road biking
1 day ago

This trail indicates it’s good for road biking but as shown, I would disagree. The loop Around Leon day park is somewhat paved-very poor state- and then there’s a small section on concrete sidewalk but the trail quickly becomes crushed gravel and hard pack. A mountain bike would be fine. I did complete the trail on my road bike but I wouldn’t recommend it. I also came home with a tick which is unusual for “road biking”.

Loved it!

we did not realize that it would be as challenging as it was. we went with three children under 5 and they loved it! we saw a huge snake, turtles, and it was quiet and peaceful.

The problem with the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Canton is all the trash in the water. I would give it a higher rating if the water wasn't full of plastic, trash, and debris.

road biking
6 days ago

This is an absolutely wonderful trail. So woodsy and pure nature at its best. Interesting twists and turns and a nice little workout. It does need to be maintained better. As others have said in other reviews, it has a weird, eerie vibe. I would NEVER go by myself. At times it feels desolate but then again it’s also so nice to have a trail not heavily populated. I was with a friend/we were two women and we would have felt a lil better carrying mace. Having a group of 3 or more people would be good during off peak times but when there is not many people on the trail, this may not be a good idea for one or two people.

Bonus loop at the end extends the trail to 4.8 miles!

My kids and I enjoyed a nice afternoon walk along the paths near the greenhouse and mansion. The grounds are beautiful, with all sorts of fun little gardens and peaceful nooks to discover. Easy terrain for children, and stroller-friendly. We will come back again to try the nature trails.

Beautiful area but trees are poorly maintained. We saved one snacks life!

The trail is closed about 4 miles in. The start location on the map is not actually a trailhead. The trail picks up about a half mike from the shown starting point.

Definitely sketchy feeling at points. Might have seen a human bone at some points and saw a syringe near my car!

over grown
14 days ago

Narrow worn trail. Cool views of stream. Not very good for small kids. Biggest complaint is I could still hear the highway during light traffic, in summer....

18 days ago

Nice trail but not for running. Will definitively back to hike.

Nice trail that hugs the lake shoreline. Skinny trail with a surprising amount of elevation change.

LAKE ROLAND PINK TRAIL The trail starts at the parking lot, though it's unmarked. Follow it and when you're able , go down to the water. There are amazing areas on the (tiny) beach where you can sit or go across the water. The view is beautiful. Walk to your right and you'll start to see markings for the pink trail (pink spray paint on the trees). The trail crosses through some pretty cool areas, you'll come across a cave that you can go in to, and it ends at the train tracks. - Moderate trail. There are ups and downs. But if you want to avoid as much as possible, walk right over the top of the cave. If you don't you'll have to go down a steep area to continue the trail to the train tracks. - Trail takes about 45 minutes each way - The lake has an overlook you can relax at - If you love waterfalls, check out the dam, on the way to the parking lot - Stroller friendly paved trail on top - Nice sized parking lot  

Lots of stream crossings, few people, nice shade and river views. Very easy to go off trail perpendicular to the river, so keep an eye on your position in the app.

My favorite running spot in Baltimore. As a bonus, BMore Licks is around the corner for a warm day snack. :)

28 days ago

There are so many beautiful trails to choose from at this park. There was a little trail called art in the park that I really enjoyed. They used real tree branches to create art.

Nice trail, sad to see all the trash.

1 month ago

We RECORDED 3.8 Miles. - Today we entered from the old 60's River Rd. - We parked on the corner of Levering and Lawyers Hill Rd. and hiked in. - The Avalon and Glen Artney areas are open to parking but were getting a bit crowded. - The upper section of Orange Grove to the swinging bridge is CLOSED to cars. - We hiked the Gun Trail and looped around the river behind the playground. - The Playground and Swings are roped off and CLOSED. - We ended up looping about 4 miles. - Great to get out of the house.

1 month ago

This was a pleasant surprise. Trail was fairly dry, very scenic, but not really marked well. You can’t get far off if you just follow the stream. Most of the offshoots either lead to the water or are a way around a challenging scramble or water crossing.

2 months ago

The trail was great! Trail was paved and very well kept. The view is pretty, easy to find parking. No trash along the trail. Ended up going Over the swing bridge and hiking the cascade fall trail which was pretty steep and extremely well kept and easy to track the trail throughout the way.

Great beginner hike. A little boring for me. I took my 3 year old twins. They loved it. Great for kids.

Not really hiking, more like a walk in the woods with A LOT of other people and children. I’ve done this trail many times, but didn’t enjoy it as much this weekend because of the crowds.

2 months ago

not completely paved but lots of fun

nice but too crowded. lots of options. may come back again.

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