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4 days ago

A well-maintained trail that encircles the Fort McHenry National Monument. We took a water taxi to the monument, and it was a lot of fun!

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14 days ago

Park opens at 9am! I got here at 6am to start my hike but gate is CLOSED! WTF

For the most part a nice walk along the waterfront, but gets a little repetitive. Was nice to be able to take the free water taxi back to my car at Canton park.

15 days ago

Nice pleasant walk along the waterfront. You really do need to go inside the fort though...

30 days ago

Super easy trail, doesn't take long to get around but so beautiful in the summer with all the gardens in full bloom. Overall I like to go here when I don't have much time out but I need some retreat from the busy streets at home.

A very easy but beautiful hiking trail.

2 months ago

We started the morning by having breakfast at the Iron Rooster in the McHenry Row then drove into the fort. We had planned to hike the entire outer loop but it was extremely windy out. We walked through all the buildings within the fort complex and the history was fascinating. We did do some walking along the waterfront and got to see geese. We are locals of the Baltimore area and I grew up in the North Point, Fort Howard area. British General Ross and his troops camped out on our farm during the war of 1812.

enjoyed the historical part

3 months ago

When it comes to Hiking or Backpacking the Patapsco Valley State Park, the Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop and Glen Artney areas are by far the best trail system in the whole Valley area. You can CAMP in the Hilton area at 1101 Hilton Ave. in Catonsville, Md. There are plenty of pavilions, restrooms and drink fountains in many of the sections. There are so many loops you can hike so the miles and terrain will indeed vary pending your planned trip. You can even take the kids hiking or just go to one of the two playgrounds. I have been backpacking this area since the late 60’s and have seen many changes. The biggest was in 1972, The Storm of Agnes. Can you picture the water as high as the railroad tracks? Many of the trails you see on All/Trails was created and recorded by me. I am still out here weekly. Simply view my recording for the many options to hiking this area. Email me for my custom map I created. baltoken @ yahoo.com

3 months ago

Love this trail as it is one of many historic trails and buildings in Baltimore, it’s a very nice trail to go on if you don’t want to pay to enter the fort.

Great hike with fun stops along the way.

Nice area around the lake and for most of the trail. Paved the entire way. Little bit sketchier as you get past the post office section.

Great promenade connecting the neighborhoods of the harbor.

4 months ago

Nice scenic place to take an easy flat walk

5 months ago

I live in the area and hike through Leakin Park all of the time. I have never been concerned for my safety. But of course, it is wise to bring a friend and cell phone. The park has excellent reception.

That being said, I am not sure which trail is being represented by this entry. The map looks like one leg of the GFT, a paved multiuser path. This path is over 15 miles, goes past Camden Yards, and has a great website and app if it's own.

There are hiking trails within Leakin Park. The friends of GF/LP website is a good starting point for info. Check out our ParkRun!

The stream that runs through the park is named the Gwynn Falls. There is no waterfall associated with it! Similar to the situation with the Jones Falls stream. The misnaming confuses a lot of people and is a bit unfortunate.

Poor Leakin park suffers from its urban location. If you come hiking, please bring a bag to pick up some trash. We appreciate your help. As do the foxes, owls, and other critters that make the park their home.

Im not sure why this is rated “moderate”. It’s as easy as walking on a sidewalk.

on Avalon Loop Trail

8 months ago

Very nice trail for a family hike.

Really fun

8 months ago

The arboretum is conveniently located near Baltimore city, and is only a 15m drive from where we live downtown. The wooded trails offer a nice change of pace and scenery from city living. The trails were easy to navigate, with a slight incline in some places. The weather was dry, but I can imagine that the trails might get muddy if it has recently rained. We took our pup along, and he had no trouble navigating the terrain with us. I would definitely venture out this way again for a nice walk. It would be nice to visit during the fall.

Very mellow, easy hike in the city. No running here, this was all hike at a typical pace. Excellent city trail!

9 months ago

My friends and I walked through the park but never found the falls. We had an eerie vibe the whole time and ended up turning around and walking back the way we came because we did not feel safe/weren't sure if we were going the right way. I later researched the park and found out that it is a popular body-dumping site (over 70 bodies have been found there - including the girl from the podcast "Serial"). There are better and safer places to hike around this area.

9 months ago

The pictures shown for this location are actually photos of the falls located off of the Jones Falls Trails. I visited Gwynns Falls today I confirm. In addition, as stated in many other reviews this trail needs a lot of maintenance.

10 months ago

I run through the park regularly. As a single woman, I have not felt in danger anywhere in the park during daylight hours. Many people walk alone there, and everyone is friendly.

Starred at tide point, UA hq and walked to Canton Park. Great views and nice breeze on 97• day. 4.5 miles with a nice cold beverage at the Boathouse.

If your too tired to walk back or just want a different perspective. Take the water taxi $8 or water circulator $0 back to your starting point

11 months ago

Beautiful park, great resource in the city. Some steep sections if you take Mountain Pass. But much of the trail is isolated. I wouldn't do it as a woman alone. Go in a group or at least with a man as your companion. Sorry, c'est la vie.

The lake loop is currently closed. Appreciate the Parkdale Ave parking idea. Some areas a bit isolated; use appropriate caution, don't linger after dark, &c.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Probably the best place to hike anywhere near Baltimore.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great size park with trails leading off roads and walk ways, plenty of places to go and explore with great scenery!

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