15 days ago

Not a hiking trail. This is a rails to trails paved path, suitable for biking. Not ideal for walking or running as it gets crowded and cyclists don't care for joggers or walkers and rarely give warnings when passing. It gets you from A to B in urban DC/Maryland.

An easy flat trail with nice views.

1 month ago

Busy Busy Busy!

Bottom of Turkey Run stairs started recorded. Hike started at American Legion Bridge

Great trail! Only if it wasn’t muddy. Nice gradual rolling hills.

3 months ago

AllTrails does not take you to a good starting point for this trail. Also, it smelled like sewage for a substantial portion of the walk. It was very disappointing.

Billy Goat A and C. Perfect hiking day.

We did Billy Goat A and C. B was closed. A involves a lot of rocky hiking and a little climbing. C is much easier. Both have great overlooks of Great Falls. Get there early on the weekends as it gets crowded later in the day.

Flatwalk. Nothing exited

over grown
8 months ago

Very overgrown in the section before seven locks... I’m talking waist high grasses. But beautiful!

Fun fast ride this morning

road biking
9 months ago

An urban trail - I encountered enough issues that only the Georgetown stretch along the Potomac River before climbing away from the river would bring me back. Use the C&O trail. Same trailhead, MUCH BETTER experience. The parking area/situation in Georgetown is bad. There’s a much better parking lot up river (away from Georgetown) at Fletcher’s Cove that is accessed from Canal Road NW. If the the upper lots are full, take the tunnel downhill which will take you to a very casual parking area by the river that moves at a much slower pace with plenty of spots to park and places to relax. The Bethesda to Silver Springs stretch is extremely urban and riders will compete with busy traffic, bad signage, several dismounted crossings, unmarked detours, and bad signage (that’s worth repeating). The end of the trail, like many stretches of the detoured route, isn’t marked at all. There’s no trailhead in Silver Springs and no off-street parking if you wanted to take a one way trip. The stretch running along the Potomac and C&O trail however is very nice and rates a higher score; I’d give it a 4. BUT, I recommend bringing your patience. I encountered quite a few people who had no clue about trail etiquette and I encountered clots of people standing on the trail chatting, bikes parked & blocking the trail surface, etc.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Really nice trail for beginners. I started from river road entrance to bradley blvd. did not continue all the way to tuckerman lane cause its still wet from yesterday thunderstorm. Fun ride!

9 months ago

Great scenery.

Quick evening ride

10 months ago

Very dark in the early morning, but great paved trail for running.

10 months ago

Scenic & well paved/maintained trail. Just follow the rules of the road, and you'll be smooth stridin

11 months ago

I found the trail, which was my goal, and walked it just long enough to get a feel for it. Definitely coming back with camera tomorrow.

Great relaxing trail despite the construction

beautiful - perfect running trail

Sat Feb 09 2019

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