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10 days ago

A flat urban hike along Stoney Run that’ is great urban escape to nature. The section between Cold Spring Lane and Wyndhurst Ave is prettiest with large trees and tucked next to homes with big backyards. It also has had restoration work in that area according to a sign on Cold Spring Lane. I didn’t do the section far into Wyman Park because most of it is closed for restoration work.

This is a trail around an old quarry that runs through a community. Mostly along traffic roads, on sidewalks. Views are limited by the trail running behind condos that sit on the lake.

There is a shopping center for Starbucks if that’s your thing...

1 month ago

It’s great there’s a lot to do there’s rides there’s a lot of food and it’s something to do and what’s really cool the boardwalk is right on the beach I like it because there’s things to do popcorn candy cotton candy and all that other stuff try it out you’ll like it thanks

We always enjoy a good walk around the Harbor, there are always things going on and sometimes it is nice and quiet in the colder months. It can get really busy during the summer with all the people, but there are some amazing restaurants, neat history info along the way, and tons to do. We always go to the aquarium first and then around do the walk around. You do have to pay for parking and that can really add up if your not careful where you park.

Good with kids

3 months ago

Nice boardwalk area but more for teens and college kids.

Nice, easy walk. It is paved or wood decking the entire trail. Views are limited to marshland. Recommend seeing it if you’re nearby.

It's an urban walk for sure. Crosses some roads which is fine I guess if you don't have to worry about a skirmish dog and kids. There were lots of dogs on the trail some on leash, most off leash. If I lived there I think it would be fine but I don't think we will be back, even if it's only a very short drive from my house.

This is a great path for a walk to clear your mind.

I do this walk every day on the way to work. It is very pleasant. In the early hours and on colder days it is not too crowded, but once the weather warms up and schools let out it is another story with a combination of locals, tourists, and history buffs. If you are looking for some interesting history there are signs along the way with factoids. On nice weekends there will be various street performers in the main inmer harbor area. I would say this is a must see if you are in Baltimore looking for something easy, historical, but outdoors.

Nice area around the lake and for most of the trail. Paved the entire way. Little bit sketchier as you get past the post office section.

good for kids

8 months ago

Good urban trail if you live within walking distance. Not worth driving to just to walk it though. It's a good bit of greenery for the city slicker.

8 months ago

nice this time of year

Lots of scenery, crowded on weekends, nice little Italy. Flat minus the potholes and train tracks.

took the challenge with a friend two days ago. we never rested before hand so technically we were awake about 40 hours around time of completion. we got dropped off on a random road near pen mar park ,mason/dixon line around 2:30 am. had a very slow start as it was rocky and somewhat difficult to trek at a good pace even with headlamps. this took us (in my opinion) a sluggish 21 hours to finish mainly due to sleep depravity (16 hours moving time, 5hours downtime). i tried to pack about 11,500 calories for the hike. cant say i loved doing this, was more so for the challenge aspect, after a while my body felt as if it were on auto pilot. i highly recommend using a shoe/boot with a rock plate. also would have rather slept that evening and started fresh at 5am. dont recommend trying to drive afterwards either

10 months ago

I like walking the boardwalk early in the morning, just after sunrise.

This is an unofficial/official challenge for AT thru-hikers - to complete the entire length of the AT from the VA/WV border to the MD/PA border (~42 miles, depending on map) in 24 hours.

Due to the well-maintained and clearly marked trails, along with the fair amount of ridge walking, this challenge is tough but fair. The scree and rock gardens are the primary obstacles here, as well as a couple of wicked descents that can be tough on knees and ankles.

This part of the trail is awesome for history as well, passing through several historic landmarks and battle sites, as well as several monuments that are almost literally on trail.

Going north to south, Harper's Ferry is a great ending location, with easy walking along the Potomac on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath.

We left at 5 am and got to the VA border at 10:15 pm on the money. Tough but so fun!!

10 months ago

It is a little confusing to find where the trail is because it starts by all of the shops and continues through a gated community. But once you know where you are going the paved path is very nice for running and walking.

Very mellow, easy hike in the city. No running here, this was all hike at a typical pace. Excellent city trail!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Lovely, even magical in spots. I don't know what the guy who called it a "glorified drainage creek" was looking at. Perhaps he didn't go above Cold Spring Lane and stayed only in the section around Wyman Park.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Nice and easy walk. Beautiful Wear plenty of bug spray though found lots of ticks and chiggers today.

The Inner Harbor is a fun place to walk and explore, with lots of history and many options for food and entertainment. We made numerous trips there when we lived in the Washington, DC area, usually in conjunction with a visit to the National Aquarium or a baseball game at Camden Yards (to see the Red Sox).

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Very nice walk through the cypress swamp
Wish it had been longer.
Will prob do it again in the fall

See the baltimore harbor. Lots of places to stop for sight-seeing, get some food or drinks.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's a glorified drainage creek in the middle of the city. I don't know how this is considered a trail.

A nice walk, with many places to stop to eat, or shop!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nice and easy walk through the swamp. Almost no mosquitoes in February.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I loved it. The swamp was beautiful even in the winter.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Really nice trail. I love cypress swamps. I did not expect to find one this far north.

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