

Good, solid trail. We got lost a few times and if we didn’t have this App and a signal- we would have been lost (this trail branches out a few times). We ended up getting to some downed trees and had to actually turn around, but used the app to navigate where an off trail would get us back to Western. We probably did over a mile extra bc of the turning around or going on the wrong path. (Maybe our fault?- talking and not paying attention?) At one point we were on some Mound trail and it had huge ant mounds off to the side and big ants through the trail. Not a deal breaker- just good to know. They have signs that warn you before, too. Great workout (some decent inclines) - Overall, overgrown at times and unclear- Not sure if I would go back...

Good clear trails through woodland and over streams. Busy near the trailhead/creek but very quiet further out. There are a lot of trail options as you wind through the trees. Good surface with some mud. Car park gets busy but we arrived around 2 and found a slot.

27 days ago

Nice for a great casual hike.

Great hike, mostly paved. Beware of lots of downed trees across the path along the Owl Ridge portion

1 month ago

A beautiful walk. We went on Memorial Day, and the parking lot was full, but the trail itself was still pretty quiet and felt peaceful. The whole trail feels like you’re walking through a tunnel of trees, but the path itself is traveled and an easy walk. There are several places to go down to the creek, and the meadow by the schoolhouse was nice an open. There are picnic benches at the beginning of the trail, and near the schoolhouse. It’s an easy walk with beautiful scenery for the whole family.

Easy hike with no major hills and a very clearly marked path. I would describe it as more of a walk in the woods, very enjoyable with multiple views of meadows and streams.

Mild and nice trail. Does get pretty muddy and lasts awhile after a storm.

A lot of sun in the meadow areas and the ant hills freaked out my littles, but overall good hike.

2 months ago

Easy, calm and less crowded trail. Turns muddy when rain. Bike and pet friendly.

off trail
over grown
washed out
2 months ago

Only 2/3rds of this trail is still usable

The recorded trail was probably accurate when it was first completed. However, two trails have since been closed (one of which we couldn’t even find) so you cannot follow the trail as recorded here. There are many trail crossings, though, so if you’re willing to work, you can stay found without backtracking or losing too much time. The trails themselves are very well marked.

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